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Recovery Period by Neopets2014
Recovery Periodby Neopets2014
Self-sufficiency and solitude has normalized her life, but Nico spends most days existing. Her outwardly masculine persona leads most to lean on her hard, pushing her to...
The Mafia King's Dom  by officiallyHisSlut
The Mafia King's Dom by Roxanne Swart
a Story about a Mafia king but plot twist he is a Submissive. But have been dominating women for a long time what happens when he meets Her
Bodyguards babyboy {JJK FF} ✔ by rosalie_lunaris
Bodyguards babyboy {JJK FF} ✔by ♥︎✞𝐑𝐎𝐒𝐄✞♥︎
who would've thought that I could've fallen in love with my bodyguard. I was supposed to be cold but then she broke down my walls and not to mention, she put me in my pl...
Guns And Roses ▪︎J.JK▪︎FF ✔ by rosalie_lunaris
Guns And Roses ▪︎J.JK▪︎FF ✔by ♥︎✞𝐑𝐎𝐒𝐄✞♥︎
in the home of an arranged marriage couple, the tension is never ending, both husband and wife are both gangsters and enemies in the underground. what happens when the h...
Indecent Distractions  by Pleb-ecite
Indecent Distractions by Pleb-ecite
It wasn't that Emma didn't try to concentrate in her English classes. She really, really tried. It's just that, maybe she was concentrating on the wrong things.
Pansmione Oneshot by lil_booky1
Pansmione Oneshotby ValD
Non-magic Au DIRTY SMUT Pansy and Hermione are in a domme/sub relationship. Cursing/swearing mature Consensual
I know submission when I see it  by Holy_nugget_stories
I know submission when I see it by 💙𝑮𝒂𝗿𝘯𝑒ᴛ❤
Sat on the bed, with nothing on but a pink pair of boxers and a bow tie, he nervously spoke up to the black haired lady, fully clothed, next to him. 'Why aren't you undr...
sub!bts one-shots  by yunii_babe
sub!bts one-shots by mommy™️
This is a book for all my fellow femdom!armys Request: OPEN
jungkook ff step dad (Complete) ✔ by rosalie_lunaris
jungkook ff step dad (Complete) ✔by ♥︎✞𝐑𝐎𝐒𝐄✞♥︎
She never had a normal family life she never ever even expected to have one,but never had she ever imagined that her mom would marry a boy old enough to be either her br...
Yes, Daddy. ||Grethan|| by Namaste2222
Yes, Daddy. ||Grethan||by Grethan🖤
Grayson is kidnapped and bought by Ethan at a BDSM slave auction. Will Grayson willingly become his submissive? Will they fall in love? Are they soulmates? Read to find...
Lustful Secrets  by bellehoney9
Lustful Secrets by belle honey
Many short storys, all W/W. Very kink heavy. A/N- Some story's are written in the Dom's pov and will be classified as "Chapter one- ect" while Sub povs will s...
The Biggest Puppy by YporquenoCom
The Biggest Puppyby Ana_Cecy P.
Kace is somewhat popular around campus. One day the principal asks him to give a tour to the newest student, Ria. But when Ria visits his house she finds a collar and le...
Harry potter boyd and girls smut  by sheobs3ss3dwzay
Harry potter boyd and girls smut by Zay
As the titles says harru potter smut TAKING REQUEST HEHEHE GOOD LUCK
Rock a Little by xxxTheKinklesxx
Rock a Littleby xxx The Kinkles xx
Stevie has a fun time!
Under He Went (femdom)  by youareworthless1
Under He Went (femdom) by youareworthless1
This cruel mistress wants nothing more than to punish her unexpecting prey in unique ways when he least expects it. He begs for her to stop but the merciless domme just...
Just the Little things (Jerrie) (ON HOLD) by SmolJellyBeanz
Just the Little things (Jerrie) ( SmolJellyBeanZ
(ON HOLD AS OF MAY 2020!) Jade Thirlwall has many sides to her. she is the owner and CEO of the worlds largest detective corporation, She is a dominant, powerful woman w...
My Little One  by _xxrowxx_
My Little One by Jaydyn’s Puppy
-Ddlb story (nsfw mostly but some Sfw parts) -sub pov -opposite aesthetic trope -real description coming later :) Enjoy little ones or CGs <3
Trauma Submissive (complete) by zzlittlekittenzz
Trauma Submissive (complete)by Localwhore
Key watched his mom and sister die.Key got raped by three of his best friends.Key tried to kill himself and got told to do it properly the next time.On top of all this K...