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Ace Attorney Preferences by tayraearm
Ace Attorney Preferencesby Taylor
Boyfriend scenarios including Phoenix Wright, Miles Edgeworth, Apollo Justice, Klavier Gavin, Kristoph Gavin, Simon Blackquill, Diego Armando, and Nahyuta Sahdmadhi Off...
I'll Wait - A Wrightworth Story by wattpoop67
I'll Wait - A Wrightworth Storyby wattpoop67
No smut but implied stuff Wrote this after finishing the first game (including Rise From The Ashes which was added later) *technically* an AU since it's what could have...
Phoenix Wright various X reader by Monochromiss
Phoenix Wright various X readerby Monochromiss
Defence attorney: (Y/n) Fey! Sounds glamorous doesn't it? Its not. My boss, Mr Phoenix Wright, has always held the spotlight as the 'legal eagle', 'ace attorney' etc. Si...
unnecessary feeling? [Narumitsu] (COMPLETED) by x_just_fanfics_x
unnecessary feeling? [Narumitsu] ( x.just.edits.x.x from insta
I just felt like making this if you don't ship don't read also, credit to the artist Quick note Narumitsu stuff happens after the court trial UPDATE: there is a remake i...
Fooling around in his office. (Edgeworth X Reader LEMON) by CrazyTMNTLOVER
Fooling around in his office. ( Rosa
You work with Miles Edgeworth, a famous prosecutor, and your longtime crush. You're alone in Edgeworth's office with him and things take a lustful turn when you both con...
Ace Attorney X Reader One Shots Vol. 3 by YuiFromTheBlock
Ace Attorney X Reader One Shots Yui
This is Volume 3 of my Ace Attorney one shots! If you haven't, please check out my other two volumes! **They are a bit cringy, so beware!** Anyways! This book will cover...
Klapollo and AA incorrect quotes by fangirl-888
Klapollo and AA incorrect quotesby fangirl-888
Klapollo and Wrightworth are my otps. Quotes found on Tumblr.
"Formal Love." || Miles Edgeworth x Phoenix Wright. by m0mmysniffle
"Formal Love." || Miles sniffle
Miles Edgeworth, a formal prosecutor with a tragic past; Phoenix Wright, a casual worker in defence with childhood memories of this formal prosecutor. They are opposite...
Star Crossed Lovers [SLOW UPDATES] by ohnoitsmiki
Star Crossed Lovers [SLOW UPDATES]by Seasoned Bitch
Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth. The defense and prosecution. Completely opposite from one another, they where never meant to, but they somehow fall in love with each...
Klapollo and AA incorrect quotes 2 by fangirl-888
Klapollo and AA incorrect quotes 2by fangirl-888
Klapollo and Wrightworth are my otps. Quotes found on Tumblr. Second part.
Wrightworth One-Shots by KingAleczanderr
Wrightworth One-Shotsby KingAleczanderr
just some nice fluffy wrightworth one shots with a bit of angst too because life isn't fair
When Our Eyes Met Again(A Wrightworth Fanfiction) by AggressiveGayParent
When Our Eyes Met Again(A Phoenix Alexander
(A/N) This is set in a soulmate AU. In this universe, you see only in black and white until you meet eyes with your soulmate. • "We're going to be best friends fo...
Narumitsu/wrightworth shorts by eviecookie
Narumitsu/wrightworth shortsby eviecookie
Does include a couple parts with tiny bits of strong language. Also mentions of suicide or other parts with violence however before each of these chapters there's a warn...
Take that! Ace Attorney One-shots! -VERY SLOW AND I MEAN VERY SLOW UPDATES- by DashingStar17
Take that! Ace Attorney ||Akitara||
Woah! Hi there! (Lol I know, nice title...not.) This book will be filled with one-shots with your favorite characters from Ace Attorney! The pictures are not mine! These...
Do you want to read some random quotes that some 12 year old started that has SOMEHOW managed to keep it going till 13 just to ignore it for 2 years and get back at it a...
NaruMitsu Prompts  by P0ETC0R3
NaruMitsu Prompts by poet
Out of ideas? Well, you came to the WRIGHT place! Just a Narumitsu prompt book if anyone is interested. ‼️YOU DON'T NEED TO ASK FOR PERMISSION TO USE THE PROMPTS, YOU JU...
Turnabout Complication by Girlinatophat
Turnabout Complicationby polbae
The second in the series! Following the events of Turnabout At The Ready, the Wright Anything Agency meet up with Prosecutor Bloom, the supposed 'Prosecutor and Defence...
Justice legal system academy's deadly killing game (Ace Attorney) by ace_detective
Justice legal system academy's Just.some.aafan
Danganronpa x Ace attorney crossover Follow the ace attorney cast as they have to over come the trials of the killing game ⚠️Characters ARE NOT MINE all rights for ch...