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Blind lovers by Lonely_midnxghts
Blind loversby Itss_Midnxght
Moonbyul finally had the guts to confess to Solar, but was rejected what will she do? Irene confessed to Seulgi but got the same results as Moonbyul. Will both girls gi...
Open Secret by skullao3
Open Secretby Skull
Their love for each other is an open secret within the industry P.s: will tag this story as completed but I will forever update this periodically so no worries boo😉
Queendom by RockandJems101
Queendomby RockandJems101
Queen Yongsun married Prince Moonbyul to save her kingdom from an approaching war. Little did she know, that she would also save the prince from herself. "This is m...
In Seven Days by milkymilkeu
In Seven Daysby •ᴗ•
The quick break-up, the sudden disappearance, the absolute silence after everything they had been through together. Kim Seok Jin had had enough. It was time to search fo...
Hwasun One shots by 16shotsofMaria
Hwasun One shotsby 16shotsofMaria
Solar goes back to the practice room to look for her camera in the middle of the night but comes back with something else she didn't expect. Hwasun romances.
When Our Paths Collide || Moonsun by MissKellyZyx
When Our Paths Collide || Moonsunby Sorim
A Famous Idol fell in love with her new fan who was a famous soccer player too. In their different world, Can their path be met? "Whatever is this, I don't like it...
Mamamoo & Gfriend Oneshots by KiMJaEkOoKiE
Mamamoo & Gfriend Oneshotsby JaKe
smuts, oneshots, imagines, mtl, games? etc. For lovely moomoos and buddys who dont get enough content to read. updates once or twice a month MAMAMOO X READER!! GFRIEND X...
Closer with you (ongoing) by kim_taeyeon10
Closer with you (ongoing)by Byuli
Twenty-three year old Kim Yongsun came into graduate school at Seoul National University thinking it would be more of what her life had always been about: school and wor...
Having you by timtim927
Having youby timtim
"Jeon Jungkook I hate youuuuuu!" "Kim Seokjin I hate youuuuu!" "Prince if you allow me I will show you love my whole life! I am willing for hav...
Journey Into the Knight by Cori573
Journey Into the Knightby CoriG
Princess YongSun of the Kingdom of Thaiston will soon meet the future that her parents have forged for her. The union with prince Eric of the Kingdom of Kedoeron would m...
Fall For You by vien_06
Fall For Youby vien_06
A typical love story where a girl fall for another girl. Byul pretending to be a man for her father's sake, who unfortunately fortunate to fall for her mean boss.. ...
Hope by timtim927
Hopeby timtim
"Please stop pitying me Jungkook! Just leave." "Jin I love you how can I leave?" "Jin baby I wanna do something!" "Jungkook I even cou...
Force Marriage [Moonsun](G!P)✔ by meongff
Force Marriage [Moonsun](G!P)✔by meong ff
Kim Yongsun a COO of Kim Inc. One day the company was near bankruptcy. The only thing her father could think of is investing with another company. Little did she know sh...
Tteok (떡) to my Heart (MoonSun AU) by WolfByulJ
Tteok (떡) to my Heart (MoonSun AU)by ฬ๐łf・ßÿuℓJ💫
A comfort food, an enticing aroma spreading through your sense of smell the moment you step out of the school gate. A simple dish, yet difficult to balance. Overcook and...
WHERE WE STARTED [Jenlisa Original] by JL-SR_shipper
WHERE WE STARTED [Jenlisa Original]by JL-SR_shipper
Lisa Manoban and Jennie Jane Kim are best friends since high school and always together like no one can separate them. But as what they always say, there's always sadnes...
Per Fidem- A Promise||Taejin✔️ by Jinified92
Per Fidem- A Promise||Taejin✔️by Poison Ivy
Taehyung and Seokjin knew each other for less than six hours back when they were barely jut six years old. When one leaves with a promise of coming back, will he be able...
GXG Idol One Shots by burrito_bitch
GXG Idol One Shotsby burrito_bitch
GxG :)) Requests always open ;) ~V & G Co-written by @burrito_bitch & @Yoonzlxf
The Mafia's Game ||  The Confusion  || SEULRENE [ON-GOING] by eriseulrene23
The Mafia's Game || The HWANG
I thought you were mine but it wasn't...
The difference between me and you-original satzu fanfic[completed✅] by Twicepinkidle
The difference between me and Twicepinkidle_luv
Chou Tzuyu--son of the most trusted bodyguard companies in the world Minatozaki sana-- heiress of the Minatozaki company. "we're different." "Please...Tzu...
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HEART SIGNAL X2 by hobisbeansprout
HEART SIGNAL X2by hobi’s beansprout 🌱
heart signal x is back with season 2, with more heart-fluttering moments and tearful heartbreaks.