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Sleepover by ZombieJesusFTW
Sleepoverby Rogue Of Space
So yeah, yuki and yato fuck. What more could you ask for?
6 by AlanaFitz
6by No longer Active.
A Dancer. A Brat. A Drug Addict An Insomniac A Bully and A Corporate Heir. All kidnapped on XX-XX-202X 🚨Multiple Trigger Warnings. (Microscopic Bakugo x Reader content)
Parasite: Karl Heisenberg x Oc by MsChomperTheChomp
Parasite: Karl Heisenberg x Ocby JarOfDirtGang
*Extreme warning* Contains non-con, degradation kink and gorey elements (It's RE of course it's going to be messed up) Irina Aldea never expected a trip to see her famil...
My True Saiyan Mate!  by KuroiNamida91
My True Saiyan Mate! by KuroiNamida91
Yin finds herself caught up in a struggle bigger than herself. For starters, she's somehow managed to make every Saiyan around fall to their knees in lust! what will she...
Iverson  by ThornIsEdgy
Iverson by Lance 👌🏼
Iverson offers Lance some extra credit.
No Way Out by BadSignBorn
No Way Outby Miss Chaos
You are a slave at the Hydra laboratories until you get the attention of the Winter Soldier
Cheer Sissy! by sissy_noel
Cheer Sissy!by Sissy Noel
this is the story of how Tim became Kim and found her true sissy calling: as a slutty college cheerleader! ** 18+ ADULT CONTENT WITH THEMES OF HUMILIATION, DOMINATION, A...
Gamzee X Reader Lemon - My Miracle by irkenkin
Gamzee X Reader Lemon - My Miracleby irkenkin
hey what's up here's a gross fic for all the clown fuckers out there 💕💕💕 Warning for : knifeplay, dubcon/noncon, praise/worship, breeding
hulk, smash by MoanaSkies
hulk, smashby MoanaSkies
one shot of how Natasha trying to escape the hulk turns out differently. smutty galore, rape, non con, nat/hulk
Coding And Corruption  by KNOCKS1998
Coding And Corruption by Knock Out1998
Rated M for extreme themes of non-con, abuse, manipulation, and others. Sakura's Life was relatively normal. Until her crazy, obsessed, and manipulative math teacher for...
✨oneshots based off of various prompts✨ by Ratfromthedumpster
✨oneshots based off of various e
Boyf Riends Smut Oneshot  by Nentendogirl14
Boyf Riends Smut Oneshot by SpaceGeek
Me: it's 12:02 am, but I just can't sleep? Brain: Wright a smut Me: Wha- why??? Brain: Just do it Me: What would it even be about. Playlist: *is on shuffle* APOCALYPSE O...
Who's To Blame - A Drarry Oneshot  by oddfanfiction
Who's To Blame - A Drarry Oneshot by Sky Bolton
Pairing: Top Draco Malfoy / Bottom Harry Potter Summary: Lord Draco Malfoy sets his sights on the Omega of his dreams. To bad the Law gets in the way Notes/Warnings: Om...
The Adventures Of Peyton Woodwill by BrattyGae
The Adventures Of Peyton Woodwillby ♡Skyler Pheonix Harkey♡
((MATURE 18+ ONLY *BOYxBOY* EROTIC STORIES)) TW: May have Rape, Gore, Taboos, Abuse, or graphic sex. Peyton Woodwill just turned 18. He is a young fiery redhead that has...
End Of The World [ABO] by HanJinYan
End Of The World [ABO]by Lan Zhan
In 3021, the third year of the zombie outbreak. Beta Zhou Mo struggled to survive in the end, but he was caught by the top Alpha Not my work. For offline reading only
His 𝕋𝕚𝕟𝕪 𝕎𝕒𝕚𝕤𝕥.. ⚠️TW⚠️ by VicRedd
His 𝕋𝕚𝕟𝕪 𝕎𝕒𝕚𝕤𝕥.. ⚠️TW⚠️by My Bakuhoee
Young Katsuki Bakugou is a very attractive male, his waist is very small, he has beautiful thick ass, thick tan thighs and he is only 16, he is pretty short, 5,5. Someti...
The Nymphet and The Mafia by littlemagicprincess
The Nymphet and The Mafiaby Princess
Nineteen year old Vesper is a kind-hearted innocent soul despite her dad's involvement in organized crime. She has always be intrigued by his business partner, Nero. He...
Uchiha's Plaything by TheFavoriteMistress
Uchiha's Playthingby yer mama
Orochimaru notices his young alpha apprentice, and future vessel, is growing more and more distracted following a chance encounter with a certain blonde from home. As...
Doin' Dirt ~ Ziam by PeppermintLiam
Doin' Dirt ~ Ziamby PeppermintLiam
(Some Zarry) When Zayn entered Buckland prison, five years ago, he promised himself that he wouldn't become one of them typical inmates that snoop around with each other...