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She's Sunshine, She's Grace, She'll Punch You in the Face by brinxiethebear
She's Sunshine, She's Grace, She' Brinxiethebear
Marinette struggles to stay happy nowadays, but what better way to change your mood than with a change of location? Adrien gave up his miraculous so he could start fresh...
My One And Only - A Daminette Story by yannowhatigiveup
My One And Only - A Daminette Storyby ywigu
Damian Wayne convinced his father to let him go to Paris to learn more about these 'mysterious attacks'. Little did he know he would find a pretty little girl with blueb...
GOTHAM: BEYOND EVIL || Damienette by SunshineSoul007
GOTHAM: BEYOND EVIL || Damienetteby SunshineSoul007
"This is all your fault, Marinette." "Oh, is it now?" "Yes. You're the one who made me fall in love." In the city where blood stains the st...
Damian's Secret by Charlaheart
Damian's Secretby
What is Damian's secret? Secret relationship? Now I have school so the story is on hold till the end of year holidays End of year hoildays ( November - December )
Gotham's Lucky Charm (Daminette) by azaleaXangel
Gotham's Lucky Charm (Daminette)by Azalea Angel
Marinette moves to Gotham when Bunnix warns that Lila will ruin her life if she stays in Paris, giving Hawk Moth the chance manipulate Marinette's emotions and akumatize...
Gotham's Own Ladybug by Miraculous_786
Gotham's Own Ladybugby Miraculous_786
Damian never expected to fall for the new student, Marinette Iszel. He also never expected her to be a traumatized teenager who watched her mentor disintegrate into ash...
Daminette December by MochiNeko
Daminette Decemberby MochiNeko
Tropes that are posted for the month of December revolving around Daminette. I am starting this with the year 2020. To find 2019, it starts with BLIND DATE in one shots
Betrothed Daminette by NerdyFangirl146
Betrothed Daminetteby Demigod Girl
Just another daminette story. Please read and tell me what you think. Mlb, dc, and the cover don't belong to me. Also I have never read the dc comics so I get my info fr...
Ephemeral - Maribat/Daminette One-shots by yannowhatigiveup
Ephemeral - Maribat/Daminette ywigu
𝙴𝚙𝚑𝚎𝚖𝚎𝚛𝚊𝚕 (𝚊𝚍𝚓.) 𝙻𝚊𝚜𝚝𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚏𝚘𝚛 𝚊 𝚟𝚎𝚛𝚢 𝚜𝚑𝚘𝚛𝚝 𝚝𝚒𝚖𝚎 A book where I post Maribat and Daminette one-shots. Basically when I get inspiration...
FALLING:  ANOTHER CHANCE  - A Daminette Fanfic (ON HAITUS) by MargieAbela
What happened after Marinette joined Jagged and Luka on a World Tour? What did Damian do? Did he follow through with Mari's advice? What happens when Mari comes back to...
Criminal!Multimouse by Miraculous_786
Criminal!Multimouseby Miraculous_786
It all stemmed from a miniature meeting with Multimouse. The thief known for her rivalry against Cat Woman, and returning stolen objects without using them for her own n...
Rescue Me by miraculousdemigod
Rescue Meby i just thought of something f...
Marinette and Damian have met each other many times before...only they aren't hardly able to be with each other. Only Master Fu knows about their secret relationship, an...
Genderbend daminette ~DISCONTINUED~ by Jasmehraj
Genderbend daminette ~DISCONTINUED~by Jasmehraj a Maribat lover
Daminette: Ya I've seen plenty of them Gender bend Damian: OLD!!!! Gender bend Marinette: I've seen that plenty of times too. How about we combine them. GENDER-BEND DAM...
Robin and his Ladybug 🐞🐦 (ADOPTED) by fantasydreamreader
Robin and his Ladybug 🐞🐦 ( ASH@DISNEY/HP/DC/MLB
Marinette took part in an essay competition which won her class a 2-month trip to Gotham and Metropolis. This is a great chance for her and chat to meet with the justice...
My Alpha Wife by damiyahalghulwayne
My Alpha Wifeby Damiyah (Da Xiaomi)
This is also going to be a Daminette but BL type. Marinette is going to be a boy. Damian too. In the world of Alpha's, Beta's and Omega. Marin Dupain Cheng(Marinette) a...
Wear Your Heart On Your Wrist And Together, We'll Soar To The Sky by unreachablevoice
Wear Your Heart On Your Wrist Bibi
As a child, Marinette wasn't sure what to do. She had just lost her have-yet-to-meet Soulmate to something unknown and is struggling to get right back on her feet becaus...
Love creeps up on you by moonpienpadfoot
Love creeps up on youby moonpienpadfoot
Marinette is getting tired. The justice leagues apparent need to save everybody isn't helping. a daminette story that i will just be making up as i go
Perfect (For Me) by Charlaheart
Perfect (For Me)by
Song fic inspired by Perfect by Ed Sheeran Credz to the pep who did the cover art (on hold also)
There's Always Two Sides by MochiNeko
There's Always Two Sidesby MochiNeko
Lila's up to her old tricks in Gotham. What happens where she loudly spots off knowing Batman and is dating Damian Wayne and Marinette, who is dating Damian, is mistaken...
Bad Blood by Evening_Blaze
Bad Bloodby Evening Blaze
Everyone in Paris thinks Marinette Dupain-Cheng is a weak, defenseless, clumsy girl, but what happens when they find out she is one of the scariest villains in Gotham?