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MCSM Stories by Quiietjay
MCSM Storiesby Jay
These are MCSM stories that I am writing for practice. These aren't weird shipping stories, but some pretty edgy stuff. You have been warned. A lot of these stories cont...
Nothing Built can Last Forever... But Your Imagination can by GAMGAM_23
Nothing Built can Last Forever...by GAMFMX 23
You died and got reincarnated... Yes I know VERY original. (Minecraft Story Mode Fanfic) Minecraft is not mine Minecraft Story Mode is not mine Artwork is not mine The o...
Quest Island (Ivor x male reader) by miraculouslife1215
Quest Island (Ivor x male reader)by 💫
While Jessie and the gang are trying to find their way back home through the portals. They go through a portal, leading to Quest Island.
Different- a MCSM story by Warship005
Different- a MCSM storyby Nathan
Well Played-life by TwistTictac
Well Played-lifeby Av
Y/n Just an ordinary minecraft player, that enjoy Hive & Hypixel minigame especially Skyblock, but Mysteriously stopped for weeks. Every his online friend know he are on...
Minecraft Story Mode ⚜ Head-Cannons, Oneshots & More! by ScoringMadness
Minecraft Story Mode ⚜ Head-Cannon...by Score
A simple book that explains the overly complex head-cannons someone created for a very loved and very missed Telltale Video Game; Minecraft Story Mode. Follow the adven...
When She Went To Them by YangTheWarrior
When She Went To Themby Yang
MCSM had finally released episode five, and a brand new fan had just bought the game. She was amazed by the great reviews, and excited when the opening screen came up...
MCSM X Reader Imagines & Scenarios by GhostNeon
MCSM X Reader Imagines & Scenariosby GhostNeon
(Requests are OPEN~!) Decided to dive back into MCSM after not playing it for a while and decided to take a crack at some imagines! I take any suggestions including NSFW...
Betrayed (MCSM) by Pikachu_MCSM
Betrayed (MCSM)by Pikachu_MCSM
Jesse is betrayed by the people he thought were his friends. Over time, Jesse has to forget his past and move on to bigger and better things. However, those people who b...
Light In the Darkness: Admin X Reader ( MCSM ) by Titanarmor1
Light In the Darkness: Admin X Rea...by Titanarmor1
All you've ever known is darkness. The tragedy of your parents' death shaped you into who you are today. You are antisocial and hate people. Your friends are using you...
The Order of the Stones Daughter by bluerose5678
The Order of the Stones Daughterby blue is the best
The Order hid a lot of things from the public and one of them was having a daughter. Her name is Ember, they found her as a baby in the nether. They took her back with t...
Daddy's Little Trouble Maker (Remake) by AneesahAjam
Daddy's Little Trouble Maker (Rema...by Coldfire Queen
Children, they don't exist in the world of minecraft do they? Well then where do all the people come from...are they spawned? Were they ever really young? Have they ever...
Euphoric by MossXXX
Euphoricby MossXXX
(Editing) eu·phor·ic adjective characterized by or feeling intense excitement and happiness. (Minecraft story mode x kid reader) In this story, you are Lucas's sibling. ...
MCSM Oneshots (LGBTQ+ Ships) by forever_multi
MCSM Oneshots (LGBTQ+ Ships)by ❀ mintchoco_ellie ❀
[⚠️ Dark Warning ⚠️] ✖️ Suicidal thoughts, cutting, sensitive topics, abuse, self-harm 🔥 If you're too sensitive, please, leave. [🌟Bright Warning🌟] ➕ some chapters ma...
Minecraft Story Mode: Preferences by AnnIsAmazing
Minecraft Story Mode: Preferencesby "Fight Like a Girl"
It's all about the Boys you meet is •Male Jesse •Lukas •Axel •Aiden •Radar •Romeo New Catch Up: Jack Were live In Beacon Town the boys you loved and I hope you enjoy it...
Just a Cold  by stardoesnthaveaname
Just a Cold by Heccin ree
"Guys, I'm fine, stop worrying! It's just a cold!" >>>>>>> The New Order of the Stone has just returned from their long exhausting...
Save Me From Me (Jesstra) by RecedingSerenity
Save Me From Me (Jesstra)by ✩Rise✩
"Why can't it be you for once, Jesse?! Why can't you be the one suffering?!" As soon as those words left Petra's mouth, her own eyes widened. She's never said...
A Portal To Truths... Part 2  by jetraisendgame
A Portal To Truths... Part 2 by darth stiles
The last few days have been a whirland of revelation for Jesse. She's admitted her love, made new friends, found her mother... murdered her enemy. Now, after leaving Sky...
Jesskas Oneshots by M_Rose12
Jesskas Oneshotsby Sick as Frick!
Lukas X Male Jesse Oneshots. Fluff, boyxboy, angst, hurt-comfort
Skybound [ MCSM Lukas x Reader ] by Red_Puppet_Writer
Skybound [ MCSM Lukas x Reader ]by Red_Puppet_Writer
For as long as you can remember, you've always lived a structured life in the sky, as a gardener. There were many rules that needed to be followed, and only so many thin...