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Accidents Happen | Taegi ✔️ by Mai_Spring
Accidents Happen | Taegi ✔️by Mai
Taehyung accidentally finds himself in his hyung's bedroom, snuggling into him, neither of them realizing it but neither of them parting. The lights in the dorm were out...
Slipping Through My Fingers | Xicheng by Wonderful_Al
Slipping Through My Fingers | Wonderful_Al
Jiang Cheng lost the will to keep going on with his life. Why was everyone leaving him behind? Was he really that unlovable, that even his husband no longer wished to se...
Alterno Albetrio by GypsyMawMaw
Alterno Albetrioby Gypsy-MawMaw
It was been 6 weeks after Rory has said No to Logan's proposal and Yes to being a reporter on the campaign trail and a phone call changes her life. Rory comes to Logan'...
(RobotnikxStone) Cut Out the Pieces (of my heart) by PeoplePersonBoi
(RobotnikxStone) Cut Out the LovelyPotato
The adventures of Doctor Robotnik and his trusty (and sexy) assistant ;3 (First Stobotnik fic AAAHHH I hope you guys like it go easy on me :3) #1 in bagel #1 in mustache...
Kailee In Bradley Love| Power Rangers Ninja Storm | by sexykillerlesbian
Kailee In Bradley Love| Power Sexykillerlesbian
Kailee (Kai) Scott-Collins was the oldest child of time force pink ranger, Jen Scotts, and time force red ranger, Wes Collins. Kailee had joined the Time Force trainin...
Divorced For life? by ShanaziaAntionette
Divorced For life?by Shanazia
Book four of the boyfriend for a day series is here! Book one Keith and Messiah met then separated. Book two they came together again and got married swearing that they...
fyozai lovestory💞💕💞 by fyozailover321
fyozai lovestory💞💕💞by fyodoranddazailover
fyodor and dazai falling in love, with a little bit of hardships and tears.. the perfect couple that everybody dreams of, for all fyozai shippers. by mariam and maryam ...
my saving grace by gidget33
my saving graceby gidget33
Grace is the younger sister of Colby Lopez aka Seth Rollins, she gets mixed up in a feud between her brother and his friends and the Wyatt family when she gets taken by...
Life by MangoMann1
Lifeby MangoMann1
AruAni life Daily life, drama, chaos, love and fluff | Armin and Annie have been married for 2 years and have a son. Having their own problems, struggles but having grea...
Love is Blindness-why we do the things we do by fatboy1964
Love is Blindness-why we do the fatboy1964
A common-sense guide to life, love, self-analysis, dating, sex, masturbation, porn, marriage, cheating & breaking up This book is dedicated to anyone who's single, but...
Skate ♾ One Shots by Purple_Pirate23
Skate ♾ One Shotsby ємєяαℓ∂єуєѕ ❷➂
This is a book where I'll upload my Skate the Infinity one shots. It will be mostly hurt comfort or slow burn/romance stories and mostly be focusing on Renga/ Reki & Lan...
Hold on, I still want you  by _accio_joy
Hold on, I still want you by
Wei Ying and Lan Wangji meet eachother after 5 years. She is soon going to be Qinghe hospitality company's CEO but she never expected that her place will be taken by som...
Hacking The Relationship Code by Misty_dew
Hacking The Relationship Codeby Riya Shah
Ginna Matthews is an ordinary girl in a sheltered background. She has it all; a loving family, loyal friends, money and good grades. A perfect poster girl for the rich a...
Your Name, Mine by yomi_oyo
Your Name, Mineby yomi
'Call me by your name' 'I will call you by mine'
Starlight by DemonKingOikawa
Starlightby KoT
[[ sugimoto saichi/f!oc/ogata hyakunosuke ]] He wanted to see her again, to see her smile and laugh, but he couldn't - not with how he had parted ways with her. He had n...
|| cool guy. || by DemonKingOikawa
|| cool guy. ||by KoT
[ joe / f! oc ] "hey, i...i know i said some real shitty things back then. and i'm sorry. i really am. and you have every right to hate me. it's a really stupid thi...
Literati Ficlets by dodgerslovelythings
Literati Ficletsby dodgerslovelythings
This is a book of unrelated ficlets and oneshots about our favorite couple, Rory Gilmore and Jess Mariano. Unless explicitly marked as a part of something else, these ar...
This Is Us by Mamogirl
This Is Usby Mamogirl
"Nick. This is us. - Brian said, leaning his chin upon Nick's shoulder as his arms clinged around him. - What we've been through, what we have been able to fight an...
River flows in you | MYUNGHYUK by De_drums
River flows in you | MYUNGHYUKby De_drums
It is risky, but no rules and obligations to follow sound too tempting, even if it is only for a day; no one is stopping them, no one is going to punish them -they can b...
Lost Love Letters by A_Cumberbatch
Lost Love Lettersby A_Cumberbatch
Letters from a hopeless romantic to a love that weren't meant to be read.