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Graffiti Boy by IceCat21456
Graffiti Boyby Mirha Mansoor
"Ouch, my self-esteem. You really know how to hurt a man." "You're barely a man. You're like twelve." "On a scale of one to ten? How sweet!"...
Superior by starlightt
Superiorby Daven
Delaney Escott lives in a world where popularity reigns supreme. If you want to be noticed, social status is everything. The government is run by the Superiors: a very e...
Super Mario Sunshine by NintendoJedi
Super Mario Sunshineby NintendoJedi
A novel. While vacationing with Princess Peach on a tropic isle, Mario and his new water jet pack, Fludd, must clear the island and Mario's name after he is framed for v...
Gwain Saga X Male Conduit Reader by PercyMax657
Gwain Saga X Male Conduit Readerby PercyMax657
IDK! This story was requested by @Maththehater.
Strictly Business by TheRealOP
Strictly Businessby Optimistic Pessimist
"It's so simple," I say. "All we have to do is pretend we're in love with each other. You know, hold hands, share Eskimo kisses and all that crap. And...
Vanilla & Smoke || A.I. by DumpsterDiving101
Vanilla & Smoke || DumpsterDiving101
A rebellious asexual goth girl and her blind teacher that doesn't judge.
hyunlix by NO_EASY_SKZ
hyunlixby NO_EASY_SKZ
too much inspo latley
Big Zero  by LovelyComforts
Big Zero by LovelyComforts
You were a loved cheerleader at Hawkins High until life happened and things got messy. You were left to pick up the pieces alone until an unlikely friendship develops be...
prison wife :: lashton au by noctivagant
prison wife :: lashton auby alias
the one where ashton finds himself in prison with a gorgeous man protecting him and a secret worth hiding. top/badass!luke and bottom!ashton (a lot of smut)? ©noctivagan...
Spike Island by MyKillerClique
Spike Islandby May
After years of living on the streets 17 year old Lie Jacobs has hammered the last nail in her coffin. Found on state property, in the middle of the night, with a spray c...
CHARLIE'S ANGELS  by Summer_melody1909
CHARLIE'S ANGELS by Summer melody
After getting your heart broken, it is not easy to perceive love as anything else but a game. A game where guys are the players and girls would be the toys thrown away l...
Shotgun Betterments - a business beyond expectations by MentallyIncorrect
Shotgun Betterments - a business MentallyIncorrect
Cosma helps Lord Cowboy Darrell to get in touch with a promising opportunity, through which he's forced to deal with a business of another kind. Alternate route where Da...
3 ways to get arrested.. by lettyminz23
3 ways to get lettyminz23
Have you wondered about if you get arrested what would you get arrested for? These are 3 random ways to get arrested
Just As I Am by itz_michelle
Just As I Amby Michelle
Moving across town is challenging for everybody. For Karen Waldman, moving across town signifies a new beginning. Fitting in at a new school won't be easy and Karen know...
Into the Lights by mfirhat
Into the Lightsby Firhat, M.
"Viva la revolución," Zachary said quietly, more like a murmur. "Yes. Viva la revolución!" shouted Kaynard from the rooftop. Growing up in a distress...
Martha and Betty by Marthetty
Martha and Bettyby 🌹M&B🌹
"PUT YOUR DAMN CLOTHES ON, HO!" Martha yelled at Betty. "CATCH ME IF YOU CAN, BITCH!" Betty screamed running off. "STOP! PUT YOUR HAND IN THE...
A R E S  [on hold] by SpaghettiStag
A R E S [on hold]by "H A V O C"
" Trouble never looked so god damn fine." :۞:••:۞:••:۞:••:۞:••:۞:••:۞:••:۞:••:۞:••:۞:••:۞: If you scrolled through the Instagram feed of 19-year-old Ares Ack...
Love at by Loverofandom
Love at Loverofandom
Eliot was a bad boy till he saw one of his closest friends get hurt during one of their crimes. since then he's vowed never to do anything like that ever again, he becam...
Ready for Hell, Lily?! by hollowmagic
Ready for Hell, Lily?!by hollowmagic
Lily gets tricked into babysitting Rin and Len.