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Secret Ssundee by Mollinia
Secret Ssundeeby Mollinia
Ian was born with his eyes shut, and could not get them open. This was for the best, as open eyes brought a big surprise, but nobody knew that until it was too late. The...
Giant Problems (On Hold) by EnderShadeMC
Giant Problems (On Hold)by Moved Account
In 2146, an apocalypse had happened, one that almost wiped out the human race. All 7 billion humans had been minding their own business when one day, gargantuan human-li...
Falling to Rise [Book 1 of Fate] by CATtheDrawer
Falling to Rise [Book 1 of Fate]by Milah (WrittenDarkness)
Wielding the power of magic makes you a sorcerer. Being sorcerer is a crime against the kingdom of Emedo and its ally, Keuta. When Seto finds out he belongs to this race...
The Mask; A Camp Minecraft S3 AU by WeakKneess
The Mask; A Camp Minecraft S3 AUby Soot
•//°Cover Made by Me!°\\• One day, In Camp Mincraft Season 3, there was this mask. A mask that will one day change everyone's lives... (If I was inspired by a part on s...
WARBOUND- A CMS3 Rewrite/AU by EchoDrawsThingss
WARBOUND- A CMS3 Rewrite/AUby Echo :3
Heyo! If you feel like you have some deja vu, it's because you DO! I recently got removed from Wattpad, and this is a repost of an old AU! Once I get all of the previous...
EnderOni by NinjaNekoAru
EnderOniby NinjaNekoAru
It all started with a letter. A letter that brought them to a mansion. A mansion that then trapped them inside with a monster. A monster known as the EnderOni. Now 13 un...
Path to Redemption (BoD Book Two); Camp Minecraft AU by SwiftpoolWrites
Path to Redemption (BoD Book Two); SwiftpoolWrites
Takes place after the events of Bonds of Death (Book One) Henwy and Sigils had to watch all of their friends die while they were sent away and lived. The worst of the me...
Just A Little Different by DSSundeexStamps
Just A Little Differentby DSSundeexStamps
Ian tries surviving high school with bullies on his back, a mental problem, and his friend not being around most of the time like he usually is. His parents have given...
The Regulars ticklefics, oneshots, and sickfics! by CatsNiallTR
The Regulars ticklefics, Tickle Monster >:3
Characters: Sigils or Andrew. Biffle or Austin. Henwy or Henry. Nico or Nicolas. . . Characters that aren't in the group that I'll add sometimes!: SSundee or Ian. Jero...
Hybrids of Team Crafted by Bladewing683
Hybrids of Team Craftedby Bladewing683
When a trip to the End goes terribly wrong, Team Crafted found themselves in a peculiar situation...when the hybrids guardians of Minecraft arise at the summons of what...
The Fight Within (Book 1 of Ssundee Battle Trilogy) by RebekahOwen
The Fight Within (Book 1 of Rebekah Owen
Derp Ssundee was just a YouTube joke made by Ssundee. Until one day, he escapes... he enters Ssundee' s body and slowly starts to take over, driving Ssundee insane. He d...
Soot's Gacha Club Book ( Mostly Ssundee Crew Stuff ) by WeakKneess
Soot's Gacha Club Book ( Mostly Soot
Title ⬆️ And if you copy, pls give credit to me-
Emotions; Insane Craft AU by SwiftpoolWrites
Emotions; Insane Craft AUby SwiftpoolWrites
Biffle and Sigils can no longer stand each other. They have fought far too much lately, so Biffle left his best friend for someone who would treat him right. His greates...
Cursed by Herobrine (A Team Crafted Story)[Discontinued]  by Wolvesrules1234
Cursed by Herobrine (A Team Inactive
Ranked #16 in asfjerome Sky, the leader of Team Crafted, has been normal all of his career. Slaying squids and licking budder, with his other friends on the team. They a...
Little Butterfly (MCYT AU) by EnderShadeMC
Little Butterfly (MCYT AU)by Moved Account
Sky is a fairy living in a strict colony, located in the Coronado National Forest, Tucson AZ. He's tired of all the rules he's meant to follow, so one day he runs away f...
Youtuber Truth or Dare by Random202089898989
Youtuber Truth or Dareby Random202089898989
This is a story that will need the help of all of you to think of what to make them do next. Also, these youtubers are not random I know them all off of youtube
Missing but not forgotten- A Regulars AU by Country_7
Missing but not forgotten- A Country_7
When the Regulars(Sigils, Biffle, Nico, Henwy) suddenly went missing, most of remaining of the crew, the Irregulars(Zud, SSundee, Kate, Loafx, Lookumz, PatP) find a clue...
One-Shots of My O.C.'s Lives by EnderShadeMC
One-Shots of My O.C.'s Livesby Moved Account
This contains several back-stories on my O.C.'s life/lives, from Supernatural Blood, the How to Save a Spark series, and even for any other stories they're involved in...