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Liana by Isabella12Maryann
Lianaby Isa💖💖
"I can't believe you made the first move" Kieran said smiling down me "and I can't believe you waited for me to make the first move" I replied smili...
My Broken Queen by leahiscrazy999
My Broken Queenby Leahiscrazy999
Jaxson King is the King of all Alphas and is looking for his mate. Carolina the worthless Omegel doesn't even think she is worthy of have a mate. Carolina never got to...
Female Alpha Lucinda by XxXJessieGxXx
Female Alpha Lucindaby xXxJessieGxXx
After her pack was attacked by Rogues, Lucinda had to take over the pack as her parents died during. She is only 16. With the help of everyone in the pack and the closes...
King of the Alphas by beforeoursunsets
King of the Alphasby beforeoursunsets
#1 in Luna 11.16.2018 #1 in Romantic 3.7.2019 #1 in Suspense 4.8.2019 {Completed} Summary: Charlotte Woods finds herself in a life or death situation. After war breaks o...
King of the Alphas [Sequel] by beforeoursunsets
King of the Alphas [Sequel]by beforeoursunsets
#13 in Heartwarming [Can be read as a stand-alone book] SEQUEL TO THE ALPHA KING AND POMC Thea Coleman has always been left out. At her old schools, and even the leader...
His Lost Luna by Simple-Little-Writer
His Lost Lunaby Simple-Little-Writer
They said he didn't have a heart, that he was incapable of love and that nobody would ever want him. He never knew what it felt like to be loved. What it was like having...
The Queen's Alpha by Ballerinagirl01
The Queen's Alphaby Sarah💕
"Who is she?" "Is that their daughter?" "Maybe she's our new queen" "She's so pretty." ()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()() "Go...
Mates by JCwrites00
Matesby JC
Camilla. The Alpha's daughter, she is kind and patient, adored by her pack, and reasonable like her mother. Matteo. The Alpha King, he is rude and impatient, feared by e...
The King's Queen✔ by the_fictionlover
The King's Queen✔by the_fictionlover
HIGHEST RANK:- #6 IN WEREWOLF!! -------- I went into her room through the window. She was lying peacefully on her small bed. I went near her and bent to her level, I gen...
His Queen by beachgal101
His Queenby beachgal101
*COMPLETED* He is cruel She is broken Onalee (Ali) has stared death in the face more then once in her 18 years. She knows loss and pain better then anyone. After Ali's...
Adopted By The Alpha King and His Mate by HerWickedDreams
Adopted By The Alpha King and HerWickedDreams
Ellie is almost 5. She was thrown out of her pack like trash, left to die. Till the king found her crying and bought her home to his mate. They adopt her and treat her l...
The Luna Witch by IaMBramley
The Luna Witchby Isobel Bramley
Arabella Sanchet, one of the most powerful witches in her world is also the daughter of an Alpha. When her pack is destroyed and her father is killed, she escapes with h...
Femme Fatale Alpha by TheWildKid00
Femme Fatale Alphaby Irene
Lilith Tempest. She was the only one still unclaimed- still free. Her Alpha had not been strong enough so the role of the femme fatale Alpha was now hers to bear. ***...
Best werewolf books by moonitical
Best werewolf booksby moonitical
Some of my favorite werewolf books on wattpad. I have read all the books mentioned in this book. I love them all but everybody has their own opinion at the end of the da...
A world beyond the unknown  by mhiz_zino
A world beyond the unknown by mhiz_zino
In a realm where realms intertwine, a newborn princess with extraordinary powers emerges on Earth. Unbeknownst to her, she is sought by an ancient and possessive lycan a...
Eclipsed by Aiiyre69
Eclipsedby Aiiyre69
~ Now @writersinkling ~ *Completed*Contains Mature Content With A Warning* Lift your head up princess before the crown falls... Anastasia lost so much so young but when...
The Second Mate by Silent_Stalker12
The Second Mateby Silent_Stalker12
Raven went to a small town to rebuild herself again from a broken heart. She had been a second mate TWICE and had been rejected TWICE. she's tired of being rejected. Tha...
A Young Mate by Mimmi5677
A Young Mateby Miracle
They're only 13, and more mature than they should be. When they mate, it takes a toll on their lives as they learn about each other's past, uncover deep secrets, and gro...
The Prince's Mate by AbbyLynneWrites
The Prince's Mateby Abigail Lynne
Serena is taken from her home by the King's men and is dragged to the Royal Palace to be prepped and presented to Prince Sebastian Winchester the second. Her along with...
My Luna Queen! ( Hussain Asif Fanfiction ) by alviadey
My Luna Queen! ( Hussain Asif alviadey
#93 in Werewolf - 29/4/2017 #104 in Werewolf - 5/4/2017 #107 in Werewolf - 3/4/2017 MINE ! It said that everything happens for some reason , the reason which may chan...