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Walk Away (SooShu) - (G)I-DLE SERIES #1 by simtato
Walk Away (SooShu) - (G)I-DLE SERI...by simtato
What will happen if someone in the group falls in love with her member, knowing that it's not easy for the other one to take love.
EAH: Everything About Her by Coming_To_You_Live
EAH: Everything About Herby Gay_For_YeonHua
Welcome to YDR Akademi, where we make sure our students... #$+"+_+# You Belong To Me.#+$++@:$ Are safe and are equally welcomed... #++$+#)" Why Are You Escapin...
Moon || MiShu || (y.sh × c.my) [ONGOING] by _ramjin--
Moon || MiShu || (y.sh × c.my) [ON...by wise
"Just let the moon guide you back to me." she said and left me all alone, again. "Out of all the stars that surrounds me, you're still my one and only moo...
Indifference | MiShu by Misteryoos1020
Indifference | MiShuby Mister Yoos
When failure and nasty rumors ruined the life of Miyeon on her old school, she was about to give up on her dream and considered chasing a new one, but, little did she kn...
Adventures of shuqi  by Lonely_midnxghts
Adventures of shuqi by Itss_Midnxght
Shuhua and Yuqi are the youngest members of (G)I-DLE and are in love with oldest members of the group and struggle to keep it in. What will happen when they can't hide i...
SB: So Beautiful  by Coming_To_You_Live
SB: So Beautiful by Gay_For_YeonHua
(Book 2 of NB: No Blueberries, a different timeline) After the heartbreak of losing their first love, they made Christian summon a powerful spell that can make someone f...
NB: No Blueberries  by Coming_To_You_Live
NB: No Blueberries by Gay_For_YeonHua
Shuhua, the weak, nerdy, and always bullied girl since elementary, highschool, and then now college. Her brother, pitied her. So as the King of Hell (Which Shuhua didn't...
Hear Me  - (G)I-DLE   MISHU - by mishu_idle
Hear Me - (G)I-DLE MISHU -by mishu_idle
[Can you imagine if Miyeon is being the cold one?] Miyeon nodded her head slowly, "You guys look close.." and suddenly Miyeon turn her head towards me, I just...
I'm ready to let go~//y.sh × s.sj by parisiannini
I'm ready to let go~//y.sh × s.sjby cherienini
Yeh Shuhua and Seo Soojin are both members of the "Monster Rookies" (G)I-DLE. Shuhua has a feeling towards her co-member Soojin. But Soojin has a secret relati...
you are the sun, and i am just the planets [MISHU] | ✓ by shogunssakura
you are the sun, and i am just the...by eimiko enthusiast
So, Shuhua just orbits for a while. Spinning on her little axis as she gravitates towards Miyeon's presence. - The group doesn't need her. She's a liability to them, an...
Texts -Mishu- by kingtoyou
Texts -Mishu-by King
After Yuqi officially joined IDLE, Shuhua finally had someone to talk to about her feelings regarding the eldest in the group. The Second in the (In)-Stagram Trilogy @k...
The Difference | MiMin by Misteryoos1020
The Difference | MiMinby Mister Yoos
A sequel to "Indifference" Minnie decided to finish her college in Korea, a big step she has taken in order to debut as an idol. With her fourth and last year...
Unarticulated (Mishu) by WheeJinie
Unarticulated (Mishu)by WheeJinie
Yeh Shuhua's mind is clear in her own definition, she kept on thinking what she know is the best... When in fact it is a real mess and she can't control it by her action...
Honest Lies | soojin by Misteryoos1020
Honest Lies | soojinby Mister Yoos
Book 3 of "Indifference" Beauty? Check. Talents? Check. Kindness? Check. Lies? Check. Check. Check! She never liked the concept of lying. She couldn't unde...
Separated ('Dread' Series Book 1) by ikunforlife
Separated ('Dread' Series Book 1)by NEVERLAND
(G)I-DLE was separated from each other. In the moon. Forever.
Arrange to My Stepsister's Girlfriend  by isimpforminnie
Arrange to My Stepsister's Girlfri...by Miyeon’s wifo
This is my first story so no hate plz...... Shuhua and soojin were a thing .Miyeon and soojin are Stepsister's. Minnie and Shuhua are Stepsister's. And there parents ha...
Late night calls // MiShu (one-shot) by milkyblues_
Late night calls // MiShu (one-sho...by nami
Shuhua was having a hard time thinking if she will confess to her long-time crush, Miyeon. But then she thought of something she had never done before that might help bo...
Đêm không thể sủng (MiShuver) by MinxYeon0869
Đêm không thể sủng (MiShuver)by MinYeon
truyện gốc của tác giả wangkaiyun https://truyenfun.com/doc-truyen/bhtt-dem-khong-the-sung-148270486.html
When the day arrives [MISHU | ONESHOT] by kxiena
When the day arrives [MISHU | ONES...by Kina
"When I say I love you, you should treasure it." "I may not say it in the future, and you'll be sad" "I won't be!" ~~~ "So how are you...
attraction | (g)i-dle one-shots by yuqis-
attraction | (g)i-dle one-shotsby 𝔶𝔲𝔮𝔦𝔰-
「𝐫𝐞𝐪𝐮𝐞𝐬𝐭𝐬 𝐚𝐫𝐞 𝐨𝐩𝐞𝐧」a collection of one-shots (or multi-shots) for all gidle ships.