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A high school girl who raised five dragons by Inoridragoneel
A high school girl who raised NerdReader
I never thought that my life would be so important... that I was so important... that I would be loved... or take care of something... that I love... until I found out I...
THE DRAGON QUEEN ━━ killian jones by -rosepetal
THE DRAGON QUEEN ━━ killian jonesby - ̗̀pheebs ̖́-
❝EVERY CELL IN MY BODY IS TELLING ME THAT YOU ARE MY HAPPILY EVER AFTER❞ → in which a woman destined for greatness meets a pirate in a tavern and falls for the captain. ...
The Young Dragon ༄ Bran Stark  by yourmuhqueen
The Young Dragon ༄ Bran Stark by yourmuhqueen
OC Targaryen x Stark story! 🤍 Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters from the show Game of Thrones nor A Song of Ice and Fire except my made up character Rhaella...
Ice and Fire by SMG117
Ice and Fireby SMG117
~ This starts when the bells ring as a surrender in Season 8 Episode 5 ~ Made for Jonerys fans! 🐲❤️🐺
Game of Thrones Imagines by glasseswithoutlenses
Game of Thrones Imaginesby glasseswithoutlenses
Welcome to the brutal world of Game of Thrones. Get better acquainted with some of your favorite characters. They're just waiting to fall in love with you in these pages...
The Mother of Dragons and the Warrior Slave (game of thrones fan fic by gamergirl1896
The Mother of Dragons and the Lyric
Drogon is a young Dothraki man who was stolen and sold into slavery as a young boy. He is the favorite slave of his master and his master's wife. He is widely mistreated...
Asena, the mother of Wolves by Avoxlovestowrite
Asena, the mother of Wolvesby Avox
Asena Stark is often overlooked. she was the Stark sibling that seemed like the rebel. she was no lady. she hated bowing to others or following rules. she was a free wom...
Dragon Queen | Charlie Weasley by Little_Taylor
Dragon Queen | Charlie Weasleyby Taylor
The mother of Dragons falls for the boy fascinated with them
Mother Of Dragons || L.Laufeyson & W.Maximoff by SPOOKY_JANELLE
Mother Of Dragons || KATE IS OFFLINE
❝ I am Daenerys Stormborn goddess of magic, I am of the blood of Old Valyeria. I am the dragon's daughter, and I swear to you that those who would harm you will die scre...
The Long Winter by theshimmerfairy
The Long Winterby theshimmerfairy
My take on season 8 of #GameofThrones. Winter is coming to Westeros as Daenerys and Jon go North to fight the great threat. The Night king's army grows larger and strong...
A Luna Among Alphas by Excitedtree4293
A Luna Among Alphasby Tree
"Tell me, what danger is a wolf to me if I've done nothing to provoke it?" Beware of what lurks in the places you've never been, they say there's a woman in th...
A high school girl who raised 5 dragons with a dragon by Inoridragoneel
A high school girl who raised 5 NerdReader
Love I thought only met toward your children or family... That you could love know one.. Because it was impossible to love something so impossible... But I was wrong... ...
Living Among Them (HTTYD) by Mjhowardoffical
Living Among Them (HTTYD)by Mj Howard
It's always been fight or kill, but I believed there was more to dragons then that. Most of my childhood I lived on a small island on the outskirts of the archipelago. I...
When Ice meets Fire by originalgina
When Ice meets Fireby originalgina
A old legend says when Ice and Fire finally meet, the game will be over. -This Story is a Game of Thrones Fan-Fiction.All characters, quotes and acts are based on the...
Rebekah Mikaelson ☿The Hobbit by CrissBiancaPuffy
Rebekah Mikaelson ☿The Hobbitby Bianca
❝If you tell me to fight like a girl, I will, I will show no mercy And reign havoc on everything, I will rage and burn. After all, you asked for it.❞
The Other Tyrell Girl (Coming Soon) by Kat_Lefevre
The Other Tyrell Girl (Coming Soon)by Katlander
Iolanthe Tyrell was hated by some, envied by some, and loved by others. Born to play the game, she comes to King's Landing on business, but instead, she becomes entangle...
Game of Thrones memes by AnotherVeronica15
Game of Thrones memesby # The Lord of the Memes
memes about all the seasons of game of thrones (spoilers) enjoy!
Burning Blood by X-tinaA
Burning Bloodby X-tinaA
Perché lei era fuoco fatto carne come i suoi draghi e, come loro, era fiera e indomita. Nessuno poteva porle delle catene o sbarrare il suo cammino. -Dracarys!- urlava s...