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Love, family and Revenge by Autumneyes0405
Love, family and Revengeby Autumneyes0405
Mahi was either worshipped like a god or looked down like a filth. He was tired of all the allegations every time they lost a match. He was tired of his family being dra...
Inseperable! by xxpvtxx
Inseperable!by Secret!
To all you Rishab Pant fangirls. You won't be disappointed.
TUG OF WAR (COMPLETED)✔️ by ict_fanfics
TUG OF WAR (COMPLETED)✔️by ict_fanfics
What happens when our very own MSD is the rope in a tug of war. But a tug of war between whom? His bros and kiddos? This book is a work of fiction and I obviously dont...
Mending the Broken Souls ❤(A Mahirat fanfiction)  by untangledmystery7
Mending the Broken Souls ❤(A MahiRat Nags 🌻
"I will find a way to mend my broken soul and i won't need you anymore I will tear down the walls find a light to get me home." He is happy and strong for the...
Yours by Cozy__Land
Yoursby Daisy
Being sister of great ' King Kohli ', is not easy.Being under the mask infront of strange people is not easy. Being hot topic of every month is not easy and Atlast havin...
What happens when Hardik and Jassi are jealous of a new young player of CSK for their Mahi bhai. Read to find out what antics take place because of this jealousy...
ICT: Twisted ☑️ by ictxscribbler
ICT: Twisted ☑️by <3
One day! One day is all it takes to separate these brothers. It's been 20 years since that day has occurred. Their kids take it into their hands to reunite the guys who...
Bleeding Tears ✅ by ictFiction
Bleeding Tears ✅by ictFiction
When a drop of water flows from your eyes.. it indicates how much it is paining in your heart.. what happens when that tears are given to you by your closed ones... wil...
Lost trust by goadsgo
Lost trustby goadsgo
Trust delves deep into a relationship. The more you dwell in that relation, the more it builds. But once broken, it shreds your relation.
KIDDO? ME!? (mahirat)  by SnoffyJolly
KIDDO? ME!? (mahirat) by my bias is.......
"then what do you see him as............papa?"
Always Your Mahiyaa by Avii_Zra
Always Your Mahiyaaby AviiiiiiZRA
It's a book with Ms being Dada's kid
AbRo : Prank - gone - Wrong - for - Right by Rohirat4518
AbRo : Prank - gone - Wrong - Rooh
A Prank that changed everything...for them.. Story of Ab de Villiers and Rohit Sharma i.e the AbRo and their unexpected bond...from envy to amity
The Broken Bonds by 07forlife
The Broken Bondsby 07forlife
Fixing allegations forces mahi to leave India with his family. What happens when he has to come back? Will he try to clear his name this time or will he be dragged into...
The crack within by DreamerTani
The crack withinby bookaholic@98
This just a really emotional story about ICT and how some ill wishers try of our beloved team try to break the team apart by breaking one of its strongest members, MSD. ...
The Darkest Days[Completed] by awesomeshivu
The Darkest Days[Completed]by Shivu
Read to know 😉
Brothers By Heart - A Sequel by ictFiction
Brothers By Heart - A Sequelby ictFiction
Story of Brothers, who have been through everything together. Everything seemed perfect now. Was it really perfect? Join me in the story of our ICT. This is a sequel to...
CSK '23 by randommgurl
CSK '23by randommgurl
IPL 2023 was an absolute treat to the csk fans. And I am not over the team and the win. I didn't see many writing about them so I thought why not myself. So yeah, writin...
Bonds - Tried and Tested. by budstarc
Bonds - Tried and
Summary - Virat will regret that Press Conference for days to come. For not being articulative enough and for hinting at things he shouldn't have. And he certainly shoul...
Super kings and their Thala by Rhiya_8
Super kings and their Thalaby Sofiya (NiYa)
As the title says this book is all about thala and his super kings!!! May include some other teams also... But the focus is on CSK
What happens if its a misunderstanding between the two people whom Mahi Bhai loves the most