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Our sisters secret by queenofthezodiacs
Our sisters secretby Reyna Kline
Twilight is the biological daughter of Bruce Wayne. Her mom (Delilah) is the little sister of Talia, which makes her the biological sister and cousin of Damian. The bat...
The Good Witch | Dick Grayson by Pota-tootie
The Good Witch | Dick Graysonby t o o t i e
|| Dick Grayson × OC pairing || Wherein Dick Grayson falls for his first love all over again. || I do NOT own the DC universe nor the Marvel Universe. I only own Maeve a...
Say My Name~ A Hetalia Fanfic (Pirate UKUS) by ErikaEvangeline
Say My Name~ A Hetalia Fanfic ( Erika
When Alfred gets the strange idea to visit England during his ruthless, pirating days-excuse me-Privateering days, Arthur grants his wish but unfortunately forgets a few...
Damianette December one shots And More by Honah-Lee
Damianette December one shots Ravenclaw3109
one shots of Marinette and Damian
Oculus | J. Todd ✔ by ZeninaD
Oculus | J. Todd ✔by Zenina Dawson
"Falling in love doesn't require seeing that person, To fall in love one only has to know the other's heart." [Jason Todd] [Started: 06/23/2020] [Completed:...
A New Teammate and A New Family (A Danny Phantom and Young Justice Fan Fiction) by MolMcN
A New Teammate and A New Family ( MolMcN
One fateful day, the friends and family of Danny Fenton are ruthlessly murdered. Danny has no place to call home, so he is forced to go and live with a distant relative...
Of Deadly Sins | Jason Todd by timdraker
Of Deadly Sins | Jason Toddby JUNE
storm in her eyes, peace in her smile. #1 in theredhood #11 in JasonTodd DC Comics Jason Todd x OC © timdraker Comic theme inspiration @bayports
Batfamily x Reader {Finished} by MissM2003
Batfamily x Reader {Finished}by Leafy
This story is complete, it will no longer be updated and I am no longer taking requests. :)
Damian Wayne revealed!  by AzureSorceress
Damian Wayne revealed! by AzureSorceress
Oneshots about our favorite DC fam with some unexpected twists involving our favorite bloodson and assassin who has a love for animals.
She's back (daminette) by damianette_159
She's back (daminette)by Invisibletomyfamily
Marinette comes back to Gotham to see her grandfather. Marinette was adopted by jagged stone and penny rolling after being disowned by her biological parents but little...
My Family? by _MyThings_
My Family?by _MyThings_
Percy Jackson and ...........the Batfam? Read to know more.
Shieldmaiden | Vikings by kells00
Shieldmaiden | Vikingsby kells00
[Vikings] [Season 4B-6B] Ingrid was a blessing from the Gods, a gift for her mother Lagertha, a woman who never believed she could have anymore children. As a young chil...
Not Alone [Hetalia wing AU] by ChrisTheWise
Not Alone [Hetalia wing AU]by Chris
Alfred has lived alone for as long as he can remember, which has been for about 200 years now. He is an avian. A human, but with bird wings. Large and beautiful bird win...
Black and Red Brother's (Harem) by ThatEhhGuy
Black and Red Brother's (Harem)by Civil Warrior
We all know the story right? Thomas and Martha Wayne gunned down by Joe Chill..leaving Bruce all by himself with Alfred..but what would happen if Bruce wasn't the only W...
Daminette-Lucky winner by Anzyzazy
Daminette-Lucky winnerby Anzy zazy
Marinette had no friends and family left. Lila had teamed up with Chloe and Alya to bully her along with Adrien.She had become cold hearted and only spoke when it was ne...
Bride of the Demon (Damian Wayne x Reader) by Hot_Pocket_
Bride of the Demon (Damian Wayne Hot Pocket
Book I of The Bride of the Demon series COMPLETED Y/n L/n gave everything up for her baby sister. Her freedom, her thoughts, her feelings, her only family. Now the only...
Robin one-shots  by bi_bird
Robin one-shots by Richard Robin L.
Some will be sad others happy I'll try to make it not be sappy. Here are some Birdflash, Daddybats Nightwing, Bromance Young Justice, Teen Titans Justice League, Depr...
Don't leave me again: Jason Todd x Reader by Grayson_Robin
Don't leave me again: Jason Todd Grayson_Robin
"Hey, hey stay awake okay." "Don't close your eyes, come on. Stay with me!" "We are almost there hold on." "It's okay." "...
Loving The Enemy ( America x Russia ) by BluePhoenixFire
Loving The Enemy ( America x Kaylene :3
Alfred, who has been told to shut up and grow up all his life, fears the scary and powerful Ivan. But to prove he is strong and to protect his friends, he attempts to fa...
Incorrect Bat-Family quotes/story  by Assassin-In-A-Hoodie
Incorrect Bat-Family quotes/story by Aiah Publius
Mini stories of the batfam and Incorrect quote