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marauders instagram by sunruee
marauders instagramby sunruee
! this story is a joke. it is meant to be taken lightly ! crackfic /j marauders with phones and top tier comedy [gay gay and more gay]
Wolf star Oneshots Part. 2 by renforeal
Wolf star Oneshots Part. 2by renforeal
All about Remus and Sirius.... AGAIN
The Day the Music Died | Jegulus, Wolfstar by SybillGray
The Day the Music Died | Jegulus...by SybillGray
"You look like a painting, Reg," whispered James, genuine adoration plastered in every inch of his face. "Is that a good thing?" Regulus knitted his...
50 Ways to Flirt with a Werewolf by QueenGrace11
50 Ways to Flirt with a Werewolfby QueenGrace11
A series of one shots about how Sirius attempts to show his feelings for Remus. HR: #1 in Wolfstar - 7/8/19
A Marauders' Daughter by Chapter1991
A Marauders' Daughterby Chapter1991
When a four-year-old girl with black wavy hair appeared alone on Remus's doorstep, he takes drastic actions. They moved to Belgium to start a new life together. When Ale...
Draco Malfoy the time traveler  by Lover-24
Draco Malfoy the time traveler by Lover-24
Draco Malfoy finds himself back in third year with his memories that are now his future. What will he do? Will he change his fate and help others along the way? What wil...
Our Dance // Wolfstar & Jegulus by its_camryn4
Our Dance // Wolfstar & Jegulusby Cam馃挍馃挏
Set in an alternate world. AKA no magic ~~~ Walburga and Regulus have lived in America for three years. First moved from London due to Walburga's job. After three years...
Hogwarts:Instagram // DRARRY // by flsvoid
Hogwarts:Instagram // DRARRY //by Void馃枻
UNDER EDITING This will be a Drarry story, if you don't like it don't read it, it's quite simple Hogwarts has Instagram The plot is going to be all over the place so ba...
Lupin's cub (Remus Lupin's Unknown daughter) by BookieBat
Lupin's cub (Remus Lupin's Unknown...by BookieBat
What if Remus Lupin had a daughter, and that daughter was a werewolf. What if he never knew? What if her mother abused her due to her inherited werewolf traits? How will...
You're an Avenger Harry  by CoolCat3646
You're an Avenger Harry by Cool Cat :3
The Durslys see Harry use accidental for the first time when they are visiting New York. They left him there. Who will find him? What will happen? I do not own the Aveng...
ADD ME BACK  | MARAUDERS SOCIAL MEDIA AU by swimfloatiesreggie
"Accept my friend request." "No." ~ This is a marauders social media au :)
饾暜饾枍饾枂饾枔饾枌饾枎饾枔饾枌 饾暠饾枂饾枡饾枈 by h0ggyw2rtyh0gwarts
饾暜饾枍饾枂饾枔饾枌饾枎饾枔饾枌 饾暠饾枂饾枡饾枈by h0ggyw2rtyh0gwarts
饾櫦饾櫚饾殎饾櫚饾殑饾櫝饾櫞饾殎饾殏 饾殐饾殎饾櫚饾殔饾櫞饾櫥 饾殐饾櫨 饾殐饾櫡饾櫞 饾櫠饾櫨饾櫥饾櫝饾櫞饾櫧 饾殐饾殎饾櫢饾櫨 饾櫞饾殎饾櫚... COMPLETED HBP-DH2 What happens after an accident involving ancient and powerful time turners...
Two Strangers by Mikaela_Amber
Two Strangersby Mikaela_Amber
When Lily forces Sirius and James to get a phone, what could possibly go wrong? Enter Remus who has been homeschooled his whole life and has no idea how to handle a soc...
Abandoned But Happy by Fan_500
Abandoned But Happyby Chloe
What if the Dursleys didn't hate magic so much? What if Harry was raised in a loving and supportive home? What if Dumbledore miscalculated?
Sweet Neko: a Harry X Voldemort|Tom by MidnightNinja27
Sweet Neko: a Harry X Voldemort|Tomby The Narrator
Warning: Mental Abuse AU: Tom is the richest and most lusted over man in England and Hadrian is his cute submissive Neko mate. You're mine and only mine, all rights rese...
Aevumiter by MarshmalowMilkshake
Aevumiterby Kae
Waking up at 12 Grimmauld Place wouldn't have been something concerning except for a few things. 1. Harry had fallen asleep in the Eighth years' dormitory. 2. He wasn't...
Fighting turns into flirting by some_fanfic_writer
Fighting turns into flirtingby some_fanfic_writer
What will happen when James potter starts to annoy Severus Snape with flirty pickup lines and dirty talk? And what will happen when Severus starts to play by his rules?
Real. 鈭 by Happy26Xx
Real. 鈭by MARI
Sirius Black comes up with a plan to stop a group of girls from crushing on him. And it involves a certain Remus Lupin. Short chapters. Cover art isn't mine. Characters...
Raised by Wolfstar by siriuslydunn
Raised by Wolfstarby Brandy Dunn
AU where Sirius doesn't go to Azkaban, Peter gets caught. Remus and Sirius realize they're in love and raise Harry. ALL CHARACTERS AND SUCH BELONG TO THE MOST WONDERFUL...
Wolfstar Oneshots by wxlfstvr
Wolfstar Oneshotsby .