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The Unknown Uzumaki Heir {✔} by Fukuyomi_Namikaze
The Unknown Uzumaki Heir {✔}by ❝Fuku❞
[Edited 2nd time] Warning: Extreme OOC-ness on everyone, especially Naruto and Kurama. Credits of the photos to their rightful owner's and bashing on Konoha except a few...
The Lost Heir by jykuarak2
The Lost Heirby jykuarak2
When a clan with blood relations to the Senju arrive in Konoha, the ninja and civilians are all excited. The Senju were regarded as close to royal with the famed clan wh...
Naruto senju| of the hidden leaf by iryoku_reaper
Naruto senju| of the hidden leafby iryoku reaper
this is not my story nor do I know who the owner of the story I only wanted to share there story and that's all that I found in fan fiction net All chapter updated :sat...
The Kitsune Lord by IrisEvergreen
The Kitsune Lordby IrisEvergreen
Thousand years ago Naruto became Jubi. He had Kurama as a companion all along but unlimited power didn't really do anything about the boredom. So both of them thought of...
Come back to life, but in the Past! | Rewrite | Third Time by Lisa_Knisenko
Come back to life, but in the Liza_Knisenko
Naruto Uzumaki, the Jinchuriki nine-tailed beast, dies in the war. After Black Zetsu stabbed through his chest. After Naruto kicked Zetsu, before falling, smoke appeared...
The Wandering Ronin N  by WolfSama8
The Wandering Ronin N by Wolf Sama
Óbito's attack to the leave turned into a failure as Minato managed to kill him, but when one problem is solved another one comes to takes it place. In order to save the...
Gojo-sensei has something to say by Shan_Ochatimes
Gojo-sensei has something to sayby Shandy
"I think your teacher is in true love with someone." (Satoru Gojo x OC!Uzumaki) • Yayoi Amamiya, female, 25 years old, former Uzumaki clan member, now a teache...
Neglected ANBU by Sage4600
Neglected ANBUby Sage
The Sage of the Six Paths, Asura (and Hashirama), Indra (and Madara) and Hamura have given Naruto a gift. After being disowned, Naruto: trains like crazy, joins the Uchi...
I am NOT a monster! by Wolfphantom8
I am NOT a monster!by Wolfphantom8
Minato and Kushina are alive with 3 children; Menma, Mito and Naruto. The 3rd Hokage sealed the Nine Tail Fox in Naruto, and Kami sealed the 3rd Hokage in Naruto too. 4...
The blinding ninja by Unknown_LifeForm
The blinding ninjaby Unknown_LifeForm
What if Naruto didn't get the nine tails sealed in him what if it was sealed in his two siblings and him forgotten then out of nowhere a blinding golden light came down...
Not Your Weapon by smxvsn
Not Your Weaponby smxvsn
He paused when he saw the body slump onto the cold alley and shakily ask, "Wh-who are y-you...?" "...Kitsune." ---------------------------- Uzumaki N...
Once Neglected, Now Protected (Book 2 Completed) by Lady-Anubis
Once Neglected, Now Protected ( Anubis
Sequel to The Neglected Anbu Prodigy The Chuunin Exams are here!
Naruto's change life  by Miraclekitty11
Naruto's change life by Miraclekitty11
What if minato and Kushina didn't die? Will Naruto's life be better or the same or even worser than before... Naruto have a younger twin sister, Mito, she acted as a ang...
The Story of Naruto Senju by 516sasunaru
The Story of Naruto Senjuby The_Yaoi_Fangirl
A naruto story with a twist. Nawaki Senju and Dan Kato are alive. Tsunade and Dan are married and has a son named Naruto Senju. This is the story of Naruto Senju. {This...
The Laid Back Shinobi(Had Been Rewritten)!  by GoddessOfBlack89
The Laid Back Shinobi(Had Been Chieko Urimeshi
Rank #1 in AliveMinato= February 14 2019 Rank #5 in sasunaru= January 11 2019 Rank #8 in sasunaru= January 9 2019 .......... Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze. Youngest son of the...
Naruto Neglected And Betrayed by scropio_leo
Naruto Neglected And Betrayedby Anko
Naruto will be neglected by everyone in the whole village, friends, family except for Anko tsunade kushina ayame ramen guy and people in harem I do not own naruto or th...
Naruto The Shadow Monarch (Solo leveling X Naruto) by Layaan_
Naruto The Shadow Monarch (Solo Layaan_
I don't own Solo Leveling or Naruto, and the game contains spoilers for both. Naruto was born five years before his triplets. His parents treated him like a prince for...
Naruto Neglected: Unstoppable Shinobi by 23dearducj
Naruto Neglected: Unstoppable
What if Naruto's parents are alive What If Naruto had two siblings What if Naruto had two Kekkai Genkai's What if Naruto was neglected
Naruto Shippuden: Ancient Power by WalaNaPar
Naruto Shippuden: Ancient Powerby Wala Par
Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto, One Piece or FFXV. I own .the drawings and if I do post images that aren't mine I will address it. The story may have slow updates but I...
 Naruto the neglected child by Countess_604
Naruto the neglected childby Countess_604
What if kushina and minato were alive? What if they had two other children named Menma and Mito? What if they neglected Naruto? What if they didn't believe him every t...