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Tainted Love by cheesyhashbrown
Tainted Loveby espresso supremacy
Giving Madeleine a villain arc bc he deserves one I love how I made another book even tho I'm currently writing one Anyways, heres the actual plot ...
Your Shattered Eye // Espresseleine CRK by EspressoBeanslight
Your Shattered Eye // EspressoDepresso
Espresso cookie is a mage that is often in his home studying magic. Madeleine is a cheerful and outgoing cookie who befriends all of the kingdom, his next target is Espr...
"Wolf Madeleine x Cat Espresso" by Imbxsexual
"Wolf Madeleine x Cat Espresso"by lazybxtch
Request from my bestie. In a kingdom, lives a cat named espresso and his owner, affogato. One day, espresso got lost. He heard a sound in the forest. While on his advent...
Darkness into Light - Espresseleine by Seasorbet
Darkness into Light - Espresseleineby arilyne
This is an alternate universe where Espresso cookie was born and raised with the Cookies of Darkness and worked for them for his entire life. He believed those of the Va...
Oh, How I've Fallen Because of You by RougetheFanCat
Oh, How I've Fallen Because of Youby Rouge
A bunch of one-shots with Madeleine Cookie fallen from Divine's grace...and of course, Espresso Cookie. All create some sort of storyline and are in chronological order...
"My Divine Grace...!" | An Espresseleine fluff story | Vampire Espresso AU by weirddcoreexx
"My Divine Grace...!" | An
This is a random little Espresseleine story that I made a while ago, so i thought about posting it on wattpad because why not. - Jack
[Espresseleine ONESHOTS] (slow updates) by Shiwyyy
[Espresseleine ONESHOTS] (slow Shydeleine
this might be full with fluffs I know I'm bad at writing forgive me 🙏 I won't make anything related to horny stuffs anymore cuz I said so I have co-writers in this book...
A Lost Soul by Espresussy
A Lost Soulby Espresussy
─────────ೋღ 🌺 ღೋ───────── a young boy met a Lonely Lost Spirit in the playground Sad thing is the Ghost don't remember anything but he does Remember his name,They becam...
Falling (repeatedly) by Ben_Fakename
Falling (repeatedly)by Satan
I swear the cover is temporary unless i forget to change it- (This was written before the Cookie Odyssey was out, this note will make sense later) *+*Summary (?)*+* Espr...
Bitter yet sweet by crk_pure_vanilla
Smutt, cursing, adult topics, fluff, some angst, and violence. (R34 too) idk made this like 98% out of boredom Basically it's another day in the kingdom, but Gingerbrav...
a commander's waltz by writebean_
a commander's waltzby ❥𝚋𝚎𝚊_𝚗
Madeleine Cookie, commander of a cookie kingdom meets the tsundere book worm, Espresso Cookie when Espresso's sister signed him up for ball dancing lessons. As they lear...
The Unstoppable Voice. | Espressleine by hollyberycomehomenow
The Unstoppable Voice. | lu
Coffee magic founder, Espresso. He was always serious and very attached to his experiments, but someone interrupted him, and that someone, was Madeleine. The kingdom's k...
It Takes Two To Tango by cheesyhashbrown
It Takes Two To Tangoby espresso supremacy
(cover image isnt mine. idk who made it tbh) A royalty AU I came up with when I was bored i'm gonna cry if this idea is taken already /hj I need to stop making espressel...
Strings Were Bound To Break || Madeleine X Espresso Fanfic (DISCONTINUED) by Move_GayBoiHere
Strings Were Bound To Break || Yes I'm gay
𝗜 𝗛𝗮𝘁𝗲 𝗧𝗵𝗶𝘀 𝗙𝗮𝗻𝗳𝗶𝗰 Since there's no fanfic for these two about soulmate au, I'm making my own one fuck it. This is just for fun and I'll write whenever I...
Random Cookierun Ships Oneshots(DISCONTINUED :( ) by Lilac_is_a_bottom
Random Cookierun Ships Oneshots( Shalka💜🍄
This is mainly Madelespresso, YogurtLilac, Cloverice and more idk I love Espresso, Lilac and Licorice okay. (Not actually mainly those ships now) Just random stuff when...
Madeleine Espresso Oneshots by StinkyToesAreTasty
Madeleine Espresso Oneshotsby Gru
2 gay cookies ig, one shots written by 3 different people. Please read first page to understand some things, thank you :)
Brewing by ThatRainbowUnicorn
Brewingby ThatRainbowunicorn
It's mainly just fluff I'm going to honest
{CURRENTLY REWRITING} An Apparition's Abomination {CRK AU} by finnixels
Your local knight, Madeleine Cookie, really loves to talk about his stories to a certain coffee professor. However, Espresso Cookie did not like that at all. By that he...
Espresso Cookie x Madeleine Cookie Oneshots :V by hammuwu
Espresso Cookie x Madeleine Beauty Bunny <3
Fluff, angst, smut, etc. :O Comment any requests and I'll look at them, I love writing I just need ideas!!
[ Soulmates. ] by AnonymousCharacter05
[ Soulmates. ]by espresso<3
Espresso and Madeleine were best friends in middle school, they even had unsaid feelings for each other, but both of them were too embarrassed to admit it. One day, the...