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Billionaire runaway wife by TomokoTamura
Billionaire runaway wifeby AyameChosa
Rosellina is a nineteen year old she's a teenage mother who ran away from her abusive billionaire husband along with her son
Unknown Obession by vijaya798
Unknown Obessionby lalitha R
The story of a innocent girl get trapped in situation where she need to face a abnormal lover and his extent of love or obsession God only knowsn that...
His obsession  by bellspop38
His obsession by bellspop38
Selena is a young girl who's free spirited and broke. She meets a man named Shane who's a gang leader drug lord killer. When they cross paths her brother is a drug addic...
Gangsta's crush  ( Taehyung And Female Character) by 7_dorks_ruin_my_life
Gangsta's crush ( Taehyung And Fe...by Afsana
A Journey of Merciless Mafia to a lovesick puppy Be prepared for ridiculous criminal life inside Bangtan mansion
The Vicious Love Of Royals (NOVELLA BOOK)  by Rachayetria
The Vicious Love Of Royals (NOVELL...by Rachayetria
3 brothers, 3 women and 3 stories The vicious love of royals is a combination of 1 family and 3 vicious romances 1. THE VICIOUS BET Daharthya Rajput, the Maharaja Saha...
This is the second part of the book. Please read the first one before this, otherwise you won't be able to understand. Thank you. I hope u enjoyed the first book. 😀
Y!DSMP x reader oneshots!! by NadrewJacky
Y!DSMP x reader oneshots!!by NadrewJacky
I don't do descriptions lovelies. Just read if you would like!
Decoding his personal assistant (completed)✔️  by shiveve
Decoding his personal assistant (c...by shivani
Good afternoon passengers. This is the boarding announcement for flight 777-309A to New York. As the announcement course through the speaker I take a deep breath draggin...
MONSTER BROTHERS .. by sexybbabe
Manipulative, psychopath or ruthless is what define them .The Greco brothers the nine monsters of underworld.. There name is enough to make one shake in fear . They are...
ရှောင်ပုန်းဖို့မကြိုးစားနဲ့ ⧼⧼ဘာသာပြန်⧽⧽ by AvocadojuiceO_2
ရှောင်ပုန်းဖို့မကြိုးစားနဲ့ ⧼⧼ဘာသာ...by .
Start date _ 15/3/2023 End date - 〘Don't hide from me〙 I don't own this novel and cover art. Just a fan translation. All credit to original author & artist.
His Secret by epicwriterlilflower
His Secretby Epicurean
The sequel of my last book 'Secrets' with our favourite Bright & Win. Here I present you 'His Secret' well an ordinary looking guy has a secret which he has to protect a...
Reincarnated Mafia villainess by estilover
Reincarnated Mafia villainessby Estimah Osman
Well since am reincarnated all I have to do is to stay away from the male lead and the heroine Then I live right?
The Pharaoh's Queen| Dark!  Ramses II x Reader x Dark! Princes by FloatyFlowers
The Pharaoh's Queen| Dark! Ramses...by FloatyFlowers
What happens when Nefertari, the wife of Ramses II, decides to take you in after the death of your family?Will you be able to hide from the gazes of Ramses II and his s...
THIRST (Yandere X Reader) by ESKT_26
THIRST (Yandere X Reader)by about26noobs
At the end of the school year four new boys transfer in and immediately start taking interest in you. But as you continue to spend what you thought was just harmless ti...
Mine {Loid x Reader x ?} (SpyxFamily) Short by Cherryloverpop18
Mine {Loid x Reader x ?} (SpyxFami...by Cherryloverpop18
ɴᴇᴠᴇʀ ᴋɴᴇᴡ ʟᴏᴠᴇ ᴄᴏᴜʟᴅ ʙᴇ ꜱʜɪᴛᴛʏ This is a joke-no hate comments plz(ㅎ.ㅎ ) Update- lmaoo what do you guys even see from this book?? Don't know why you're reading this. (・...
My little pretty boy || Animal room || Doug van housen  by onlyposersfuckingdie
My little pretty boy || Animal roo...by poser
IN WHICH Jessie Perkins is the boyfriend of Doug Van housen. Jessie kept to himself most of the time. he's always hanging with Doug and nobody ever sees the two without...
Betrayal | Villain Dark Cacao x scared Pure vanilla  by Froxy_chan_Flower
Betrayal | Villain Dark Cacao x sc...by froxy
Villain Dark Cacao au & Scared Pure vanilla au ok so in this AU White Lily didn't turn to dark enchantress cookie she didn't even go to the witches house. Dark Cacao de...
Yan Giorno x dumb but smart ass reader by FINGERTHOSEKEYS_6996
Yan Giorno x dumb but smart ass re...by Fingeringkeys6983
Giorno is child hood friends with a girl named y/n. He would cling onto her even if she was 2 years older then him. She doesn't really care if he clings onto her or show...
Sincerely Yours by QueenZain3
Sincerely Yoursby ❤️𝐐𝐮𝐞𝐞𝐧❤️
"I Will Always Be Yours" ______________________________________________ When a healthy relationship goes downhill due to many arguments and problems in their r...
My little one  by slubnabts
My little one by slubnabts
I have no idea what to write so for now let's see what happens in story