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Stray ~ A MariChat Love Story (Complete) by lilymagix
Stray ~ A MariChat Love Story ( lilymagix
"I just don't understand, Chat. I thought...all this time...," she clenched her fists at her sides and stared up at him, "What changed?" Chat Noir st...
Oh My Sweet Marinette~ by whyamihere126
Oh My Sweet Marinette~by whyamihere.jpeg
Marinette is living the best life, being Ladybug and all, but when Chat Noir becomes his akumatized version, what will happen? Whatever happens Marinette will try to t...
white nightmares-mlb- by pebblehat
white nightmares-mlb-by
Marinette can't get Chat Blanc out of her head, and of course not in the good way. And Adrien being desperate to help his "Just a friend" will do anything to...
Chat blanc sin by sososoofstar
Chat blanc sinby sososoofstar
This is a fanfiction about Chat Blanc and Ladybug/ Marinette. It does contain sin so you are here by warned! It doesnt start instantly with sin. I had planned to start r...
Noir gone Blanc by Avacado1406
Noir gone Blancby Avacado1406
I ran as he chased me, his white claws just brushing my bluebell hair. He tried to grab at me, but hissed as he missed again. "M'lady," he growled from behind...
Only my princess (COMPLETED)  by miraculoustales1
Only my princess (COMPLETED) by miraculoustales1
Marinette's life was perfect until... she was kidnapped by the famous Chat Noir aka Adrien. The poor girl suffered through terrible things until he began to have feeling...
Blue eyes / MLB / Chat Blanc by HairWasHere
Blue eyes / MLB / Chat Blancby HairWasHere
Hawk Moth the famous villain of Paris...Well not anymore...for the one who has taken his place could only be no other than the one and only Chat Noir. After events that...
Dating The Villian  by TobiTEA969
Dating The Villian by eren
When on a rainy night Marinette invites in the infamous villian Chat Blanc into her home she signed over her normal everyday life. The more she leans into him, the more...
The Guardians Book by NoxLuxCosplay
The Guardians Bookby Kat NoxLux
As Chat Noir and Ladybug close in on Hawk moths Identity Ladybug notices Chat Noir starts acting... strange....
Miraculous Mini Stories by NataliaWts
Miraculous Mini Storiesby NataliaWintersp
Small fan fics that I had ideas of that I would like to bring to life. A collaboration with: Irwined Check out her profile, she's pretty cool 👍
Sandboy 2.0 - Miraculous Ladybug Fanfiction by rosywritings
Sandboy 2.0 - Miraculous Ladybug Juju
Marinette has been having nightmares for the past month. But what happens when Sandboy returns and her nightmare comes to life?
King and Queen of mean by teodora-mikealson
King and Queen of meanby Complex Person
Adrien and Marinette finally snapped under all the pressure of being the perfect kids, the goody two shoes. They were finally together with and without the mask, but Lil...
A Watching Feeling by holistyle
A Watching Feelingby Filasta Tyle
Ever since coming back from her uncle's, Marinette has gotten the feeling someone has been watching her closely. Then, mysterious notes begin appearing in places close t...
 Angst-ful August|| One-Shots|| Miraculous Ladybug by FANDOM_mlb_andMORE
Angst-ful August|| One-Shots|| AdriensDeceasedMother
Celebrating the month of august with some Angsty one-shots prompted by Rossivette on tumblr! Hope you all enjoy!
Her destruction by MLADYYYY_
Her destructionby Alysun<3
Ladybug is sick and tired of Cat Noir trying to always pry and force her to love him. Cat Noir is sick and tired of being rejected all the time. What if Ladybug goes to...
Sandboy 2.0 by LolixDePolix
Sandboy 2.0by LolixDePolix
When Hawkmoth is frustrated because he can't get his hands on the Miraculous, he comes up with a masterplan. He remembers how Ladybug lost her powers when he once akumat...
A Monster in Paris︱A MariBlanc Love Story by lilymagix
A Monster in Paris︱A MariBlanc lilymagix
Joint Project with WillowLaurenGCoy ◦◦◦ "Why can't you just accept it? The Chat Noir you knew is gone." "No, he's not." Marinette held his gaze defia...
Maybe I'm Scared by LadyNoirAdrienette9
Maybe I'm Scaredby LadyNoir Adrienette
As Marinette wakes up with an alarming strike from the rain, she notices that it seems strange for the weather to be so bad even though it's the middle of June. But she...
who are we (if not who they've made us to be)? by Caicie
who are we (if not who they've i don’t even know
Marinette and her class are sucked into her mind to relive her worst memories by an akuma who wants to make her happy again. The road to hell is paved with good intenti...
Adriens Nightmares by Anabug3304
Adriens Nightmaresby Anabug3304
Ladybug gave Adrien Agreste a gift. Everything seemed so perfect! Marinette fixed her mistake from the past and Adrien no longer knows her identity.....but....what happe...