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Nowadays ive been bopping to "we dont talk about bruno" and i would never pass the opportunity to make incorrect quotes for them, and now here we aRE-
What if Mirabel didn't come back by crazyinparticular
What if Mirabel didn't come backby crazyinparticular
Mirabel..... She was 20and has been missing for 4 years(I know it's not much) Why did she leave? It was best for her family to not have a burden like her..... At least t...
New Family by Mirabelsgf
New Familyby • Not-Normal•
After not receiving her gift, Mirabel has been trying non-stop to prove herself worthy without a gift. The family is so used to Mirabel trying to help and try to prove h...
Encanto by the_introvert422
Encantoby Introverted_Writer
Male Mirabel x Female Reader Based on the Disney movie Encanto. (Y/n) = Your Name (H/l) = Hair Length (H/c) = Hair Color (E/c) = Eye Color (S/c) = Skin Color I OWN NOTHI...
The Destiny We Share (Bruno Madrigal X Reader) by NatashaTasyaar
The Destiny We Share (Bruno Madrig...by Natasha Tasyaar
Y/N L/N. A girl who fled from her town because of a bad experience. After wondering around the land for a who knows how long. The girl finally stumbled upon a town, by...
Mariposa~ Yandere Family Madrigal x Fem!Butterfly winged! Reader {Remake} by FoxKawaiiGirl564
Mariposa~ Yandere Family Madrigal...by Yandere Freak
This is book starts after the movie ^^ Since Y/n left her childhood nightmare, the Laboratory, she flees to Colombia, where the magic lives. As she goes there, she meets...
Adopted by Bruno (Encanto x y/n) by munchkinzzzzz
Adopted by Bruno (Encanto x y/n)by •Munchkinz•
"No one will hurt you now, mi cosa linda." Whispered Bruno while cradling the baby in his arms ----------------------- Y/n was abandoned by her birth parents a...
Camilo x Reader -Broken Reflection by Chasing_Manthony
Camilo x Reader -Broken Reflectionby Camilos_shapeshifting_ways
A story that follows Y/N and Camilo in your somewhat enemies to friends to lovers trope. Camilo Madrigal is known for his vibrant and cunning personality. But what if it...
Star Queen- Miracle of The Galaxy (Encanto & Guardians of The Galaxy Crossover) by JediCreed119
Star Queen- Miracle of The Galaxy...by JediCreed119
After five years since her failed gift ceremony and being treated like an outcast within her own family, Mirabel Madrigal keeps holding onto hope until one day, harsh wo...
Samurai Of Flames (Mirabel x Oc/fem Reader) by Artdragon02
Samurai Of Flames (Mirabel x Oc/fe...by Shuiro
Encanto x Demon slayer story. Mirabel Madrigal meets strange samurai who had been living in Encanto for couple of years. Sudden passing happend to someone close to Shuir...
heart beat ; dolores madrigal × femreader by mirrorballtragedy
heart beat ; dolores madrigal × fe...by brooke 🐇
bound to not see eachother, yet one can still hear the other... #1 in dolores dolores madrigal × femreader y/n a shy girl who has lived in encanto for years, and has had...
You're my miracle (camilo madrigal x reader) by cindywrites74
You're my miracle (camilo madrigal...by Naomi
"I just want to be with you forever" "You will, you know why? Because you're my miracle" In which the reader enters the world that she's watched over...
The Gift Swap by SadEncantoSimp
The Gift Swapby 💙Nyxen💙
What if the Madrigals woke up one morning with totally different gifts? How would they react? Will they be able to fix it?
FAMILY - ENCANTO by Iona_Zosia29
FAMILY - ENCANTOby Astrid_Black
It was at Antonio's gift celebration, Mirabel had left feeling more put out than ever. Until, she stumbles upon a group of quadruplets. °Ω° "Then why are you crying...
Broken Beyond Repair, an Encanto Fanfic by -Born_2_Write-
Broken Beyond Repair, an Encanto F...by -Born_2_Write-
Imagine if Mirabel was left with paralyzed legs after the fall of Casita! How would Abuela react? How would Julieta take it? Would Agustin be able to bear having a disab...
~We're more than just our gifts~ by Lavender_honey15
~We're more than just our gifts~by Lavender_honey15
Luna, and Lavender Gomez are twins, together forever type of twins. They are best friends with the Madrigal family, and like the Madrigal, they also have special gifts...
Encanto (My Version) by RubyRoundhouse17
Encanto (My Version)by Arwen the Storyteller
Juano Sanchez is a sixteen-year-old boy born with powers in a non-magical family. Mirabel is a fifteen-year-old girl who wasn't granted a gift like her magical family. B...
Two birds. (Camilo madrigal x Lia lovestory.") by lov3estori3es
Two birds. (Camilo madrigal x Lia...by CamilosLove
Lia is a 15 year old colombian girl, who was left infront of la casita when she was just a newborn. La familia madrigal raised her by then. She even got her own gifts. S...
Y/n Madrigal by tessaeatsmentoes
Y/n Madrigalby tessa
⚠️Encanto spoilers! ⚠️ - Y/n Madrigal is given the gift of shadowing other people's voice, personality, trait, gifts, you get what I mean. She is the daughter of Felix...
Encanto AU ending by daddyissuesdotedu
Encanto AU endingby ur mom
after Casita fell Mirabel ran away and Abuela didn't find her. that's literally where the story starts. then one day she decides to come back because something big has h...