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Voice Of An Angel|Destiel Sabriel and Michifer! SoulmateAU by BlankSpaces_101
Voice Of An Angel|Destiel Blank Spaces
Hello fellow idjits! I'm bad at descriptions so just read the damn book! This book is going to be veryyyyyyyyy Triggering!!!!Alsooooooo I do not own the characters just...
Just a Bad Dream by SpnfanLuc
Just a Bad Dreamby Lucifer ;)
This is a short story about a kid who has a nightmare in which they doesn't exist.
Trenchcoat and Blue Eyes by angelandhunter
Trenchcoat and Blue Eyesby AJ Sharpe
Cas, Luci, Gabe, and Anna are hunters. Dean, Adam, and Sam are angels. How in the world is this going to work? Ships: Destiel, Sabriel, Ellen/Bobby, slight Cas/Lisa, sli...
When It Happens (Michifer fake relationship AU) by samcifer_shipper
When It Happens (Michifer fake Fuck you
Michael Lucifer are best friends, even if they may seem like a couple to outside observers. That might however change when Lucifer needs a date to his brother Gabriel's...
In Your Dreams || Destiel/Sabriel AU by FandomsUnited_Always
In Your Dreams || Destiel/ Orion
When you turn fourteen you will, sometime during the closest weeks, start to dream. You have never dreamed until somewhere after you turn 14. And you dream about one pe...
Hell High  by DarlingUnloved
Hell High by ɢʀaʏsօռ
Okay so I was reading my first version of this and I hate it. So I'm just gonna rewrite it here. Hell High 2, the electric boogaloo 😂 anyway have fun with this stupid s...
Destiel High School some Sabriel by Supernatural1806
Destiel High School some Sabrielby Supernatural1806
John and chuck where really good friends back in the day but there relationship went down then a new friend and girl came in and broke there relationship piece by piece...
The Angel Within Hogwarts (Year 1) by q_thebanshee
The Angel Within Hogwarts (Year 1)by Qrow Novak
Dean Winchester is an orphaned half-blood, excited to go to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Castiel Novak is a cursed pure-blood, dreading going to the scho...
The Great Winchester Adventure by its-harriet
The Great Winchester Adventureby Harriet
An alternative universe where Sam and Dean have an older sister called Isabella. They still live with John Winchester who is a hunter. This is a story about their life w...
Dragon (Sabriel/Michifer with background Destiel) by samcifer_shipper
Dragon (Sabriel/Michifer with Fuck you
Sabriel and Michifer high school AU Soulmates can see colours, except the one of their soulmate's eyes. Sam Winchester has never seen gold and Gabriel Novak has never se...
Lost before I met you. by wolfyweeb
Lost before I met wolfyweeb
Destiel-(AU) My first story that I've made. Trigger warning! Homophobic language, major character death, abusive parents, bullying, suicidal thoughts
A SuperMarvel Christmas  by kittycas67
A SuperMarvel Christmas by kittycas67
A Marvel Cinematic Universe and Supernatural crossover... AU- angels do not exist Co-written by these awesome people: @afnspidey @clickingkey-boards