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A New Partner | #MLWattysAwards | ✔️ by LadybugMermaid
A New Partner | #MLWattysAwards |...by LadybugMermaid
When an akumatized victim begins to attack Marinette with the supervision of Hawkmoth, Chat Noir attempts at being her protector. Due to a distracting illusion, she is...
Miraculous Ladybug: Two Butterflies [ Chat Noir/Adrien X FemReader ] by Another2dSimp
Miraculous Ladybug: Two Butterflie...by a simp
Having the other Butterfly Miraculous, you decided to move to Paris, France, and join Ladybug and Chat Noir in order to stop Hawk Moth and save Nooroo. However, you did...
Under the Mask : A Miraculous Fanfiction by Cantrella
Under the Mask : A Miraculous Fanf...by Cantrella
Ladybug turned slightly and the arms around her tightened possessively. A flutter of pleasure rippled through her body for a second before she squashed it. She had woken...
Cinnamon and Vanilla by LiquifiedStars
Cinnamon and Vanillaby LiquifiedStars
The end of Lycée is approaching and Marinette is struggling. Adrien, being a good friend, offers to help her and starts to see her in a new light. The two grow closer, u...
Ladybugs Secret by Yoursussymommy
Ladybugs Secretby Jae
⚠️SMUT⚠️ LADYNOIR Adrienette After fighting crime with her flirty partner cat noir, ladybug realizes that she loves chat noir romantically 😏 I would really appreciate...
Next of Kin by LiquifiedStars
Next of Kinby LiquifiedStars
Adrien and Marinette have danced around each other for years, keeping their true feelings left unsaid. A new opportunity and an unexpected set of circumstances though mi...
A Dark Butterfly// Marichat fanfic {Completed} by jingjo19
A Dark Butterfly// Marichat fanfic...by J o
"Why can't you tell me?" Cat Noir clutched her arm. "You know why Kitty," Ladybug tried to break away, but his grasp was too tight, "Cat, I'm go...
Then There Was You by LiquifiedStars
Then There Was Youby LiquifiedStars
An opportunity to spend time together brings Adrien and Marinette closer. While Nathalie hopes this new relationship will be good for Adrien, she is suspicious as to wha...
The Other Part of Me by Mystic_Raven20
The Other Part of Meby Mystic_Raven20
Everyone has a soul mark linking them to their other half; their soul mate. Some are happy with the reveal, others have to reconsider their options and their relationsh...
A Picture of You [An Adrienette Story] by Mystic_Raven20
A Picture of You [An Adrienette St...by Mystic_Raven20
"Ok everyone, I want you to think about the people in this class. Let's say that there are five universal terms to describe everyone? We'll have jock, prom queen, g...
Love Conquers All [COMPLETED] ✔︎ by strawberry_macaroons
Love Conquers All [COMPLETED] ✔︎by lemon drops
Marinette chuckled, her eyes averting from the charm Adrien held in his hands to his emerald green piercing eyes, "I cannot believe you still carry that around.&quo...
Leave Her Alone!  by thylocalauthor
Leave Her Alone! by 𝕒𝕤𝕚𝕒🧿
Ladybug pleaded for the disguised Felix to not kiss her, yet he proceeded to carry on...right then and there she punched him! She soon realized who he was, little did sh...
A Christmas Wish by LiquifiedStars
A Christmas Wishby LiquifiedStars
Marinette and Adrien have grown into close friends. When a sudden illness prevents Adrien from travelling with his father, he calls on Marinette to keep him company. Wil...
Faking ~ felinette by luklovely
Faking ~ felinetteby randomlbshipper
*SET BEFORE S4* Felix's mom is still grieving her husband's death and she decides to move to Paris to ease the pain. Felix is slowly getting used to boring life in Paris...
It always the people you trust by Saslove17
It always the people you trustby Saslove17
Stress, Lila and her lies, everybody turning on Marinette. Everything in her life is going wrong, one day had enough, she couldn't handle it. She went to the last person...
The Two Worlds of Marinette by LiquifiedStars
The Two Worlds of Marinetteby LiquifiedStars
Marinette discovers a watch in her attic that allows her to travel back in time. Soon she is torn between her life with her rising star fiancé, Luka, and a romance with...
White Fur || Chat Blanc by bhadrat
White Fur || Chat Blancby Ratt
Heart broken Chat Noir becomes akumatized and forms a rather unusual obsession with Marinette rather than her as his beloved Ladybug, consequently, making it hard for he...
Keep the Mask, It Goes With Your Costume by youreverydayladybug
Keep the Mask, It Goes With Your C...by youreverydayladybug
Paris' favorite Marinette Dupain-Cheng has gone missing for good, and Cat Noir just can't settle with the fact that no one seems to care, but he will keep searching, and...
The Tales of Adrien and Marinette by Mystic_Raven20
The Tales of Adrien and Marinetteby Mystic_Raven20
Adrienette April 2021 prompt fic. This story can be read as individual one shots, or as a developing fic. All fluff and love, you won't find angst here! Adrien and Marin...
Miraculous Rewritten: A Lukloe Fanfiction by ashsfandoms
Miraculous Rewritten: A Lukloe Fan...by Ash
Thank you all for making this #1 in Lukloe!! I appreciate all the reads, votes, and comments! Much love to you all 💙💛 You drive me crazy in the best ways. You show me...