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Kalon by chaenjen
Kalonby Sav
Y/n is pretty sure her entire family hates her and her commitment issues are starting to make her life (as well as Sana's) miserable. Minatozaki Sana x G!P reader - Conv...
My dear teacher ( YANDERE sana X reader) by bhavyamotwani3
My dear teacher ( YANDERE sana X r...by THATONELAZYAUTHOR
the new teacher just joined in and at first glance you became heavily attracted to her, But after knowing the dark secret about your favourite teacher your life suddenly...
MY INNOCENT TODDLER [Mina And Chaeyoung] by Master_Silence27
MY INNOCENT TODDLER [Mina And Chae...by 김치군
MYOUI MINA, known as the ice princess, ice swan, cold ballerina will stand a single mother. Another Mi-Chaeng story... But isn't a romance or love story, kind of a love...
TWICE Han Gia | Sceneries Short Story Oneshot 10th member by AmeliaLunaSky
TWICE Han Gia | Sceneries Short St...by Tzuyu Mina Ames
"3 2 1. One in a Million. Hello we're TWICE!" Accept requests! A super Once making a fan fiction of as a Twice member, something for Once who want's to be a p...
𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐏𝐄𝐂𝐔𝐋𝐈𝐀𝐑𝐒  by azxzelle
𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐏𝐄𝐂𝐔𝐋𝐈𝐀𝐑𝐒 by azxzelle
They're a one peculiar group but these peculiars are set to save the world from danger. [Twice x Female Reader]
𝗧𝗵𝗿𝗲𝗲 𝗠𝗼𝗻𝘁𝗵𝘀 ✔ by mnluvs
𝗧𝗵𝗿𝗲𝗲 𝗠𝗼𝗻𝘁𝗵𝘀 ✔by strictly Mina's
Sana x Tzuyu (genderbend) A playboy's point of view ─────────────── I didn't care if I had to risk my life. She was my purpose to live. Seeing her smile and hearing her...
The Loneliest Person (Someone Like Me) [Mina x Sana] by ZeroHorizonX
The Loneliest Person (Someone Like...by ZeroHorizon
Sana once described Mina as a lonely penguin in need of protection. Mina never noticed it, but perhaps their affectionate Sana is the loneliest member out of all of them...
Be My Escape || SaiDa (Sana x Dahyun) by Ai_Kiminatozaki
Be My Escape || SaiDa (Sana x Dahy...by Aizaki
SaiDa Texting/Social Media AU After being ghosted and blocked by the person who promised her a long lasting relationship, Sana jokingly asked her online friends to help...
[ taught me love ] minatozaki sana  by ngltwice
[ taught me love ] minatozaki sana by <3
kim Y/N, a 15 year old girl, that went to an all girls school. she was lonely, till she found 4 new best friends, one of them had a crush on her and every teacher was fl...
The Flirty Professor by dkwtnhiw
The Flirty Professorby dkwtn
Read to find out ;) (Sana x neutral reader) Start: 1|6|22 End: 2|19|22
twice imagines [ON GOING] by isanggayfrog
twice imagines [ON GOING]by 🧸
𝕊𝕔𝕖𝕟𝕒𝕣𝕚𝕠𝕤 𝕚𝕟 𝕞𝕪 𝕙𝕖𝕒𝕕 𝕨𝕚𝕥𝕙 𝕥𝕨𝕚𝕔𝕖, 𝕨𝕣𝕚𝕥𝕥𝕖𝕟 𝕓𝕪 𝕪𝕠𝕦𝕣𝕤 𝕥𝕣𝕦𝕝𝕪 𝕒𝕟𝕕 𝕙𝕠𝕡𝕚𝕟𝕘 𝕪𝕠𝕦 𝕖𝕟𝕛𝕠𝕪. 𓆩♡𓆪ℂ𝕠𝕟𝕥𝕒𝕚𝕟𝕤 𝕞𝕒𝕥𝕦...
Curing The Second Lead Syndrome (SaiDa Crackhead) by _kiminatozaki_
Curing The Second Lead Syndrome (S...by Kim SaiDa
4th Book😁 ~~~~~ A SAIDA CRACKHEAD STORY. This Story is 'Not' Mine, This is From the Twitter, Hmm I Just want to re-upload Here Because I want to HAHAHA, Because Heck th...
Sister In Law?! (2Yeon) ✔ by Tanishka_tk
Sister In Law?! (2Yeon) ✔by MostlyInDream
"She's... She's your wife? That means my sister in law?" "Wae? Is there's something to shock?" >>>> Im Nayeon, Im Jaebum's lovely younger...
✓ Sinner's Prayer ✶ R. Buckley by demetersdoom
✓ Sinner's Prayer ✶ R. Buckleyby ༻✦༺
Yurina lived a fake existence in a rather unstable town,
Expect the Unexpected (SaTzu AU) [✔] by ladycadillac
Expect the Unexpected (SaTzu AU) [...by iry
Taking a risk just to win the heart of someone you've been loving is not easy. Are you ready enough to Expect the Unexpected story of SaTzu Note: This story is now fully...
My Nerdy Dahyunnie || Saida Fanfic by Kim_ShibsTofu
My Nerdy Dahyunnie || Saida Fanficby Saida
Minatozaki Sana, the popular cutie and sexy girl of Minatozaki University. She is the leader of the famous J-Trinity, a trio that's overflowing with visuals, richness an...
I'm Her Manager || Sana X Reader (Female) ✔ by MyBabyNayeon
I'm Her Manager || Sana X Reader (...by .
[COMPLETED] What happened if you be Minatozaki Sana's manager? Read to find out Highest ranking #1 in nayeon #2 in mina ...
Be Mine, My Rival || Myoui Mina (English Version) by minmin_pengmi
Be Mine, My Rival || Myoui Mina (E...by Joohyun
What will happen if you fall in love with your one and only rival? Let's find out.
bestfriends » samo [√] by AIKAHIRAISSI
bestfriends » samo [√]by ≠
[ english | epistolary | narrative ] ❝in which sana fell in love with the wrong person, her bestfriend.❞ "I love you, Momo. But not as a friend." - Minatozaki...
Memories of a Lover by yuashua005
Memories of a Loverby aftermoon [hiatus]
A story about a video editor Y/N who is a big fan of the South Korean girl group TWICE and aspires to work on his favorite South Korean Company, the JYP Entertainment. W...