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The Only Girl In Protective Section | Only Girl Series #3 by Binibining_Lunaa
The Only Girl In Protective La Luna
UN-EDITED | ONGOING Only Girl Series #3 Peyton Royce is a young woman who ran away from their home because of her father's great sin. She enrolled at Harvard University...
Revenge of the Twins by EmaSall
Revenge of the Twinsby Ema Sall
It's the lovable, inseparable twins, Emma & Ella's, 18th birthday. Today could be their day to find their mates and truly start their lives side by side. What should be...
The lunas Alpha by JtNene
The lunas Alphaby JtNene
The golden haired alphas daughter of the starry moon tribe finds herself in a turn of events when she troubles to find her mate, on her 18th birthday....
What Builds A Heart by _ForestJingle_
What Builds A Heartby ForestJingle
A curse, two families, and hearts broken beyond repair. At least, that's what they thought. Two college students who struggle with a curse of the same myth, find themsel...
The alpha king  by aimeejohn247
The alpha king by aimeejohn247
Layla a small wolf pup fighting her old pack. She decides to finally escape and runs away but what happens when she is lost in the woods and gets taken by the strongest...
MY HUSBAND IS A BADBOY GAY? by byun_kitty24
love can't describe as a word.
H U R T by urlocalbum
H U R Tby Lunaa
I'm sorry I couldn't give you everything you wanted I'm sorry I'm not as pretty as her I'm sorry I didn't get up at 3 am to scribble on my face just to know in the end I...
i need you<3 by lunaapark1234
i need you<3by itsmelunaa💗
Story it's coming now😙💗
THE ORNAMENT OF LIFE  by elvawildstone131
THE ORNAMENT OF LIFE by elvawildstone131
She's afraid of what's to come and doesn't know why everything is happening to her. She just wanted to feel normal but when Rayne Kingsley finds out everything she was...
Friend or Foe  by aneskavega
Friend or Foe by aneskavega
I screamed. It echoed through the forest, bouncing off of the trees and rocks afar. His eyes meet mine somehow, though he shouldn't have been able to see me. It was impo...
Wilted Rose by Romanbug
Wilted Roseby Romanbug
Living as a wild, untaught werewolf is struggling to fit in the pack that her birth father ruled. Amalie her 2 siblings and mother were abandoned by their father after...
The Rouge Luna by user32569851
The Rouge Lunaby A.J Jenkins
This is no ordinary story about rejection. Blake Reed is Alpha of the Blood Moon pack who meets his mate Rose Whitethorn. Blake is not a manwhore or a bully, but he is a...
WILD FLOWER by Braimah4
WILD FLOWERby Braimah4
Synopsis Sophia smiled lightly as she slumped on the couch on the very far end of my office. She sighs as she tried to make herself comfortable by spreading her legs a l...
Radish Reunion: The Dark Horse (Andrew's POV) by AndrewEatsApplez
Radish Reunion: The Dark Horse ( AndrewlovesCake
Here is where I (Andrew) write down the events of Season 7 of Radishologists Kik (Discord) Comps from my own perspective , and I break down everything going on in my hea...