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~Lilac Love~ by decapsi
~Lilac Love~by ~Leo~
After fulfilling his duties, Lilac Cookie regrets his actions deeply. His deceased Prince had noticed as he looks over his previous bodyguard..
Trick Or Treat! by MONGOIRL
Trick Or Treat!by kiki / mimi
In which Yogurt Cream finally allows halloween on Yogurca. +, a very exhausted Lilac. first post here, hihi! ヽ(。ゝω・。)ノ (cover made by me)
The Prince's Bodyguard (Lilac x Yogurt Cream) by halopepsOwO
The Prince's Bodyguard (Lilac x Yo...by halo peps OwO
Yogurt Cream Cookie is introduced to Lilac Cookie who was hired to become his bodyguard. Yogurt Cream takes a while to warm up to Lilac since Lilac keeps close watch on...
Random Cookierun Ships Oneshots(DISCONTINUED :( ) by Lilac_is_a_bottom
Random Cookierun Ships Oneshots(DI...by Shalka💜🍄
This is mainly Madelespresso, YogurtLilac, Cloverice and more idk I love Espresso, Lilac and Licorice okay. (Not actually mainly those ships now) Just random stuff when...
Cookie Run Oneshots🦧 | DISCONTINUED by LiterallySinking
Cookie Run Oneshots🦧 | DISCONTINU...by LiterallySinking
No smut! ‼️Cover not mine‼️ OFFICIALLY DISCONTINUED⚠️ Both CR:OB and CRK
Lilac Cookie x Reader x Yogurt Cream Cookie by ZoeYsabelle24
Lilac Cookie x Reader x Yogurt Cre...by Zoe
Yep, A love triangle. isn't it great? I will be bad at this cause I'm stupid
~•Petals and Lovers•~ by JustNagito11037
~•Petals and Lovers•~by Lilac !!
I can't think of a description lol I'm actually taking a request seriously for one 💀💀
cookie run ship oneshots by lucbedos
cookie run ship oneshotsby CEO of Albeluc
AKA some gay kid takes too many shots of ADVIL and goes on a gay ship rage. you're welcome.
Cookie run gravity falls crossover by Lilybug4mlp
Cookie run gravity falls crossoverby Lily Kirby
Kumiho Cookie, Werewolf Cookie, Licorice Cookie, Clover Cookie, Lilac Cookie, Yogurt Cream Cookie, Madeleine Cookie and Espresso Cookie are teleported to the forest of g...
Cookie Run: Overseas by StrawberryChiffon
Cookie Run: Overseasby StrawberryChiffon
All Lilac Cookie wanted was a peaceful life without worrying about having enough food to put on the table. But the world seemed to be against him, for ever since his mot...
yogurt cream cookie x me by maester_seymours_hoe
yogurt cream cookie x meby 楽Aimi楽
yogurt cream and me get drunk and nasty
Such An Odd Happening (Lilac/Yogurt Cream Mpreg Story) by FossilDiggerStudios
Such An Odd Happening (Lilac/Yogur...by FossilDiggerStudios
A Male Pregnancy story I wrote for my CookiE Run blog on Tumblr, might as well post here as well
Love Doctor by cherrycheesecakee
Love Doctorby cherrycheesecakee
Bellflower Cookie gets invited into a prestigious desert tour as the designated medic. Little did she know, a strange character has stowed away on her train there.
" You'll stay, right? " || Lilac Cookie X Yogurt Cream Cookie || AU story by im_an_anon
" You'll stay, right? " || Lilac C...by im_an_anon
This is an AU story where Lilac Wasn't ever hired to assassinate Yogurt Cream but to truly protect him. please don't hate on my far changing the story around, it's just...
Lilaccream oneshots 🌲 by EnchantedSundial
Lilaccream oneshots 🌲by Sunny
This will be updated whenever I write a new Lilac and Yogurt Cream oneshot 🌲😌
❝ has m1lk finally lost it ? has he had enough of complaining about lilaccream shippers ? is this /j or /srs ? the world may never know. ❞ ive finally cracked. today...
Lilac x Yogurt Cream Oneshots by Whoah-Gay
Lilac x Yogurt Cream Oneshotsby Cries in cosplayer
why? because. i can. its an uncommon thing to see. so i do it. just like my almondfort book. the espresseleine book is different.. credit to art: m e :star eye emoji: