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Red petal by __NoorStory__
Red petalby Hana noor
In a world torn between faith and desire, follow the gripping tale of a pious Muslim girl, Sana, whose unwavering devotion is tested when she finds herself entangled wit...
Connected by yiboo_zhann
Connectedby JUNGKOOK's GIRL
a pure love story between to broken souls after experiencing trades of life and become each other healing, it's nothing but a pure imagination ,
Silken Souls by Lily_Aqua023
Silken Soulsby afif sadat
Story of a mafia's right hand man whose life changed after meeting a woman of faith. Once a man who never cared about his faith and beliefs is now a man who never misse...
The Christian Hijabi  by lovelytinkerbell
The Christian Hijabi by Irma
A short guide to finding modesty as a Christian and as a Muslim. Please point out any errors and questions are highly welcomed. Let's Discourse.
Sometime Back(Unedited version) by asmaa_66
Sometime Back(Unedited version)by Asmaa
Completed!!! Ps. This is unedited but it'll be edited soon enough. She doesn't want to get married now. He has been searching for the right girl for a year now. What ha...
Unrequited [COMPLETED] by ms_taluks
Unrequited [COMPLETED]by Saliha Hamza Abdullahi
This is the Book 2 of Unpredictable. The story of Salmah and Muhammad. In this book we will the witness the great journey of Muhammad and Salma and how they conq...
Halal Relationship ✔︎ (Under-Editing) by hijabygirlFa_h
Halal Relationship ✔︎ ( Al Akhirahfah
(Featured by wattpad) A twisted halal relationship (acceptable in islam) on the right side there's Tayba the beautiful girl,who wears her hijab as her pride,the one who...
Dress To Impress God | ✓        by cathylxlo
Dress To Impress God | ✓ by cath🌿
«Let's dress to impress God, not men.» • Modesty & outfit ideas •
The Gilded Cage - Accepting My Place by NickLucasx
The Gilded Cage - Accepting My Nick Lucas
Hermione Scott has found her family and the place where she wants to live, in The Gilded Cage Part One, Finding My Place. But having decided to join the Christian Commun...
Undaunted by ms_taluks
Undauntedby Saliha Hamza Abdullahi
This is the book three of the Unpredictable series. #1-Unpredictable. #2-Unrequited. And now #3-Undaunted. Life takes a great turn for everyone. Muhammad could...
Finding His Love by thatglutenfreegirl
Finding His Loveby Ummul
"Do you want some raisins?" Muraad offered and I nodded. "Why are you scrunching up your face like that?" I chuckled, putting a handful of raisins in...
Countdown to my 18th birthday   by lipsdripping
Countdown to my 18th birthday by Fatima Zara
Dear (diary)....... Today is August 1 2016. Does that ring a bell? I just hope it does because if it doesn't ring a bell to your ears you're dead. Like really dead⚰ I'...
Christian Short Stories by jehovahmysavior08
Christian Short Storiesby Servant of God and Jesus Chri...
Every Chapter has a different short story that talks about the life of a Christians. Hopefully, you will learn something from it, be inspire and give you hope. This b...
The Feisty Orphan by nutellaford
The Feisty Orphanby ♥ Erin Ford ♥
(UPDATED REGULARLY!) A woman's passionate search for a wider and richer life than Victorian society traditionally allowed. A story about a heroine full of yearning, the...
His Personal Queen  (An Islamic Novel- Nigeria) by asmaa_66
His Personal Queen (An Islamic Asmaa
After Asiya graduated from secondary school, her life takes a drastic turn when she loses her father. Ever since, she'd changed. Her older brother Ya Sadiq takes it upo...
A Blessing or A Lesson.  by Zouerat101
A Blessing or A Lesson. by Zouerat Adedoyin Odekunle
A love story between two different people from different background trying to make things work. But, will it still work out eventually? What will you do when you found o...
Guilted: Wars Against The Past (Editing) by froward
Guilted: Wars Against The Past ( . . .
The things I knew that were once unethical, were bound to be saintly. The dreams I dreamt once upon a time, seemed to be an epitome of nightmares. The heart I thought I...
Islamic Motivation by FatimaO111
Islamic Motivationby ﷽
Assalamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullah Wa Barakatuhu! May the peace, mercy and blessings of Allah swt be upon you! This is a book filled with random chapters that I pray will b...
The Gilded Cage - Finding My Place by NickLucasx
The Gilded Cage - Finding My Placeby Nick Lucas
Hermione Scott is a 19 year old university drop out, recovering from a bout of depression, when her father persudes her to stop hiding in her room and help out a friend...
Her Reason (On Hold) by rawoya
Her Reason (On Hold)by Cinderawia
They think that I can't hear them but every word that is said is heard by me. as I once heard someone say. 'Watch what you say because even the walls have ears' I don't...