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Kaira - Broken Souls  by kaira_goenka2
Kaira - Broken Souls by Ananya_cutiepie
This is a family story in which we saw how akshu treated bad by goenka family and naira came back and save akshu . This story revolves around the kaira family . In this...
Bond Of Love  by AnanyaGuglani
Bond Of Love by Ananya Guglani
What happend like kartik angry with manish akshu also get angry with kartik and the reason is same Mother . What if instead of aarohi Sheela instigate akshu against Goen...
HÌẞ HÃPPÍÑËẞẞ Iẞ HÊR♡ by shivinkaira_
Karthik who is a very famous business man and naira Karthik Goenka who is a very famous fashion designer! The couple who love eachother unconditional and can't live wit...
kaira os  by kairafanS686
kaira os by kaira shivin love ❤
there will be many os may or may not be based from the tracks of the serial.
Yrkkh os ( by ananya )  by kaira_goenka2
Yrkkh os ( by ananya ) by Ananya_cutiepie
This book is based on all characters from 2nd generation.
Kaira  -  Her Frog prince by Writer_krishh
Kaira - Her Frog princeby Writer_kris21
This is the story of kaira after nairas confession.How love imerges between them. This is there phase of girlfriend-boyfriend the one I want to see with lots of kaira ro...
kaira - misunderstanding by aj_avnijindal
kaira - misunderstandingby avnijindal
this story starts after 2 years of sepration of kaira after shubhams death. naira and naitik lives in mumbai and today is the frst day nairas collge. and kartik lives in...
Kaira - Connected Soul  by kaira_goenka2
Kaira - Connected Soul by Ananya_cutiepie
The story is different from the show it will start from the scene when Mr Kapoor came in rose and Yash engagement and he recognised kartik . Here kartik 's past is same...
Kaira FF : Never leave me (On Hold for a short time) by GauriP19
Kaira FF : Never leave me (On Kaira
Peep into the story to see what happens in the lifes of Kartik and Naira P.s.: This story is completely based on my imagination.
Shivin Tale by Saira_Kaira
Shivin Taleby Saira❤
A Shivin book by me and @shivin15 ❤️
How Can I Love Him (completed) by RiyaJain887
How Can I Love Him (completed)by Riya Jain
May contain some smut so please watch on your own wish Peep in to know
KAIRA💗 by shivinkaira_
Stories on yrkkh tracks in my own way how i wanted it to be🤩
Proposing Her by Naabi_Kaira
Proposing Herby naabi_kaira
Hi.. I am here with another Kaira.. OS... Kartik and Naira.. a little different but very sweet... peep into more to see..
My Sherni❤️ by ishi_kaira
My Sherni❤️by Ishi
Naira's Pregnancy Mood swings~ A short cute OS
Kaira OS - I love YOU by kairapearl
Kaira OS - I love YOUby kairapearl
How Karthik gets his sherni back on their one year wedding anniversary.
Kaira's Proposal(Completed) by prashti1
Kaira's Proposal(Completed)by reader1234
Kartik: Naira I love you so much... I love you Naira. Naira:- I am sorry Kartik. ○●□■♤♡◇♧○●□■♤♡◇♧○●□■♤♡◇♧ Kartik: Mai tumhe chhor ke jaa rha hu Naira hamesha ke liye. I...