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A Minecraft Story by Radishologist
A Minecraft Storyby Todd
Steve wakes with no memories--except his name. He discovers that the government, Mojang, is actually evil, and trying to take over the world! Steve gets wrapped up in th...
Minecraft: Before The Player's Journey by ZeroZeroLk
Minecraft: Before The Player's Jou...by James Bantilan
This is the tale of The Order of Stone, known as Minecraft, which will tell you the secrets and histories of the structures and mobs. To the origins of the Wither, how d...
Hybrids of Team Crafted by Bladewing683
Hybrids of Team Craftedby Bladewing683
When a trip to the End goes terribly wrong, Team Crafted found themselves in a peculiar situation...when the hybrids guardians of Minecraft arise at the summons of what...
Sis(SkyDoesMinecraft Fan Fic ;) Minecraft :) by OliviaLovesSnow
Sis(SkyDoesMinecraft Fan Fic ;) Mi...by ❄️TheSnowGirl❄️
When 12 year old orphaned Olivia gets the call there still is one living relative in the world to care for her, she is flabbergasted. When she discovers her only brother...
Team Hybrid (Team Crafted Fan Fiction) by punken316
Team Hybrid (Team Crafted Fan Fict...by punken316
This is not just a normal Team Crafted hybrid story. It starts like any other day, but something happens that changes some things about what the Team knew about Jordan...
The Hunters (The Great War) by Radishologist
The Hunters (The Great War)by Todd
Caution: Read "The Great War" before reading this book. Twelve kids, all living a perfectly normal life. That is, until their city is attacked by creatures wit...
Hybrid Factors (A Team Crafted FF) by natureprincess48
Hybrid Factors (A Team Crafted FF)by Moved To ArtistDreamcatcher
I really like Team Crafted, so Imma write a fanfic about them! Hope you enjoy!
Love & Lies <コ:彡 Team Crafted Fan Fiction (w/ SkyDoesMinecraft) by Mitchs_Microwave
Love & Lies <コ:彡 Team Crafted Fan...by Microwave of Mitch
What happens when Minecon is held in London? Some pretty cool stuff. But what happens when the Team return to LA? Their lives are turned up-side-down! Read this amazing...
Summer 2014 (A ASFJerome FanFic) by gardenxrose
Summer 2014 (A ASFJerome FanFic)by Säv🌙🥀
Jerome Aceti has never lived on the wild side. His parents are divorced, and he spends most of the time with his mom. But, in Summer, he visits his dad. His dad is a sci...
Little Butterfly (MCYT AU) by EnderShadeMC
Little Butterfly (MCYT AU)by Moved Account
Sky is a fairy living in a strict colony, located in the Coronado National Forest, Tucson AZ. He's tired of all the rules he's meant to follow, so one day he runs away f...
WitchCraft {TC FanFiction} by Starchile71
WitchCraft {TC FanFiction}by Starchile71
Seto is the most world known Sorcerer of his time. His power is hard to beat and he gets stronger everyday. The real question is, who is the one that taught him? Who is...
Supernatural Blood by EnderShadeMC
Supernatural Bloodby Moved Account
Being very different from the world, Samantha Verona constantly flees from the giant world around her, always in danger. She's tired of fleeing because she's a small nek...
I'm Not Who You Think I Am (Team Crafted & Hunger Games Fanfiction) by lucybrooke
I'm Not Who You Think I Am (Team C...by Lucy
You may think you know me. To you, I might be District 2's Prodigy, or maybe I'm the Captiol's spoiled ambassador. But to most, I'm violent, blood thirsty, menacing...
Just One (Team Crafted FanFic.-Merome/Skylox/And More) by Hurricane098
Just One (Team Crafted FanFic.-Mer...by ♥ erin rose ♥
Team Crafted with powers!! Main Ship is Merome. (NOTE TO SELF CREATE INFO ON BOOK) This Fanfiction is their Minecraft characters and take place in a futuristic Minecraft...
Loved at First Sight (Teamcrafted Fanfic) [Under major editing] by spacepiess
Loved at First Sight (Teamcrafted...by spacepiess
Jenny, a 18 year old girl, who has mean parents and a mean older brother. On her 18th birthday, she gets kicked out of her parents house and moves to LA. She finally rea...
Secrets Revealed [Discontinued] by TheEnderWolf14
Secrets Revealed [Discontinued]by Selene
Original, non-canon book of the Immortal Chronicles Maybe if they had been more careful, he wouldn't have been found. Maybe if they had actually tried, he wouldn't need...
Merome Smut by meromefricklefrackle
Merome Smutby meromefricklefrackle
BajanCanadian gets frickled in the butt by JeromeASF bruhhhhhh
Sucked into the game. {Completed} by KellieWardd
Sucked into the game. {Completed}by KellieWardd
When kellie and her friends are playing minecraft something isn't right... When a game becomes a reality, who can you trust?
YouTuber X Reader (ONE-SHOT) (LIFE STORY) by TheBananasss
YouTuber X Reader (ONE-SHOT) (LIFE...by Eva
(REQUESTS OPEN) This is a reader x Youtubers I allow any kind of youtuber
My Team Crafted (Team Crafted Fan Fiction) by HanakoMetsu
My Team Crafted (Team Crafted Fan...by HanakoMetsu
My name is Adrianna. I have an older brother named Adam. We recently went to California to see my favorite people.