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Love Like This by jamietastic
Love Like Thisby jamie
A tourist and a local. An elf and a babysitter. A believer and a realist. Love comes in many forms, but no one ever experienced love quite like this.
Dreams by Potato_Butts
Dreamsby ._Skye_.
This won't have regular updates. This will also be a mix of poem/short stories. I don't really know what to call them except dreams.
Love in its own way by Sanjana2397
Love in its own wayby Sanjana Singh
From Strangers to best friends and then the love story begins
The one I lost by Arianaiguess00
The one I lostby Arian Anderson00
Running that's all we ever do now. After we left the Factory we have been running Me and my brother Alex his 22 and my cousins Gemma 15 and Blake who just turned 9 My...
The Last Glimpse Of Him  by KeishaJohnson156
The Last Glimpse Of Him by Keisha Johnson
What is your perspective of falling in love? Mine? It's kinda crazy
Love Like This by morganashgreen
Love Like Thisby morganashgreen
Conner falls in love with the girl no one expected. Two teenagers face love and sacrifice to fight for what they believe in.
I Love You, Estelle Sylvia 💟 by JonesSalvatore934
I Love You, Estelle Sylvia 💟by Maddi
It was forbidden... And they knew it, they just didn't care. Love conquers all... Right?
Love Like This by illecebrousduo
Love Like Thisby мαяιαн
❝in every girl's life, there's a boy she'll never forget and a summer where it started❞ Savannah Moore had it all! Good looks, compelling charisma and most definitely...