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"What's A Neko?"  by Burnt0Marshmellow
"What's A Neko?" by ☆ MARSHMELLOS ☆
Ao3 username is: aLivingThing Harry, with the help of his friends, find out about many secrets lying beneath the surface. He finds out he is a submissive Neko, and must...
Tom Riddle X Harry Potter  by RavenclawRiddle
Tom Riddle X Harry Potter by Ollie
Harry goes through his creature inheritance and finds out he has been lied to by all his friends. His mate is the dreaded Dark Lord. But, what if Tom isn't the bad guy...
I Can't Stop Even If It's Wrong!! by needtoexpressit
I Can't Stop Even If It's Wrong!!by Hazel Coffee
Summary- Louis Tomlinson is a 19 year old and Harry Styles is 18 years old. They probably would have never met and would have never ended up being step brothers, if it w...
Harry Potter-Malfoy (harry potter twilight crossover) by ravenblackwolf
Harry Potter-Malfoy (harry Mikayla Boelte
what happens if harry was forced to go back to the Dursleys the summer before 4th year after he blow up his "aunt?" what if Dudley saves harry from being kille...
Love Me Like You Do - HP by Pcrw1233
Love Me Like You Do - HPby Hellowerewolf1
Harry has some kinks that's he's interested in but has tried or done before other than the natural fingers and wank but what happens when he goes to someone to help his...
The love of four  by Arainafanficreader
The love of four by Arainafanficreader
harry goes into his en inheritance and finds out he is not who he think he is ..and he found out that who he thought was his friends were his enemies and he was rich and...
Lights up and they know who you are. //  Larry Stylinson. //  BDSM au by ltandhs28
Lights up and they know who you ltandhs28
According to the world, One Direction consisted of Dominant Louis Tomlinson, Dominant Liam Payne and his Submissive Zayn Malik, Dominant Niall Horan and Dominant Harry S...
The Heart of a Child by ShippingPrincess
The Heart of a Childby ARK
Hermaphrodite!harry. Adopted!harry. Sub!harry. Abused!harry. Neglected!harry. Powerful!harry. Good!dark side. Light side bashing.Abusive!vernon. Sort-of nice!petunia&dud...
lecturer husband by nayylst
lecturer husbandby nay
"i want him to spit on my face" niall said as he admiring me tomlinson's face. "wait, did he just.. wink at you harry" no one can know that harry and...
Where is the light..? by helloitspaghetti
Where is the light..?by helloitspaghetti
The story takes place as Harry's first year on the hogwarts express. Harry thinks he's going to finally have a normal life away from those bastard muggles, but you alre...
hp- And The Master Of Death  by nightsky1234mon
hp- And The Master Of Death by nightsky1234mon
What will happen when Harry finds out about everything? who is death? Will Harry get to his braking point? Read to find out!
You Control Me by la281D
You Control Meby la281D
A world where everyone's born either a submissive or a dominant, Louis has always know he was a dom. He is the CEO of his own hospital and is one of the best doctors in...
the siren-hp  by nightsky1234mon
the siren-hp by nightsky1234mon
Harry is tired Tired of his so called family's bullshit He comes into an inheritance.... Read to find out more!!
The Mafia Leader  by nayylst
The Mafia Leader by nay
"What's that on your fucking neck" "it's my job you know" "such a little slut for me huh" "yes daddy" TOP! LOUIS BOTTOM! HARRY TH...
Birmingham Disciplinary School for Male - L.S. by HoldinOnToDaylight
Birmingham Disciplinary School HoldinOnToDaylight
{ Discontinued } Harry and Liam are "troublemaker". They don't listen to their parents, start fights in school -if they decide to go-, smoke, drink and get tat...
I'm Yours, Master - A Neko!Harry Drarry Fanfic by IWillMurderYouUwU
I'm Yours, Master - A Neko!Harry IWillMurderYou;)
A potion mishap causes Harry Potter to slowly turn into a maid neko. Shock collar, maid outfit, cat ears and tail and all. Worst of all, the only way to turn back is for...
Hottest Milf In Town by nayylst
Hottest Milf In Townby nay
When Theodore a 17 years old boy, son of Harry styles and Louis Tomlinson. He invites his friends to come over to his house for the first time, and his friends act weird...
Maybe one day by randymyqueen
Maybe one dayby randymyqueen
Louis is a very gentle alpha, he wants nothing more then to meet his omega and take care of them. Harry and Marcel are two very sweet omegas who lost trust in alphas a...