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The Treasure Arc (SMG34 RP story) by Toon4life
The Treasure Arc (SMG34 RP story)by ♡Toonie & Bgb♡
Join the SMG4 crew on a treasure hunt with wacky adventures! Full of comedy, romance and angst! Me and my friend wrote this together like a role-playing so be kind, it's...
SMG4 - The Lovestruck Arc (Mario X Meggy) by Maclntosh099
SMG4 - The Lovestruck Arc (Mario Maclntosh099
just a Mario x meggy origin story. This is my first fanfic, so sorry if it sucks Started: September 16, 2022 Completed: March 26, 2023
Mario x Meggy weird fanfiction. by Zuguff67
Mario x Meggy weird Zuguff67
This is weird but good !
My MXM Fanfics I Wrote for Amino by SmeshBras
My MXM Fanfics I Wrote for Aminoby SmeshBras
These few stories originated from the MXM Club Amino, and I've decided to share them with you to celebrate my 2 year anniversary. Thank you all.
PUZZLE-FAN-VISION: Mr. Puzzles's BRITISH Game Show Spectacular by DS123Products
PUZZLE-FAN-VISION: Mr. Puzzles's DS123 // DS123 Productions
THANK YOU FOR CHOOSING TO READ... PUZZLE-FAN-VISION! 📺 You've heard of Mr. Puzzles's Incredible Game Show Spectacular... now get ready for the British version of the sh...
Another  one? (SMG4 and SMG3 x male!reader) by AlexisKindness
Another one? (SMG4 and SMG3 x
So for this one you're a male. (Sorry to the ladies!) You're either gay. Also credit to the person who made the cover! More information will be in the info page! Also I...
The TV and the spider Mr. Puzzles x oc by TraciWiederman
The TV and the spider Mr. Traci Wiederman
this is the book when a spider name Mary was friends with the Smg4 crew and she will be apart the crew, she will go on adventures with Smg4 but she will meet someone els...
Azure Blossoms [SMG34 Hanahaki AU] by Autism_Anon_Acc
Azure Blossoms [SMG34 Hanahaki AU]by Coco37 the obsessive SMG34 sh...
Finally, the new castle's been built! Everything is finally going the SMG4 crew's way, and everything is as close to ''normal'' as it can possibly be in this world! Mea...
Let Everybody Know - LAMS by CinnamonRollLams
Let Everybody Know - LAMSby CinnamonRollLams
A classic LAMS college AU. Lots of fluff, some drama and stuff like that. I hope you enjoy! I will warn you with a TW if necessary. Enjoy!
I think we like you..? (Smg4 and Smg3 X !Male Reader) by Yurmyy023
I think we like you..? (Smg4 and Kylo 🍖
You wake up in a different world where there's a castle infront of you and in your face you see a figure of two people.. Story cover done my yours truly 😘
SMG4: He's Gotta Be Safe by ZER09294
SMG4: He's Gotta Be Safeby ZER09294
TAKES PLACE AFTER THE EVENTS OF "SMG4 Movie: IT'S GOTTA BE PERFECT" After the whole "Perfect Video" incident with SMG4, SMG3 vouches to never let it...
(Eng) The Secret Santa - ✧A SMG4 Fanfic✧ _ ♡SMG34♡ by JMAknaviGR
(Eng) The Secret Santa - ✧A SMG4 JMAknaviGR
[English Version] ✧☆♡ In the world of SMG4 there are 14 days left until Christmas and 4 of them come up with the idea of doing a "The Secret Santa" (A kind of...
SMG4 Oneshots & Short Stories | SMG4 by Magic446ender_wolf
SMG4 Oneshots & Short Stories | Magic
This is a book full of Ship Oneshots, Reader x SMG4 Character(s) Oneshots, and Short Stories, all based around SMG4! This book does include SMG34, MxM, and Meggy x Tari...
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Helpless {Lams}[Completed][Mute Alex] by SunkissedChild5
Helpless {Lams}[Completed][Mute SunkissedChild5
[Lams High School & College AU] Alex, a mute high school student, finishes his senior year at Lin-Manuel Miranda High School. He ends up meeting John Laurens, a sweet bo...
SMG34: The prince and the servant by Axvill_0
SMG34: The prince and the servantby ✨Axvill 0✨
This is a story about the SMG4 cast living in the medieval times. Read "introduction" to find more about it. (Sorry if the cover is bad. I try so hard to make...
❤️⭐️Hamilton Smut⭐️❤️ by ouiouismesme
❤️⭐️Hamilton Smut⭐️❤️by ouiouismesme
Title is what it says. If you aren't interested, please do not read. MOSTLY GOING TO BE GAY AND KINKY BECAUSE WHY NOT (very kinky) Pls be nice to poor me :( jk do whate...
College  years- lams fanfic by JohnLaurens_tho
College years- lams fanficby AND PEGGY
Completed Lams AU and they're in college, the cover picture isn't mine so if you know who drew it please tell me and I'll tag them, there's a lot of angst and sadness b...
You Look Perfect (lams) by pansmexual_lams
You Look Perfect (lams)by Pan lams shipper
Alexander Hamilton is a 16 year old bisexual, who's recently been adopted from the Caribbean. John Laurens is a 17 year old openly gay teen but who still has to hide hi...
The Masquerade Arc (SMG34) by a_user_or_something
The Masquerade Arc (SMG34)by a_user_or_something
SMG4 has fallen in love with a stranger after meeting them at a masquerade ball. Their mysterious aura and way of charming him only draws him deeper into something unkno...