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Heart Of Glass (Danganronpa Boyfriend Scenarios) by ghostcombustion
Heart Of Glass (Danganronpa psychotic hoe
🍄Danganronpa Boyfriend Scenarios🍄 INCLUDES : D1 - Makoto Naegi - Mondo Owada -Ishimaru Kiyotaka - Byakuya Togami -Leon Kuwata D2 -Hajime Hinata -Nagito Komeada -Gundh...
Spare Me  by DrkyDoodles
Spare Me by DrkyDoodles
DAGANRONPA AU CHIMONDO FANFIC Secrets forced to be revealed unless murder is committed, An Idol Who envies the one who looks up to them, a small programmer who's brave...
Ultimate Psycho (Danganronpa 1 x Male! Reader) by R34IsSin
Ultimate Psycho (Danganronpa 1 x Genius
You have been accepted into Hope's Peak Academy as the Ultimate Psychologist, but when you meet a certain despair obsessed girl and become trapped in a game where the on...
I'm Right Here! Ishimondo by SomethingPurple1
I'm Right Here! Ishimondoby SomethingAlien
Ishimondo in 2020? mmmmmm Yeah!
Fighter Of Hope (Danganronpa X Male Reader) by ThatOneDanganDude
Fighter Of Hope (Danganronpa X V
The adventures of Y/N L/N the Ultimate Street Fighter, a rather optomistic guy who values friendship alot, follow him as he slowly wins over his classmates hearts.
A despairing memory (Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc Fan-fiction) by LavenderDetective
A despairing memory (Danganronpa Kyoko Kirigiri
A young girl enters Hope's Peak academy filled with hope. Little did she know she would learn a shocking truth which might just push her to the edge of Despair. Will she...
Ishimondo One-shots :-) by GayForMyPartnerLmao
Ishimondo One-shots :-)by GayForMyPartnersLmao
This story will include fluff, smut, and not much angst because they've already been through enough :-( This is something I've been wanting to do for awhile, so I've bee...
Never Be Back Where We Began (Danganronpa THH x OC) by VanillaVanguard
Never Be Back Where We Began ( Vanilla Vanguard
Already interested in Hope's Peak Academy, or more specifically the dark secrets the school had, he already planned to investigate. Getting scouted by the school would m...
Ishimondo Smut/Fluff Book by Froggiy
Ishimondo Smut/Fluff Bookby Froggiy
So, I made this because I wanted to write some fics that include some kinks of my own. Ishimondo deserves more stories. If you don't like NSFW content, please take this...
Ishimondo pics by Ozzies_Imp
Ishimondo picsby Ozzies_Imp
I found all this fan art of ishimondo and I want to share it all with you in this book
Danganronpa THH chatfic by sleepy_dxmon
Danganronpa THH chatficby 🕊🕊
non-despair AU makoto made a group chat for all of class 78 feel free to request different scenarios and stuff very very gay
Tears Are In My Eyes And I Can't Stop Them (DISCONTINUED) by sk8thatsk8edaway
Tears Are In My Eyes And I Can't Ophelia/Camila
Pain Sorrow Apologies Hurt Help.. Those are the things that SHSL Nurse, Mikan Tsumiki is familiar with the most, especially 'Pain' and 'Help' She was practically a caret...
Ishimondo Smut/fluff pics by kazsxuda
Ishimondo Smut/fluff picsby kazsxuda
A book for whores ⚠️ nsfw ishimondo,komahina,hagakureon.. all that good stuff⚠️
Ishimondo Oneshots (DISCONTINUED)by JUMP1NG 1S N0T 4 CR1M3!!1!
Discontinued forever fuck this fandom 😭😭
Danganronpa nsfw alphabet + headcannons  by pennythesquish
Danganronpa nsfw alphabet + Leonkuwata22
Nsfw alphabet of the danganronpa characters! I will do any requests or any characters, will do male and female! One shots/head cannons/ all having to do with nsfw I r...
Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc by Ironmanunmasked232
Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havocby Superhero fan
Akira Inoue and 15 other students, who are ultimate students, go to a school known as Hope's Peak Academy. But, they don't know it is going to be a killing game, filled...
Mondo Owada x reader [without you] by LiamWrites18
Mondo Owada x reader [without you]by Mondo Owada's Biggest Simp
Arriving in a life or death situation, you were somehow overwhelmed. I mean who wouldn't have been? You only have seen such scenarios in video games, animes or TV shows...
SIMP|| Danganronpa x !Thick!reader by victorysofy
SIMP|| Danganronpa x !Thick!readerby iluvicecream🍦
"simp" he said "IM NOT A SIMP!!" I said "Your ultimate says otherwise" he said ". . . Y'know what? fück you, that's what" I said ...
Mondo Owada x reader oneshots by LiamWrites18
Mondo Owada x reader oneshotsby Mondo Owada's Biggest Simp
Since my other oneshot books just randomly disappeared (and my danganronpa oneshot book was basically almost only Mondo), here is a new one in hope this doesn't get take...