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Tag You're It || Tate Langdon [American Horror Story] by big_poppa123
Tag You're It || Tate Langdon [ Hayley Holland
"Can anybody hear me I'm hidden under ground? Can anybody hear me am I talking to myself? Saying, 'tag, you're it, tag, tag, you're it'." Peter Harmon's life f...
Heart Shaped Box (Tate Langdon X Reader) by Sarcastic_Ships03
Heart Shaped Box (Tate Langdon X AHS BADDIE
Kurts voice rang out through the stereo as we stayed like that, lying beside each other free from all the bullshit. Once the chorus ended Tate spoke, "This is our s...
Dying Light ~ Tate Langdon  by mclxughlins
Dying Light ~ Tate Langdon by nova ❗
Hazel Harmon and her family make a sudden move to Los Angeles after her fathers affair. She starts seeing a boy named Tate, her fathers patient, more and more. While han...
It's Too Much For Me (Tate Langdon x Suicidal! Reader Lemon)  by deadly_trico
It's Too Much For Me (Tate とりこ
After coming home from a day full of arguing, bullying, and crying, your parents just make it worse in the stupid shithole you're supposed to call home. While your mothe...
STUCK (Tate Langdon x Y/N) by mazerunnerrrrx
STUCK (Tate Langdon x Y/N)by carrie
(Tate Langdon x Y/N) Y/N, a 17 year old girl, who died in the Murder House, before Violet, before Tate, tells you the story of how she met Tate Langdon, and how their st...
gold dust woman | MICHAEL LANGDON by gameofboners
gold dust woman | MICHAEL LANGDONby gameofboners
"darkness rises, and light to meet it" [michael langdon x oc] [season 8]
Only You by resibella
Only Youby resibella
Tilly is just another ghost trapped in the murder house. What happens when she bonds with the baby born within the evil home and creates a connection neither of them ca...
Sarah Paulson 1Shots-(fem reader) by mckennasvenable
Sarah Paulson 1Shots-(fem reader)by Emily Lopez
These one shots will contain the following: •Mental Health issues. •Sh, Sa, and Suicide attempt's. •Smut/fluffs. •Violence, and murder.-(blood) I WILL PUT TW IN EVER...
Dark Moon - Michael Langdon by addictedtotoxicmen
Dark Moon - Michael Langdonby addictedtotoxicmen
Esmeray Neera is mysteriously killed and resurrected from the dead, and the only clue that she is given after her death is a name: Michael Langdon. Little does she know...
Loving Tate Langdon by lawleyxstyles
Loving Tate Langdonby T
This is an imagine based on American horror story :murder house.
Twisted Souls || Michael Langdon by HouseofLangdon
Twisted Souls || Michael Langdonby Lizzie
"He was consumed with darkness and I was his anchor, tethering him to the light." ~A story where two souls discover the true meaning of salvation in a corrupt...
S.P. Character One-Shots by Phoebe-Mayfair
S.P. Character One-Shotsby Phoebe Mayfair-Richards
Just some daydreams about some of my favourite Sarah Paulson characters, with subtle hints for one person ;) Mostly smut, not gonna lie. I might do requests, so take you...
American horror story imagines and one shots by WizardOfLoneliness
American horror story imagines WizardOfLoneliness
Imagines and one shots about any season or character from American horror story. No smut! Submit requests through comments or just message me. Please read comment and vo...
That Witch Bitch: Continued by selfdistruct7
That Witch Bitch: Continuedby selfdistruct7
Nothing could be worse than being vaporised in the apocalypse. At least that's what you thought when your phone rang with an alert that you'd been one of the lucky few t...
Hidden within these walls // Tate Langdon by riggsnpeters
Hidden within these walls // lauren
❝were all a little crazy, aren't we?❞ © riggsnpeters // wattpad a short tate langdon story
1994 || Tate Langdon by imsouglysoareyou
1994 || Tate Langdonby ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
𝐽𝑒𝑎𝑙𝑜𝑢𝑠𝑦 𝑖𝑠 𝑡ℎ𝑒 𝑟𝑜𝑜𝑡 𝑡𝑜 𝑎𝑙𝑙 𝙚𝙫𝙞𝙡 ☠︎︎
The Blackest Day by hausbabylon
The Blackest Dayby ⛧ Haus Babylon ⛧
Wilhemina Venable is an intimidating tough woman who enjoys demeaning and hurting people. She finds herself engulfed in a sea of ​​emotions when she meets her employers'...
American Horror Story Preferences/Imagines by frickestsick
American Horror Story Maia
Female reader. Requests open. Please read this.