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Sundrop/Moondrop x Y/N by UwwwwU
Sundrop/Moondrop x Y/Nby Alex
You'll be meeting your old friend from long time ago. Let's see if he remembers you. . . . Sundrop will go by he/she/they prouns and moondrop he/they. Not fully sure abo...
Sunrise × sh ing child/teen reader  by Silasmonsterenergy
Sunrise × sh ing child/teen reader by Silas
You are a child who got lost in the pizza plex and is running away form the killer robots when you wander into the daycare. you run into a play structure and start to cr...
Sun and Moon's Little Star by GhoustTM
Sun and Moon's Little Starby GhoustTM
Sundrop and Moondrop x reader (Platonic guardian figure) A young little kid stumbled into the daycare with no guardians to be seen Only after the Mega Pizzaplex closes d...
Sunrise/Moondrop x Reader (Fnaf Security Breach)  by Jul1anT00ns
Sunrise/Moondrop x Reader (Fnaf Jul1anT00ns
!!NOT CONTINUEING!! Im sorry to inform everyone that im not gonna be continuing this series due to my writing burn out and me being out of the fnaf fandom. i hope you al...
[The last visitor] The daycare attendants x child reader by ThatoneFyodorkinnie
[The last visitor] The daycare Thatonefyodorkinnie
This is a platonic relationship between sun and (Y/n)! Updating very infrequent Y/n and her younger brother get told very exciting news...they get to go to Freddy Fazbe...
Traitor AU by __Tad__
Traitor AUby Jaxxon
This is based on the SAMS crew (Sun and Moon Show) and what would happen if Sun sided with Eclipse and never banished them from his head. (Eclipse uses they / them in th...
- Sunrise & moondrop scenarios + headcanons + Small One Shots - by Emo_Xiao
- Sunrise & moondrop scenarios + Emo_Xiao
Note: I am dead awful at grammar so please bare with me through this journey 😔💪 (FINISHED)
Sundrop/moondrop x FEMALE reader by denisedumb
Sundrop/moondrop x FEMALE readerby Dumb dumb
(BTW THIS ISNT MY ART FOUND IT ON GOOGLE AND IDK WHO THE ARTIST IS) You go to the pizza plex with your friend for a birthday Party later on you guys decided to stay till...
Moondrop x sundrop and lunar x eclipse and bloodmoon x anyone oneshots by MoonxSunFan
Moondrop x sundrop and lunar x MoonxSunFan
*switch Moon And switch Sun* *Please Be Nice* *Please Respect.* *How Sun Thinks|Hello♡|How Sun Speaks 'Hello♡' Hello Sun Whispers •Hello♡• How Sun Screams !Hello! Same F...
moondrop x reader by raccoonwaffles
moondrop x readerby danny
😈 this is a joke 💀
The Light Au. (FNAF daycare Au) by Moons_A_Ghost
The Light Au. (FNAF daycare Au)by SUNNYCAKE
The Sun and Moon are named Sunlight and Moonlight Warning! This story includes some of the following; - Gore - Angst - Smut - Violence - OC LORE FUCK YEAH- I mean Oc lor...
Yandere Sun X Moon by IndigoPearl89
Yandere Sun X Moonby Nightmare Night
Because it's yandere, there's A LOT of adult themes here. I have listed them in the first chapter so people can read them and choose to read or avoid this book. This is...
Sundrop/Moondrop x Reader Oneshots☆ by CockyCannibal
Sundrop/Moondrop x Reader Oneshots☆by Cannibalistic
Welcome to Sundrop/Moondrop x Reader Oneshots! I would love to see your requests if you have any. If you don't and are just reading then that's ok too! I have plenty of...
we will be there no virus can't stop us from that by jetra14
we will be there no virus can't jetra
Gregory has been living in the plex long before the virus even hit Freddy found him as a baby and took him in. he started to date sun a couple days later. everything was...
-You are my Sunshine- Sundrop x child! Reader by That0neEm0
-You are my Sunshine- Sundrop x Headf1rst4Ha10s
You are a child in the daycare and your fairly new and no one likes you very much until you met Sundrop. Overtime you and him become friends. Read to find out! (This is...
Sundrop x Reader by FishFooD005
Sundrop x Readerby FishFooD005
Simps come get yalls meal [I will try to update as often as possible every 1 - 2 days. Be patient with me please!]
Sun/Moon x Reader oneshot by rikufukuro234
Sun/Moon x Reader oneshotby Riku_Owl234
You can request whatever you liked except for nsfw >:( The cover is drawn by me!!