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Leonard Snart and Mick Rory Imagines by ariesaat
Leonard Snart and Mick Rory Imagin...by ariesaat
Imagines, One shots, whatever you want to call them. Captain Cold x Reader Heat Wave x Reader Each chapter is its own story! None continue on unless it says Part 2 in...
Cold Meets Fire by SushiSushi12347
Cold Meets Fireby Sushi
My name is Hayley Pluto and I'm the daughter of Hades, I was born 25 years after earth was made and I once I turned 38 years old I always will look the same age even kno...
DC Legends of Tomorrow: The Glitch: Glitching To Save Time by sparkle123tt
DC Legends of Tomorrow: The Glitch...by Sparkle123tt
Everyone's favorite Glitch is back for book 2. With the Time masters now destroyed it is up to the legends to save time from all those who wish to destroy it in any way...
Rip Hunter Daughter by rikku3817
Rip Hunter Daughterby rikku3817
Y/N is the daughter of Rip hunter and Gideon. She returns home only to find out that her father is dead and some one or some one's are now living in her home. Not coppi...
Legends In Love {Legends of Tomorrow} by Lucinda2015
Legends In Love {Legends of Tomorr...by Lucinda2015
Getting kidnapped by a lunatic saying he's a time traveler isn't always fun. Especially when he kidnaps your ex...ex crime partner that is...nothing else... At least tha...
Brooklyn Archer //Book One// - Legends of Tomorrow - COMPLETED by MCWAYY
Brooklyn Archer //Book One// - Leg...by MCWAYY
19 year old Brooklyn is in for a wild ride when time-master Rip Hunter recruits her to save the future. I DO NOT own Legends of Tomorrow, I only own Brooklyn and her st...
The Daxam Four (Legends of Superflarrow) by WritersBlock039
The Daxam Four (Legends of Superfl...by Miss Moffat
Krypton and Daxam. Sister planets. Bitter rivals. Speculation says their feud started because of a war ending in a stalemate, each side blaming the other for its cause. ...
Second Coming...-Nate Heywood by saralancesbae
Second Coming...-Nate Heywoodby JJ
Alexa Saunders-Younger sister of legend Kendra Saunders. Alexa was asked to replace Kendra when her and Carter decided to leave the legends. How will her life change whe...
Brooklyn Archer //Book Two// - Legends of Tomorrow - COMPLETED by MCWAYY
Brooklyn Archer //Book Two// - Leg...by MCWAYY
Brooklyn is back for season 2 of legends of tomorrow. I DO NOT own Legends of Tomorrow, only Brooklyn
The Flame-Sara Lance by saralancesbae
The Flame-Sara Lanceby JJ
The flame between Sara Lance and Jessica Hunter was put out long ago. Will this change when Jessica and her uncle recruit Sara and seven others to travel through time an...
Rain- Legends of Tomorrow by super_marvel_
Rain- Legends of Tomorrowby Multifandom Stories
Rip Hunter has recruted 9 heros and villains to help aid in his mission to stop Vandal Savage; A thief with a coldgun and his partner with a heatgun. An ex-leauge of ass...
DC Legends of Tomorrow, Just a shadow by IronMan2105
DC Legends of Tomorrow, Just a sha...by IronMan2105
Casey Harper, thirteen year old ex protege, of the arrow, but know on has knows where she's been, she's been missing, but what happens when Rip Hunter decides to recruit...
Outcasts /Sara Lance/ by andonite
Outcasts /Sara Lance/by andonite
Eleanor Allen has been an outcast her whole life. One night, Rip Hunter brings her together with other outcasts. That night, Eleanor gains a new family. Eleanor gains a...
Mick Rory/heatwave and Leonard Snart/ Captain Cold preferences  by gbow1999
Mick Rory/heatwave and Leonard Sna...by Gbow1999
Reader preferences for Mick Rory and Leonard Snart.
Justice League Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen by Flashbolt157ninja
Justice League Transformers: Reven...by Flashbolt157ninja
Two years after he and his Autobots friends and Superhero friends saved the Earth from the Decepticons, Sam Witwicky faces a new battle: College. Meanwhile Optimus Prime...
𝐋𝐀𝐁𝐘𝐑𝐈𝐍𝐓𝐇 |𝐂𝐎𝐍𝐒𝐓𝐀𝐍𝐓𝐈𝐍𝐄 by scarletmischief
"I'll crawl through the darkest depths of hell to keep you safe. Even long after I'm gone." - S1 of Constantine & S4 of LOT {Constantine's daughter fic} BOOK...
Brooklyn Archer //Book Four// - Legends of Tomorrow - COMPLETED by MCWAYY
Brooklyn Archer //Book Four// - Le...by MCWAYY
Brooklyn is back for season 4 of Legends of Tomorrow **I DO NOT own Legends of Tomorrow, only my character**
Brooklyn Archer //Book Five// - Legends of Tomorrow - COMPLETED by MCWAYY
Brooklyn Archer //Book Five// - Le...by MCWAYY
Brooklyn and Maddie are back for season 5 of Legends of Tomorrow!! Starting with crisis and escalating into typical Legends madness!! **I DO NOT OWN LEGENDS, only my cha...
The Ghost (Legends Of Tomorrow - Sara Lance) by Providentia-
The Ghost (Legends Of Tomorrow - S...by Providentia
This is the story of Kate Rory, sister of Mick Rory. She's not that interesting, right? Just a crook, like her brother and their friend Leonard Snart. Just a girl, tryi...
Watching Sara Lance by Sara-Jane-Smith
Watching Sara Lanceby Poppy Snow
All of the people who knew Sara Lance are put in a room by a woman named Heather and a man named Liam. They are all told to watch Sara's life. people from right after th...