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My Little Pikachu (MLP) by TheMoonGaizer
My Little Pikachu (MLP)by VMoony
A man by the name Tashi wishes for a new kind of life that soon becomes granted after dying in an accident. When he woke up he woke up to a world with ponies? I would te...
EQG react to by Danteshadow1
EQG react toby Treppahcs
With the ponies watching RWBY, Sunset and her friends were looking for something to do when they found a few videos to watch. Characters belong to their respective owner...
Random x Reader One-Shots (Requests Open) by Xrossbow
Random x Reader One-Shots ( Xrossbow
G'day Wattpad, Xrossbow here I'm always getting random ideas that I think could make cool stories but don't have the ability to make full on books so I thought that mak...
My Little Pony - The Legend of Friendship (MLP remake with male OC added) by DanieruLOF
My Little Pony - The Legend of Danieru LOF
The lonely and boring life of an Earth-Pony in Ponyville changed forever after meeting six mares, being chosen by an unknown Element of Harmony and experiencing friendsh...
One ponies bad luck is another's good luck. (King Sombra x reader) | Complete by MightyDragonsfire
One ponies bad luck is another's Saretha
(In this story, Your cutie mark is a salt shaker with salt coming out of it and an earth pony and thank you @xlnsane for the insperation!!!!) You hated your cutie mark...
[Robots and Magic] The First Transformation by its_elioo
[Robots and Magic] The First its_elioo
" Was it fate or just a coincidence for them to meet? Although the answer remained unknown, they were glad they did. Maybe the two worlds they lived in weren't so...
My little Spyro. by nexsusplayer
My little EVERSOR
You wake up after playing a game you haven't played in years skylanders. But you don't wake up in your bed? Instead you wake up in a land that is not your own as the ma...
The destroyer of equestria by Dratinibro
The destroyer of equestriaby Dratinibro
Anon is a big fan of kamen riders especially kamen rider decade and when god accidentally killed him he sends anon to the my little pony friendship is magic world with t...
The Mastermind Of CHS (Equestria Girls X Male Reader) by ZephyrO1_
The Mastermind Of CHS (Equestria Zephyr
Equestria Girls Harem X Male Reader "I'm a Mastermind, A Person with an outstanding intellect... Not a Monster." One day, A Laboratory exploded. Everybody thou...
Mlp: One with Time by Phant0mona1
Mlp: One with Timeby Connor Harris
Y/n is a man with control over time itself. I own none of this.
The Last Human in Equestria by XxSkullCandyxX0
The Last Human in Equestriaby XxSkullCandyxX
Morgan Neville, a human scientist who lives in isolation for three years, is stuck in Equestria as the land think if him as a monster, but all he wants to do is to find...
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Story : The Blue Devil by VileTheMandalorian
My Little Pony: Friendship is VileTheMandalorian
After Princess Cadence takes the throne of the Crystal Kingdom, she ends up finding a secret room of King Sombra, where he has secretly hidden something for thousands of...
The Savior Of Equestria (Season 1) by Jordanwolfboy9743
The Savior Of Equestria (Season 1)by Jordanwolfboy
(MLP Harem X Alicorn Male Reader) Legends throughout Equestria told of a pony who appeared and disappeared so suddenly to save those who needed the help. A pony who had...
Reborn as an Alicorn by Seraphina0901
Reborn as an Alicornby Seraphina
I was relatively normal in my last life. Teenage guy, little sister, okay parents, and a few good friends. The only thing I would say was abnormal in my last life was ho...
MLP Hero's Acceptance Arc 1: A New Start by Celestial_Arrow
MLP Hero's Acceptance Arc 1: A Soul Star
Not everyone is given a new chance at life. When Y/N stumbles on a sanctuary that other worlds are connected to, he has to make a choice. He can either stay where he is...
MLP Equestria Girls: The Hero of Canterlot High (MLP EG x Male Reader) by TheNintegaGuy
MLP Equestria Girls: The Hero of The Nintega Guy
Knowing that there is a parallel universe to Equestria, Twilight Sparkle discovers a world similar to (Y/N)'s home world Earth and meets his dimensional counterpart. The...
My Little Pony: The Rise Of The King Of Curses: Ryomen Sukuna(mlp X Male OC) by CalebYell
My Little Pony: The Rise Of The Caleb Yell
Even Clark (my first oc name) was a normal guy who dressed up as his favorite character from jujutsu kaisen, ryomen sukuna. And, he is also a big brony as in he likes my...
Let's Watch RWBY Chibi by Math4523
Let's Watch RWBY Chibiby Math4523
(Y/N) (L/N) and his girlfriends decide to watch a spin-off series of another great series made by Rooster Teeth. Perfect night for a sleepover so why not? It's time for...
The Equestrian Angel ( Shadow Phoenix Angel reader X mlp) by SavPhoenix
The Equestrian Angel ( Shadow SavPhoenix
What happens when a one of a kind angel is called forth by a godess from a diffrent panthon to help protect it. Follow Y/n and the mane 6 as they come together to help p...
Chasing Fire by YagamiArashi-sama
Chasing Fireby Thunder Princess Lady Arashie
(My very first fanfic to publish) He was one with the shadows, One with the void and the dark abyss. No one knows what he is but the "Shadow King" also knows h...