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A new world in the archipelago  by GotchaMutcha
A new world in the archipelago by Rondo Morondo
After the attack of the Rumblehorn Hiccup finds a cave that wasn't in theyre island before so after entering he finds a new secret that for them was a drem but for the o...
Glavenus's Adventure With Dinosaurs [Hiatus] by Daveyman05
Glavenus's Adventure With CEO of Lazyness
A Glavenus gets to see some creatures that has a small resemblance to him. Yes, there are humans in this story.
The "Sexy" New World/ Monster Hunter World/ Male!Hunter x Female!Monster Girls by DaModafoka
The "Sexy" New World/ Monster DaModafoka
The commission is looking for brave hunters and researchers to set off to the new world. You are one such hunter. An A-Lister of the Fifth Fleet, but not just any A-Lis...
Monster Hunter: The Return by DreamingBirb
Monster Hunter: The Returnby The Dreamer
After centuries of hibernation, the Red Dragon of Life has reawakened, what will happen to the world with its return?
A new monster by gallantmon226
A new monsterby gallantmon226
A college student from America who loves to play monster hunter gets shot by a stray bullet and then wakes up in a new yet familiar world with a new body (I'm just doing...
Monster Hunter: The AU Collection by AvocadToast_Chan
Monster Hunter: The AU Collectionby Call me Julia lmao
What's inside? Tales of love, sex, drama, sadness, mashups, crossovers, and AU's. Come one, come all, to this extravaganza of a oneshot book! Cover made/edited in Autode...
Art book by AvocadToast_Chan
Art bookby Call me Julia lmao
My artworks and drawings! Mostly about MonHun and NSR tho
The Tyrant of Fire (Wings Of Fire Crossover)  by MeowChickaBowPow
The Tyrant of Fire (Wings Of
Pyrrhia. It had been somewhat at peace after the wars; not to mention the final downfall of DarkStalker. Even now, his evil acts and constant reminders still haunt those...
A Rivers Gift [Monster Hunter World] by chewtoi
A Rivers Gift [Monster Hunter chewtoi
16+ (graphic imagery, mentions of nsfw) When Xeno'jiva is slain the player goes home joyous, unbeknownst to their changing body; the shining sapphire light of the elder...
Monster Hunter Turf Wars Book  by Lone-Wolf-Nergiganos
Monster Hunter Turf Wars Book by Lone Wolf Nergiganos
This book will mainly focus on the turf wars of monsters from Monster Hunter, and as you read deeper and deeper into the stories of the turf wars, you'll ask yourself...
One Piece:elder dragons released by HydraTheDeino
One Piece:elder dragons releasedby HydraTheDeino
the elder dragons broke out of their cage and they are not happy about it so enter in this journey to see if they will be stopped or not 🚫One piece is not of my authori...
[COMPLETE] Random Sh1t by AvocadToast_Chan
[COMPLETE] Random Sh1tby Call me Julia lmao
You heard it right folks! This is a book of randomness and tomfoolery and shit. You'll see cursed images, random images, etc.
The Elder Dragon Hero: My hero academia x male reader by GASTLY42957
The Elder Dragon Hero: My hero Rhogar
This is a blatant monster Hunter book. It's nergigante. That's what the character is. It's the coolest in the game, change my mind
Snowbird in the new world ( rwby /monster hunter world) by blockprime3001
Snowbird in the new world ( blockprime300
Disclaimer: this fanfic contains vulgar or inappropriate language and sexual or erotic scenes. (16+) winter and qrow are rivals, completely dissagreing with the other in...
Story: The League of monsters  by destroyahthedemontit
Story: The League of monsters by destroyah the demon titan
this is a story that's been in my head for quite a while now, so I decided why the hell not right ehh? anyway this story is about people becoming their #1 favorite monst...
Konosuba: Gods blessing on this monstrous world (reader x konosuba) by Nevan-UniverseDragon
Konosuba: Gods blessing on this Ark
(Y/N) (L/N). An average high school student leading an oh so average life. He is also a Monster Hunter live streamer, and he recently got his hands on Monster Hunter Wor...
Fairy tail: eclipse Dragon. by LOSTHOPEG0T0TH348Y55
Fairy tail: eclipse Death hope
read it hate it or love it, another fanfiction and probably more coming, a gore Magala include in the story (im sure theres already other stories with this badass look...
Her Heart Asunder | Monster Hunter World fanfic | by spyralerer
Her Heart Asunder | Monster spyralerer
Little did she know that the King of the Skies would also be the king of her heart. Disclaimer: I'm not that knowledgeable about the MH lore, and I will insert some hea...
The Monster of Remment (odogaron bullied male reader x rwby) by BraveLion2X6
The Monster of Remment (odogaron BraveLion2X6
Y/n Odogaron is the last of the odogaron family and was bullied because of his heritage. but with one last push, he becomes what everyone fears
Monster Hunters and Huntsmen Are Not The Same(male monster hunter x rwby) by BraveLion2X6
Monster Hunters and Huntsmen Are BraveLion2X6
Y/n L/n is a monster hunter in the new world but finds himself with a problem with huntsmen and huntresses bothering him and his hunts. it's not a very good idea