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Kaiju Universe war by OraxIsSus
Kaiju Universe warby
basically i was in this server where there was this dude Who was Like saying potassium all the time and i usually Always Say caffeine all the time so we basically kept o...
The Final Female by AbigailLennon51202
The Final Femaleby Abigail Lennon
A virus that scientists named 'The Heat' has wiped out two thirds of the entire human species. Wiping out women first, the men now think they have no hope of repopulatin...
Dawn of the Epoch by RugbySpurs
Dawn of the Epochby Ian D. Ghrist
Hunter called himself an archaeologist, but he was a modern day treasure hunter. Tiyana was a scientist devoted to her craft. They were passionate people, wholly devoted...
A spooky and paranoid night by Cesar_Torres_
A spooky and paranoid nightby Cesar Torres
This is the other crappy idea I was talking about when I first posted another video after coming back
Euphoria by nwinflower
Euphoriaby pluto
[ONGOING] [2] [전정국] "We're going on a date with your female version. Treat me as a third wheel." Hana says, standing up. "S-sorry?" Jungkook replies...
Purple Eyed People Eater WATTYS2020 by Kmills96
Purple Eyed People Eater WATTYS2020by Karen Miller
Lets make it #1 in Horror!! Highest rank: #203 in horror I didn't feel bad about the people I killed, it was like a natural human instinct that was secretly hidden i...
leopard space dolphins » original [bwwm] by lucohaze
leopard space dolphins » ray
❝I know I dream about her all day, I think about her with her clothes off.❞ ember gaines starts a lsd drug ring in her high school with the help of the brooding yet att...
Ronald McDonald x Colonel Sanders by CEO_of_the_circus
Ronald McDonald x Colonel Sandersby Your local weird ass
Ronald McDonald-kun is the new student at his new school and he ends up falling head over heels for upperclassman Colonel Sanders-senpai. Their friendship begins to blos...
☠♤  ᗝc 𝕓๏oЌ  ♢♖ by girluneedtostfu
☠♤ ᗝc 𝕓๏oЌ ♢♖by 🌸sakura🌸
วนŞt Ş໐๓ē ໐¢Ş i'งē Şlคppē໓ t໐ງēthēr. 》oʇnɹɐu ʎluıɐW《
Slim Spelen, Samen Werken ft. Unagize & Acid(VOLTOOID) by SMxNVxNN
Slim Spelen, Samen Werken ft. ja joe
Rayan moet naar een tehuis. Waar hij volgens z'n ouders beter kan ontwikkelen. Hij moet daar sowieso een half jaar blijven. Het tehuis is aan de andere kant van België...
Damaged | Depressed Mina by AshidoTheAlienQueen
Damaged | Depressed Minaby 🌺👽Mina Ashido👽🌺
Mina is a student who goes to UA. She loves being called an alien but she does not like herself as much as she shows. It is easy for her to fake her energy. She has gott...
3. Even ✔ by ChazNicole_
3. Even ✔by ChazNicole_
Part 3. 1. Void 2. Full 3. Even Read those other books first. Chancelor Bennett & Nyeesha Brooks.
Vocaloid Creepypastas by fatetharlaown
Vocaloid Creepypastasby queen of gensokyo
Just a few Creepypastas about our favorite Vocaloids. Nothing much, really. Be warned, however, these could very well ruin Vocaloid for you. Read on if you dare. So, sit...
The Lores of Lyra - Shattered Star [Book II] by MajaDiana
The Lores of Lyra - Shattered Maja Diana
[Not edited. At all. ] Astronia. Hidden deep, in plain sight is the entryway to the realm of Darkness. With a pathway riddled with Black Holes and impending danger, the...
MY WORK OF ART.  → bts ✔ by frightbts
MY WORK OF ART. → bts ✔by 𝒟.
❝is... is that 𝘩𝘪𝘴 blood? on the painting hoseok?❞ ❝yes. and thats what makes it a work of art... 𝘮𝘺 work of art.❞ →lowercase intended →short story, psycho thrill...
A confession - Nygmobblepot by Daikon16
A confession - Nygmobblepotby Hemul the drunk flip
Edward has found out that Oswald killed Isabella and is about to kill him with acid(Remember that scene?) But things doesn't turn out quite as imagined when Edward sudde...
Love By Heart (Oneshot) by Shining_Star-
Love By Heart (Oneshot)by #Mummakibachi
Oneshot of Sidashi ❤️
Stay |Acid by nathan_acid
Stay |Acidby nathan_acid
FANFICTION VAN NATHAN VANDERGUNST. Wat als je op een dag met een kater in een vreemd huis wakker word... gelieven dit verhaal niet te kopieëren. Ik heb er namelijk veel...
Water Wings (Upon Wings Of Change Fanfic) (HOLD) by mysticaldragon2001
Water Wings (Upon Wings Of mysticaldragon2001
(ALL CREDIT GOES TO CrystalScherer AS THIS IS JUST A FANFIC OF "Upon Wings Of Change" ) No one told me I would meet dragons the size of house cats! No one told...