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Love Conquers All (Trilogy)NLMB by Riaababy
Love Conquers All (Trilogy)NLMBby G Ria
They've been through it all. Can they finally be happy or will it be a never ending battle. Just remember Love Conquers All! Read It Was A One Night One Night To A L...
is this real? Milly and Matt #HouseoftheDragon by nineanutza
is this real? Milly and Matt Nine Anutza
this story tells my version of events that happened prior the award season that included golden globes and the critics choice awards back in January and events between M...
Multifandom Hurt/Comfort Oneshots by newwwwusername_old
Multifandom Hurt/Comfort Oneshotsby Anonymous
Requests are OPEN Fandoms : - Steven Universe - Steven Universe Future - She Ra and the Princesses of Power - Hazbin Hotel - Helluva Boss - Sanders Sides - The Owl House...
The Hatters Little Alice by Peridotted_Writer
The Hatters Little Aliceby Mama
AU: What would of happened if Alice never left Wonderland? Based of the Tim Burton movie. Or it can be just Wonderland. Up to you as a reader :D
Mally Oneshots by TheMangledSans0508
Mally Oneshotsby Chara
Still a major lack of my cute lesbian children on Wattpad so here comes round two! Some one-shots for these girls. I do not own Lumberjanes. You can request if you want.
Kik - Camren by Emisonislifee
Kik - Camrenby Bean
What happens when the breakup of Lauren and Lucy causes Camila to text her ex bandmate/first love? Does Lauren really hate her as much as Camila thinks she does? What ab...
Cold by Nico_is_epic
Coldby Biting Words
Mal was cold. That wasn't surprising of course, people are generally cold when they're in an environment that's covered in snow, but that doesn't alleviate her pain. She...
Friends? A Jiggy Turner Story by Itsjustme1188
Friends? A Jiggy Turner Storyby Kay🙂
Not how they started, but how they ended
Fifth Harmony One-Shots by Emisonislifee
Fifth Harmony One-Shotsby Bean
Just a bunch of cute Fifth Harmony One-shots I'll be writing. Mainly fluffy and humorous :') I TAKE REQUESTS SO COMMENT OR MESSAGE ME
Nights like these [ Mally oneshots by Whyb0rn
Nights like these [ Mally oneshotsby Chaos
A bunch of Mally oneshots because they currently have my heart and i love them
The Maze Runner oneshots by microwaved_pasta
The Maze Runner oneshotsby Ave
This is a collection of Newt and Thomas from The Maze Runner. one shots. I do not own any of these characters all I own is the one shots.
Alice in wonderland : Iracebeth Kind Queen of hearts by Alphameenz
Alice in wonderland : Iracebeth Queenofapocalypse
Iracebeth The red Queen older sister to the white Queen Mirana what if she didn't have a huge head what if she was ruling wonderland along side with her sister Will she...
Reflection Of Me -Lil Bibby by _Killumantii_
Reflection Of Me -Lil Bibbyby _Killumantii_
"You a reflection of me shawty." He told me laughing as he dump the money on the table. **** Liyah has grew up in a street life. With a dead father, and a moth...
Um telefonema by up_novata
Um telefonemaby up_novata
Rio de Janeiro. Segunda semana de agosto. Será que um telefonema pode mudar o rumo dessa história?
The Kidnapped singer. by Lili_The_nerd
The Kidnapped Lili_The_nerd
Lizzy loved to perform as a little kid but especially singing one day she was at her the mall with her family she goes off and goes to the bathroom, on the way there wai...
One Shots by ProfessorkPotter
One Shotsby ProfessorkPotter
Alice and Tarrant one shots, I'll try to keep them cheerful. Found the cover image online, I'm happy to give credit to who ever it belongs to
Voxglitch x Mally by Mally_Dally
Voxglitch x Mallyby Malcolm Dallas
A fanfic I made about me and my internet friend Voxglitch. I hope you enjoy this random fluff!