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Master of Dragons, Book 1 (Complete) by VallenDark
Master of Dragons, Book 1 ( VallenDark
Was it so wrong for her to learn swordsmanship? Yes, after all woman were supposed to be frail, and quiet homemakers. Alas, she was anything but. Her dear father encoura...
Paragon - Book I by azimodo
Paragon - Book Iby Azi
*COMPLETE* There are whispers across the kingdoms that the Paragon, that strangely gifted person who can wield all four Skills, has been found. They're wrong, of cour...
VIOLENT TIDES (gxg - editing) by avior-etc
VIOLENT TIDES (gxg - editing)by yike
Ainsley is a dragonblood princess, powerful but constantly restrained by her duties and her oppressive father, the king of Ellay. When a pirate crew makes a shaky truce...
Villainous [Wattys 2021 Shortlist] by sambalazs
Villainous [Wattys 2021 Shortlist]by Samantha Balazs
Delilah is a villainous princess with nothing. Dante is a vicious king with everything. Hungry for revenge, they make a deal that will change their lives forever. The on...
ARIA by therealhannaa
ARIAby Hanna
PREVIOUSLY KNOWN AS CUPID FOR MY LOVE Aria MacGregory was engaged to the crown prince. Eventhough she loved him very much, she knew that the prince was in love with her...
Rune Stealer by DesertSwimmer
Rune Stealerby Harley
In the lands of Kainor some people are born with runes. These runes, scrawled in black at the base of the right side of the neck, grant the person a certain power. These...
Of Angels and Demons (Book 1) by Zyrofern
Of Angels and Demons (Book 1)by Zyrofern
For as long as mankind can remember, a war between angels and demons has been fought. Angels cannot cross over to the demons' world and demons cannot cross over to the a...
Dragon's Whispers by rlutt01
Dragon's Whispersby rosie 🧸
𝓕𝓲𝓻𝓮 𝓲𝓼 𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝓽𝓮𝓼𝓽 𝓸𝓯 𝓰𝓸𝓵𝓭; 𝓪𝓭𝓿𝓮𝓻𝓼𝓲𝓽𝔂, 𝓸𝓯 𝓼𝓽𝓻𝓸𝓷𝓰 𝓶𝓮𝓷. Eternal Swords: Book One When the Red Wolves mercenary guild is wiped out in...
Coil of Gold by LunarOracle
Coil of Goldby Anna L. Galloway
A dangerous and filthy lie is prevalent throughout the land of Ralium. Nobles and Kings would have their subject believe that the kingdom resting in a time of peace. The...
Ashes And Bones by CallMeMrsSparrow
Ashes And Bonesby Cante Edine
Ashes and Bones follows the trails and tribulations into power of the Kings and Queens of the Savage domain. For generations it has been said a woman cannot lead an army...
Forbidden In Your Eyes by humanlypossible
Forbidden In Your Eyesby Lindsey Taylor🌹
The Northern Tundra and the Southern Vale have been divided for centuries. The tide turns when the south takes over the north. The southern king decides to choose a woma...
The Elder Scrolls: Dominion (BOOK 1: Legionnaire) by JohnCauldron39
The Elder Scrolls: Dominion ( John Cauldron
Karl has lived the same, old, boring routine. He tended to his parents' ever-growing land, he stalked his kills in the woods with his friend Nia, which he would then sel...
Beneath the Helm (MCD Garroth x Reader) by AijahQueen
Beneath the Helm (MCD Garroth x Aurora Rosa
Read this amazing story originally created by Aphmau that I have tweaked to make an awesome experience for the reader! What's he hiding? Who's Zane? Why are people disap...
Night Ranger by BrailleErin
Night Rangerby BrailleErin
If he'd thought about it at all, Halt would have thought that going blind would spell the end of a Ranger's career. Without sight, how could anyone do a Ranger's job? Bu...
Dark Riverbed by Andreth88
Dark Riverbedby Andreth Leigh
Emerging from the river mist, theater student Ella finds that she is no longer in the year 2019, but has slipped through time and space, landing in the year 871 AD in En...
Bladedancer In The Wind || Genshin Impact x OC || Fanfiction by DianeCatzie3066
Bladedancer In The Wind || Diane Catzie
❝When I took a first glance at you, I knew a great adventure is going to happen!❞ she exclaimed without hesitation, no dissapointment nor a crestfallen expression was vi...
Oppression {A Bug's Life AU} by PixarPnFLover
Oppression {A Bug's Life AU}by Lady Luxo
You know the story. Now get ready to see it again in a whole different light. On an isolated island lives a kingdom of ant/human people, who struggle to harvest enough f...
Lost In a Fairytale  by ladymuerset
Lost In a Fairytale by Joy Muerset
A sweet romance. A bitter realization. Lady Gwyneira must learn to accept that life isn't always perfectly written like a fairytale when she gets rescued by handsome Sir...
The Female Warrior by Sharonixy17
The Female Warriorby Sharon
Kiara is an orphan who grew up in an orphanage home. Life has been so hard for Kiara during her childhood she has been laughed at and avoided in high school because of h...
Ablaze | Lotr Story | Eomer by brinkauru
Ablaze | Lotr Story | Eomerby brinkauru
Tamira, her name is Tamira. She was the last dragon rider of middle earth. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ She was a warrior destined to be Queen of the Riders, that was until h...