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Cheerleader by DaddyHatred
Cheerleaderby DaddyHatred
Incest/taboo smut story about a cheerleader, her brother, and their very loving family. THIS STORY DOES CONTAIN SMUT. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.
Kim Vs Kim  by Bangtan1276
Kim Vs Kim by purple army
The show revolves around the life of an upper-class family from Busan, the Kims who live in a luxury apartment building, and later in penthouses, in the upmarket neighb...
Finding Love Within Us by SimplyKavyaa
Finding Love Within Usby Kavyaa
When you have a child, your 'Wants' come last, it's about their 'needs and wants' first. Following through the above mentioned lines Two Individuals are living their liv...
The McCann Family by QueenWriter17
The McCann Familyby BO$$ Lizzy👑
Jacque Bieber and The Jason McCann were in love throughout their lives. Until one day, she was carrying his first child which led to more kids. Years later, Jacque remar...
Trust (fnaf 1 x child reader) by NightBeam1230
Trust (fnaf 1 x child reader)by NightBeam1230
So I haven't seen a lot of these so I decided to write my own. Motivation is a bitch so I may or may not finish this but my daddy issues may force me to. ...
✨Lonely together✨ by shipsalwaysmakemecry
✨Lonely together✨by shipsalwaysmakemecry
✨spoilers if you haven't finished part 5 ✨ (Bruabba mentions) Also don't read this if your expecting for this to be any good or make sense.
Can't Sleep || TPN (Ray x Emma) by injeolmi_ddeok
Can't Sleep || TPN (Ray x Emma)by injeolmi_ddeok
Emma is feeling like a total mom, and she's low-key loving it. But then she wonders... who does that make the dad? Now she can't sleep, and Ray is definitely watching.
FAMILY LINE by czaosx
∂яєαмєя by BaileyBallinger
∂яєαмєяby Bailey
Bailey- A 10 year old with a big heart and a bright smile
All about my personality by dancelover1029
All about my personalityby dancelover1029
This is all about me. Like what I do What I like and........ Sorry the chapters are short...............So yea follow me @dancelover1029 and no hates please!! Love ya!!
Does my crush has a crush on me? (Tagalog) by sophia10292
Does my crush has a crush on me? ( sophia10292
I dont realy know but lets find out!
°The forever lover° by Adoreedozer
°The forever lover°by Adoreedozer
Y/N (22) works at a strip club during the night and is an influencer during the day, but one night shift her eyes were. Attracted to this guy with what seems to be purpl...
Lucy Romanoff  Barnes by CheyenneQuinn361
Lucy Romanoff Barnesby Cheyenne Quinn
Hi I'm Lucy and when I was little I got taken away from my mom and dad but years later I see my parents what will happen?🙂 keep reading to find out
Santas Secret  by Raymond010
Santas Secret by Raymond010
A men that lies to his family about having a girlfriend are they gonna find out
THE WANTED BABY  by sherryjoy7524
THE WANTED BABY by sherryjoy7524
Alice and James are married for 5 years and they are struggling to have a baby . Things change when their ultimate love gets effected because of not having a baby. Alice...
Smiling Face by BloomInSept
Smiling Faceby BloomInSept
Poem about my parents
Buried Secrets by demigorgeous_wrytes
Buried Secretsby demigorgeous_wrytes
"He won't stop until he destroys everything, he won't." "I won't let him do anything hurtful to anyone." she said. "Where are you going?" ...
my story?? by ariibell09
my story??by ! ari
this is about how my life changed in a year from a nice sweet little innocent young girl. to social anxiety, scared insecure tired drained girl, i changed so fast and my...
My dad is dating my middle schools bf mom?!?! by Bashaandsnickelfritz
My dad is dating my middle I've been called gib gab
Kayla and Tobias are going strong in the eighth grade. Until Jonas and zoey find eachother. Their parents tobys mom and kylas dad!!! What will happen?? Read to find out.