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Little Misfortune New Adventures by MuffinJunior
Little Misfortune New Adventuresby MuffinJunior
My story beginns, where the game "Little Misfortune" ends. I wrote it like a sequel. It's about friendship and how Misfortune and Benjamin have to fight agains...
Villainous Games (PARTIAL) by __YN__CollabAccount
Villainous Games (PARTIAL)by Men in Rainbow
(open for Collab members.) 4 of the most fearsome, cruel villains join the Villainous Games, where the prize is being able to defeat the enemy, or, over 5 million dollar...
Those Cold November Winds - Morgo/Mr Voice x Reader (Little Misfortune) by KrillTakoyaki
Those Cold November Winds - Icecreamandradness
The memory of his voice echoes across the canopy, scattering into painful shards of laugher, of warm whispers by your ear on dark nights, of snatches of song on those pr...
Little Misfortune: Older Sister/Brother!Reader by MeoTheDemon
Little Misfortune: Older Sister/ MeoTheDemon
You are the older Sister/Brother of Misfortune, (y/n) (= Your Name). Youre 17 Years old and you're a very quiet person. But when it comes to Misfortune, you want to show...