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Alice O'Connell and the Mummy by racheo91
Alice O'Connell and the Mummyby racheo91
Alice O'Connell, Rick O'Connell's younger sister. Along for the ride with a dead mummy on the loose. Along with unlikely companions. Ardeth/OC. First ever FanFic, let me...
Hiraeth | rick o'connell  by anothercinderellaa
Hiraeth | rick o'connell by anothercinderellaa
(n.) a homesickness for a home you can't return to, or that never was - Began: November 20, 2017 Finished: All rights belong to the creators of The Mummy series and Unch...
Popular girl's little by Deckgandowjjjj
Popular girl's littleby Little boi
A story based on a kid who lives on his own attending college. But on his first day he Finds out something that will change his life forever...
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The Mummy - Lost Princess Part 1 by IndyMysteryRose
The Mummy - Lost Princess Part 1by IndyMysteryRose
Kiya is the only princess of the Medjai and comes from the 12th tribe. Apart of a prophecy that says she destined to kill Imhotep with the help of Ardeth Bay, her protec...
one direction ddm, bsm and imagines by _Unknown_1_
one direction ddm, bsm and imaginesby sadie <3
the title says it all ___________________ just some daddy daughter and brother sister moments i came up with along with some imagines, i hope you enjoy and feel free to...
Four Beating Hearts by elizaheart2364
Four Beating Heartsby elizaheart2364
Penelope Winston is a 17 year old girl with her old sister being the only remaining family she has. Being a little, what happens when Penelope goes missing when supposed...
Babying Niall Horan  by DerpHoovesBackUp3
Babying Niall Horan by Elley
Niall Horan is going through some tough times in his life, and as such he hasn't been coping with those issues too well, he's been drinking, clubbing, all of the worst t...
Mummy, Daddy and Me by jjlookatme
Mummy, Daddy and Meby venus
An agere story which follows an asexual little and her life. This is an agere story- no sexual content, encounters or punishments (please do not ask for them, your requ...
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let us love you by jjlookatme
let us love youby venus
Rework of @Jerriesgirl Grow with me book. (without Jesy obvs) When Jade gets a new case at work, she struggles majorly to find a home for Perrie. Perrie has been abused...
Purgatory reds by fennyfawk
Purgatory redsby fennyfawk
After a sinner boy dies, he gets one last chance before heading to heaven. A chance to atone for his crimes, be raised by a sexy wicked demoness who will thrash the wick...
His Lotus Bloom: Mummy fanfic by dawnevening66
His Lotus Bloom: Mummy fanficby dawnevening66
The High Priest was never in love with the Pharaoh's concubine and future wife, but indeed, the Priestess of the kingdom and the pharaoh's daughter. Since Priestesses we...
Night - Hotel Transylvania by AlexNeko_990
Night - Hotel Transylvaniaby AlexNeko_990
Night (On-Hold)🍟 --- Tyler Dracula & Weston "Alaric" Werewolf. Two different monsters, with different views of the human world. One birthday party brought the...
Mythical boy x reader by HeathaDragonmaster
Mythical boy x readerby Heatha
I sadly have not found any of these so I'm gonna give it a shot! these will be x reader oneshots with mythical 'monster' boys like! vampires, werewolf, wizard, warlock...
Would you love a Monsterman? (Avdol x Polnareff) by Frizzything1
Would you love a Monsterman? ( Frizzything1
One of them is a 723 year old vampire, forever 23 and looking for love. But who on earth would want a bloodsucking boyfriend with a silver pillar of a hairdo? One of the...
Theo's Troubles by Benji1007
Theo's Troublesby Benji1007
In "Theo's Troubles," we follow the story of a teenage boy named Theo who has been struggling to cope with the recent loss of his father. Just when things coul...
D E S E R T ❁ D E S I R ES// A.BAY by MajesticEnigma8
D E S E R T ❁ D E S I R ES// A.BAYby MajesticEnigma
Lidia O'Connell. A fighter, an agent, and most importantly a hundred and ten percent done with her brother's bull$#!t. A girl is busy when there's powerful sacred artifa...
A Short Afterlife by Alpha_kenny_body_bro
A Short Afterlifeby Layah Patterson
It was Halloween night at the Joshen Graveyard where a mummy lay in deep slumber. However, on this particular night, it would rise from its grave and attempt to explore...
my mummy and me  by leav1987
my mummy and me by leona
this is oneshots of me and my lovely mummy who i love and care for so i hope you enjoy and this will include smut and gets very very naughty in some of the oneshots so b...
The Mummy by Gracie99523
The Mummyby Anna
You've all heard of Evie and Jonathan Carnahan but have you heard of their older sister Skylar Carnahan? Follow her story as she fights an undead mummy and falls in love...