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Alpha's Moon by jungfuckgodkook
Alpha's Moonby hehehe
my dreams of taekook topkook bottomtae
taekook oneshots by bitchultrapromax
taekook oneshotsby Leena Zahid
here I am gonna write every oneshots I like and you can also request me. #incest #hybrid #possession #obsession #top kook #vottom #cringe request will be open just reque...
Royal Commitment✔️ by ParkMinMi45
Royal Commitment✔️by Sweetpotato
When two people get forcefully arranged married by their parents. when they were even force to have a child yet they stay beside each other providing each other strength...
Milky Sweet by SylverMine
Milky Sweetby SylverMine
Opening his eyes fully, he saw the area he was placed on. There were no traditional beds in the room, instead there was one big nest in the center of the room - which he...
Taekook Male lactation ||One shots||  by tigerwithbunny
Taekook Male lactation ||One Jeon Ian
Taekook male lactation book, a bunch of one shots of male lactating with top jungkook and bottom Taehyung.
Will You Be Mine ( Taekook)  by RaimaSingh2
Will You Be Mine ( Taekook) by Raima Singh
" Seo joon, I'm sorry we lost the baby " " Jungkook , congratulations baby is completely fine " Four people who are trying to fight the complication...
Winchester Love And Nephilim Children by GayShadowhunters
Winchester Love And Nephilim Althea/Athan Morrin
Credit to Thewaywarddaughter on archive of our own for the idea of the plot of the first and some of the second chapter and the idea of a lactating Dean. Go check out Th...
kinky enough ||taekook|| by vjungkookshi
kinky enough ||taekook||by vjungkookshi
Jeon jungkook,Kim taehyung two people who found their destiny in each other and got married and living with their cutest son. Everything seems normal right but there goe...
The Dare That Turned Out To Be Amazing - HP by Pcrw1233
The Dare That Turned Out To Be Hellowerewolf1
Ron dared Harry after they both argued about people able to get tits especially males with milk within them aka be able to lactate what happens when Harry is doing this...
From Enemies to Brothers. (TO BE CONTINUED) by Quackinalasnevadas
From Enemies to Brothers. (TO BE Quackinalasnevadas
It all starts in 3rd year so it goes with my story. Harry is late to potions and happens to bump into Draco who is also late, because they was last in class they was mad...
Devil and his Fallen Angel✔️ by ParkMinMi45
Devil and his Fallen Angel✔️by Sweetpotato
A taekook oneshot __________________ contains: top kook bottom tae Devil fallen angel mature words mature scenes fluff lil bit angst _____________________ Note: 1. I com...
The Story Of Devil And Prince  (Taekook) by rulovetaekook22
The Story Of Devil And Prince ( rulovetaekook22
what will happen when a beautiful prince fall in love with a dark forest king. kim taehyung beautiful and kind Prince fall in love with a ruthless and dangerous devil ki...
THE TREASURE HUNT.(✓) by cutegir2002
THE TREASURE HUNT.(✓)by cutegir2002
Story by cutegir2002 A story full of adventures. Containing four love stories and lots of action. Strangers meeting in the same path, with the same motive, Finding the l...
Milkshake Brings All The Boys To The Farm by IConsumeChocolate
Milkshake Brings All The Boys To Zin
Cover art by me. This smut is going to be about Rikiel being milked like a cow after applying for a job. I wrote this at 2-4 AM bye. Warning for nipple-play, milking and...
Our Little Family (Sasunaru) (Kakairu) by Eddlyna
Our Little Family (Sasunaru) ( Adryna
what happen when Uchiha clan been killed by itachi when sasuke was 1 year old? what happen when the hokage have to find another babysitter to 1 year old naruto because...
The Sweetest Days (A Snarry Mpreg) by SnarryStylinnnnsonn
The Sweetest Days (A Snarry Mpreg)by Makhailo
He hadn't meant to, it sorta just came out. He didn't even know what he was doing in the teacher's lounge, but he stood there looking at the older man, those black eyes...
KookV Oneshots(ON HOLD) by luveBts
KookV Oneshots(ON HOLD)by Yuki0613
Kook Top Tae bottom Because I'm top kooker
Silver Rings (Preview) by jungtae204
Silver Rings (Preview)by Taekookjung
This story takes place in 1940. The mentality of the people back then will be very narrow minded. 16 is the age where most of the girls and boys get married, Kim Taehyun...
Saša by svet_rada
Sašaby rada
🔺️toxic alert 🔺️ It's a very dark story a story of Voklov's Saša It's an imaginary story . The characters are developed with my imagination as I imagined namjoon as sa...