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The Prince's Bodyguard (Lilac x Yogurt Cream) by halopepsOwO
The Prince's Bodyguard (Lilac x Yo...by halo peps OwO
Yogurt Cream Cookie is introduced to Lilac Cookie who was hired to become his bodyguard. Yogurt Cream takes a while to warm up to Lilac since Lilac keeps close watch on...
We'll Meet Again [lilaccream] by I_am_crazy_help
We'll Meet Again [lilaccream]by scribble
if you want angst or want to cry read this it is about lilac and yogurt cream cookie from Cookie Run Kingdom and Overbreak I do not own the characters all rights for cha...
My prince- Cookie run Ovenbreak fanfic - by Willow. .☆ by ProgIsOnline_
My prince- Cookie run Ovenbreak fa...by DreamyDreams
First fanfic so please try to enjoy it even if it's a bit crappy, my head is hurting 💀
~•Petals and Lovers•~ by JustNagito11037
~•Petals and Lovers•~by JustNagito11037
I can't think of a description lol I'm actually taking a request seriously for one 💀💀
Cookie Run Artbook by Mochiroll06
Cookie Run Artbookby Mochiroll
Artbook for Cookie run :)
Royal Love (Lilac x Yogurt Cream both royal au) by halopepsOwO
Royal Love (Lilac x Yogurt Cream b...by halo peps OwO
Basically Lilac and Yogurt were both born as royalty. Lilac was born in house Flower while Yogurt was born in house Yogurt (cuz ye). One day there parents decided to l...
Cookie Run Oneshots🦧 | DISCONTINUED by LiterallySinking
Cookie Run Oneshots🦧 | DISCONTINU...by LiterallySinking
No smut! ‼️Cover not mine‼️ OFFICIALLY DISCONTINUED⚠️ Both CR:OB and CRK
Lilaccream oneshots 🌲 by EnchantedSundial
Lilaccream oneshots 🌲by Sunny
This will be updated whenever I write a new Lilac and Yogurt Cream oneshot 🌲😌
yogurt cream x anyone by Aqilip
yogurt cream x anyoneby aqi
oneshots yayay i can do literally anyone😋😋 Everytime i write a oneshot i add the cookie into the cover hehe
~Lilac Love~ [MAY BE CONTINUED] by gh0stlyv0
~Lilac Love~ [MAY BE CONTINUED]by ~Leo~
After fulfilling his duties, Lilac Cookie regrets his actions deeply. His deceased Prince had noticed as he looks over his previous bodyguard..
Yogurt Cream Cookie x Alchemist Cookie  by CockSuckerPrototype
Yogurt Cream Cookie x Alchemist Co...by licorice is hot
This is not a smut I know I know, they just feel more like a ace couple to me- but I've always liked this ship so shut up and read it ALSO this is my first time making...
❝Ⲙ∈Ꭿﬡ𝜏 Ƭ𝖮 ᕼυᖇ𝜏 Ⴤᗝυ❞ by LAUghH3nry-_
❝Ⲙ∈Ꭿﬡ𝜏 Ƭ𝖮 ᕼυᖇ𝜏 Ⴤᗝυ❞by ↳˳;; ❝ 𝐅𝐮𝐧𝐝𝐲 ᵕ̈೫˚∗
❝I'm supposed to harm you.Kill you.Hurt you in any way possible.❞ ❝...But cha didn't!❞ Yogurt Cream was right.Instead of slaughtering him,Lilac is pinned to the ground.O...
{ Cookie Run Oneshots!! } REQUESTS ARE CLOSED!❌ by terpp3er_
{ Cookie Run Oneshots!! } REQUESTS...by terpp3er_
REQUESTS ARE CLOSED!! (But only for a while) Yay cookie game 🌻Just a bunch of oneshots about Cookie Run Kingdom and OvenBreak!!🌻 Will do: 🥀 Angst (my favorite) ☀️Fluf...
Lilac x Yogurt Cream Oneshots by Whoah-Gay
Lilac x Yogurt Cream Oneshotsby Cries in cosplayer
why? because. i can. its an uncommon thing to see. so i do it. just like my almondfort book. the espresseleine book is different.. credit to art: m e :star eye emoji:
Vagabond cookie x yogurt cream cookie (PART 2 TOMORROW) by Fluffy_or3o
Vagabond cookie x yogurt cream coo...by Fluffy_or30
you might wonder what happens if a wandering on going singer and dancer meets up with a prince. find out and read this middle long story
𝐇𝐎𝐌𝐀𝐆𝐄 by M1lkT3e
somewhat concise paragraphs that i cant really consider "oneshots" so uh. enjoy :3 (probably will put more things under here if i could.)
Fragrant scented lattes [A Lilatte fanfic] by Darkness_for_fire
Fragrant scented lattes [A Lilatte...by Darkness_for_fire
Latte cookie after being attacked by Lilac cookie who's scent she smelt, forgives him and forms a friendship with until a few weeks after the two get together. But Lilac...