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Ishimondo One-shots :-) by GayForMyPartnerLmao
Ishimondo One-shots :-)by GayForMyPartnersLmao
This story will include fluff, smut, and not much angst because they've already been through enough :-( This is something I've been wanting to do for awhile, so I've bee...
Ishimondo Smut/fluff pics by kazsxuda
Ishimondo Smut/fluff picsby kazsxuda
A book for whores ⚠️ nsfw ishimondo,komahina,hagakureon.. all that good stuff⚠️
Ishimondo one shots  by Adeykirbs
Ishimondo one shots by AdeyKirbs
I know there's tons of ishimondo one shots but I feel like people should write what they want to matter how many times it's been done to death. If it makes you happy the...
Ishimondo Smut/Fluff Book by Froggiy
Ishimondo Smut/Fluff Bookby Froggiy
So, I made this because I wanted to write some fics that include some kinks of my own. Ishimondo deserves more stories. If you don't like NSFW content, please take this...
Ishimondo - "The boy next door" by greekasuka
Ishimondo - "The boy next door"by greekasuka
"The boy next door" is a story I thought of in my head randomly one night, so today I'm turning it into a Wattpad. It's basically about how Mondo and taka were...
✨ Ishimondo oneshots ✨ by JasperSuckkzz
✨ Ishimondo oneshots ✨by JasperSuckkzz
Art not mine^ Taka and Mondo BECAUSE I LOVE THEM AND THE SHIP SM!!! -fluff -smut (maybe?) ⚠️definitely not for kids⚠️ let's just say that :') Anyways please enjoy
Not Just A Bromance (Ishimaru x Mondo) by Ozzies_Imp
Not Just A Bromance (Ishimaru x Ozzies_Imp
"I walked over to my bed and laid down on it, today was horrible, everything, every little thing about this place is so bad, it's not safe, it's not a normal school...
Tulips [Ishimondo] by Daisy-and-tea
Tulips [Ishimondo]by Lemonade_tea
[A non-despair au] When Mondo returns to Hopes Peak for another year of school, he didn't expect to meet his new rival, (and crush) Kiyotaka Ishimaru, aka, the hall moni...
Dream And You'll Meet Me There (Ishimondo) by Ozzies_Imp
Dream And You'll Meet Me There ( Ozzies_Imp
You're gonna have to grasp the concept first so please read the first page!
• • Ishimondo Oneshots • • by shslb1ker
• • Ishimondo Oneshots • •by mondo
i like angst if u cant tell
Ishimondo oneshots Discontined by CrimsonFox21
Ishimondo oneshots Discontinedby Crimson Fox
Yeah why the heck not? The cover picture does not belong to me and belong to its rightful creator.
Strawberries And Cigarettes - Ishimondo Fanfic by EdgyCinnamonRoll25
Strawberries And Cigarettes - Sophie
I don't have a description yet but I guess they just fall for eachother and it includes nsfw scenes.
Ishimondo Thing by channies_lefttoenail
Ishimondo Thingby Vii ⭐️
Wtf was I on when I wrote this 💀 Just fluff pretty much
Close to Insanity by An_obsessed_mf
Close to Insanityby A keychain
An AU where Ishimaru is forced into being Junko's despair partner and he slowly goes insane while trying to protect the people he loves. (cover art is not mine, I found...
Soft Skin, Red Lips, So Kissable | GENDERBEND IshiMondo by -SkylarStarlight-
Soft Skin, Red Lips, So Kissable | SkylarStarlight
Whenever the prefect opened her mouth to talk about something, the urge to kiss those lips just hit Momoka square in the gut, to the point she could hardly even concentr...
Danganronpa Next Gen AU!  by LenaMorningstar0603
Danganronpa Next Gen AU! by Lena Morningstar
This AU is if the players actually survived and have kids of their own, but Monokuma wants revenge by taking their kids and put the kids in the killing game.
another game.... (Kirumi x Gonta) by XoX_ENA_XoX
another game.... (Kirumi x Gonta)by Ena_Kinnie
hello! This book is based off of a rp i'm in!! This book also includes the ship Soudam and possibly a few oc's! Thank you for reading, I personally LOVE this very ship...
The Fashionista and The Gamer: An Enonami Fanfiction by Asimpinsideacloset
The Fashionista and The Gamer: Pan_Simp :)
This is an Enonami (Junko Enoshima x Chiaki Nanami) fanfic. There will be LGBTQ+ ships in this book. Please note that the Danganronpa franchise doesn't belong to me, an...
Ishimondo shit by kaiwillsteel_yomanz
Ishimondo shitby Kai The toe master
LoL I'm dumb and don't know how to write for shit so man I'm trying but don't expect anything amazing