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The Redemption of Maximus by TonyaDavis240
The Redemption of Maximusby TonyaDavis240
The world is screwed up place. Everyone in it just wants peace when it isn't promised to nobody. We work for ourselves to try to improve our ways of life only for someon...
Wild Beast by TonayMalveaux
Wild Beastby Tonay Malveaux
when Selene fell in love with the first vampire to walk this earth . He was traveler who were cursed by the gods to walk alone but she fell hard and fast years later she...
The Lost Boys:Bloody Rose by DominiqueStiles
The Lost Boys:Bloody Roseby Dominique Stiles
Rayna Is Star's sister and Ladies mother she got separated from them when they arrived to Santa Carla but when she finally reunites with them and meets the lost boys and...
Dimensionally, Princess by KoalaZoomin
Dimensionally, Princessby KoalaZoomin
Did everyone just decide to pull the most dedicated prank on me? Or what? Why did my family hide such a secret from me? At 21 years old, the last thing I expect to happe...
I Stole the Alpha's Car (18+) by cjnewman
I Stole the Alpha's Car (18+)by C.J. Newman
Lauren is in trouble. BIG trouble. She found her mate - and he ISN'T her sweet, long-term, long-distance boyfriend. He's an Alpha. Can you blame a girl for panicking? *...
Moon-Destined Lovers by Erebus_Erebus
Moon-Destined Loversby Eri
Maybe, next time. Hopefully. Later.
The Red Alpha by Katie-Lesley
The Red Alphaby Katie-Lesley
Within the world of Werewolves, Vampires, and other strong beings. There is a pack of Werewolves called Crimson Moon Pack. Within this pack they are led by Alpha Damian...
Mated to the Warg by JeanineCroft
Mated to the Wargby Jeanine 🇿🇦 Croft
Rowan has lead a sheltered life. Always safe, and always cloistered behind the walls of the Iron Girdle. Beyond the wall, everything is to be feared. The outland is full...
The Pink Moon by ishah_kay
The Pink Moonby Aishah Kolawole
The line between love and hate is smallest on the night when the moon burns pink - Anonymous Enemies from childhood, Arianna and Brian, find out they are destined to be...
Delta [Epsilon Book #2] by khionewrites
Delta [Epsilon Book #2]by Khione
THIS BOOK IS NOT A STAND-ALONE! PLEASE READ 'Epsilon' FIRST! *** ❝I hate him. He's crude. Arrogant. Vile. I hate him so much that sometimes, when I look at him, I forget...
Lone Wolf: The Mother's Curse  by TemptedHeart
Lone Wolf: The Mother's Curse by TemptedHeart
BOOK THREE (3) OF THE DIRE WOLF SERIES🐺 Shadow and Dawn, The Aeronys Descendants are born, and with their birth new situation arises. The twins possess powers that have...
MOONLIGHT 🌙  by xxxthatweebxx
MOONLIGHT 🌙 by xxxthatweebxx
I THOUGHT I KILLED HER, I THOUGHT SHE WAS DEAD I thought I had gotten rid of her since she was a babe, but how on earth is she still breathing, how does she still have b...
Between Our Souls by SEREN-IE
Between Our Soulsby SEREN
Paris believed in mates until he met his own. He realized how much the mate bond made him feel something for her that he didn't feel. He didn't reject her, for how could...
Werewolf Stories - List & Review by nesserness
Werewolf Stories - List & Reviewby Ness
After reading so many for so long, decided to organize a list of the stories. Description and details of the book, then my review. I will try to refrain from any spoile...
Finding Course by andreaeggshell2676
Finding Courseby andreaeggshell2676
Female shifter Katherine moves to Bettam, Alaska to live with her uncle. Joining the Havette pack, she has to learn to get along with their young Alpha and adjust to her...
The North by Scottish_writer
The Northby Rebecca
The time when wolf shifters could roam the land freely has ended. With the human population slowly growing, and noble lords and chieftains staking claim on more and mor...
Karan's Lil Monami by solanki_writeups
Karan's Lil Monamiby Your Friend
What will Happen when one the strongest Alpha Karan shergill will find out that his Mate... which he is trying to find from Many years is a small baby...He has just turn...
A Curse Of Goodness by ellejhere
A Curse Of Goodnessby elleabgc
Annabella Grace Cross was everything good and pure. She stood out, not only for being the sole human in a family and Pack of Werewolves, but also for her overflowing kin...
At the time by allison_desiree
At the timeby Desiree
Store about a girl who wanted nothing but to make her parents proud of her
Blood Queen by Gracelo__
Blood Queenby Gracelo__
Everyone looks to her in a time of desperation, drowned by expectations she has been thrown to the side and locked away for past wrong doings, but now finally Free,she i...