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Extra-Changing Fate by Altheamarie102505
Extra-Changing Fateby Althea Marie
"I want our engagement to be annulled,your highness" I'm just a simple girl in the modern world who died and was reincarnated in the world of the fantasy roman...
Hamilton react to EVERYTHING! by devilg04
Hamilton react to EVERYTHING!by devilg04
Yes when I say everything I mean everything modern stuff, ship, but obviously they are going to do the classic react to their own musical first well not THEIR musical A...
The Foul Weather Marquis by MuintirQueen
The Foul Weather Marquisby Arienh Forsyth
Benjamin Weathering has inherited the lofty title of marquis, but with that comes a responsibility to interact with his least favorite species: people. Luckily for Ben...
MB1: Roommates [BXB] by yourmarrieyielle
MB1: Roommates [BXB]by Marrie Yielle
BxB Isang araw, may lalaking nawalan ng tirahan. At ang lalaking iyon ay si Caspian Martinez. Ngunit may taong tumulong sa kanya na magbibigay ng pag-asa sa kanya. Magka...
Not A Princess by Yuna-nim
Not A Princessby Ara
In the original story, the male lead accused his ex-wife of bullying and torturing the heroine. But unlike the original story, I will avoid the heroine and all the male...
Love - Promises - The End by itsvilyce
Love - Promises - The Endby V I L
Once upon a time, there was a young noble women who was famous in the Empire of Reagan. The Reagan's black sheep, Kiera Valencia Maude Reagan Chantal. "Only... If I...
The Happy Marriage of Rosannah Winthrop (Completed) by VedaPettigrew
The Happy Marriage of Rosannah VedaPettigrew
A lowly Baron's daughter is swept up in a whirlwind marriage to a Duke no less. Rosannah Winthrop had a lonely and hard upbringing, full of duty and propriety and punish...
A Sarcastic Villainess!  by AlyaHarper
A Sarcastic Villainess! by Alya Harper
Pretty, daughter of a duke, with a good body and a good family, and yet they choose an ironing board? It just means that the problem is theirs I'm obviously perfect, I m...
𝗠𝗔𝗥𝗤𝗨𝗜𝗦𝗘 𝗖𝗔𝗗𝗜𝗘𝗨𝗫 ✧ by silentlyyhana
"Lady Athena, what is it that you desire to happen?" A boy looked up, meeting her icy blue orbs as she smiled down at the brunette. "In this world, you ca...
Courting Miss Hughes by missKahokoHino
Courting Miss Hughesby MANSI
The huaghty future marquess, lord Bradford is too wise to fall for any martial schemes. But with his father being ill with consumption, his mother is determined to see h...
Famous In Love (Mullette AU) [-On Hold-] by Wheezy_Trashmouth
Famous In Love (Mullette AU) [ Trashmouth
When Hercules is flown to Paris for a designing job on a movie, he finds a bit more then he intended on set. Lights. Camera. ACTION!! (Also a little bit of lams ;) )
The Doctor's Daughter by freeradicalkik
The Doctor's Daughterby Lyndsay
On the surface Edward Cartwright leads a privileged life, his family are wealthy, his mother loves him and his sisters and he constantly travels the country, occasionall...
Hamilton x reader by Itz-Thommy
Hamilton x readerby Mrs.Mulligan
Read the title and if your felling naughty, read it again
The Outrider - A Paranormal Regency Romance ONC 2022 by lhansenauthor
The Outrider - A Paranormal Lina Hansen
In a world ruled by men, one woman makes a stand. When her father and brother die in the Napoleonic Wars, Corinna Wolverstoke of Penninghall and her mother Liz are thro...
A Cold Dish by Tqnshi
A Cold Dishby Tqnshi
Marquis born Lady Elizabeth was shocked when her father announced her engagement to the son of Duke Watson. Being born in a household with no love to spare her, Lady Eli...
Renée by CrazzyLady1999
Renéeby A. G. TealE
"Follow your heart and be happy. That is the best advice I can give you." When Aria Harwell and her friends decided to travel after graduating high school, nev...
Baguette and Tailor: A Mullette Fanfiction by IAmHarmonyPotter07
Baguette and Tailor: A Mullette fangirl trash
After Hercules Mulligan finds his best friend in a dangerous situation, what will he do and what will happen next? Present Day Please I know that this isn't going to be...
Spanish Angel (Phantom of the Opera) by sarahlet2999
Spanish Angel (Phantom of the A Fifth Cellar Occupant
As a sort of charity object of the elder brother's, Candela, a young Spanish maid in the de Chagny household is dismissed as soon as Philippe is found dead on the shores...
"Is It Really Fake?" ( Thomas Jefferson x Reader) by Itz-Thommy
"Is It Really Fake?" ( Thomas Mrs.Mulligan
Y/n and Thomas have been in love since they were tots running around town in formal clothing. Their parents-their fathers- their relationship; but they're mothers? Love...
The Duke's Wild Passion by NormaRodman
The Duke's Wild Passionby Norma Rodman
Penelope is a beautiful half Gypsy, half English woman living in 19th century England .She survived a difficult childhood through her spunk and determination, and by dr...