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Queen Of The Sea Meets Alpha 🔞(Completed) by amy-lover-of-romance
Queen Of The Sea Meets Alpha 🔞( Amy lover of Romance
It was stated long ago a girl will be born with the gift to control the sea(and/or water) and its creatures...she will be the strongest female to ever be born...she will...
Perilune by quinntrillium
Periluneby Quinn Trillium
When a celestial body forms, its soul manifests as a dragon, and seeks out the nearest inhabited planet to hunt upon. The moon dragon's power is cataclysmic on Earth, a...
Book of Shadows by thegreenkitchenwitch
Book of Shadowsby A 🍄
Spells from my book of shadows. Some spells are mine but some aren't, they are all real and have been proven to work, and use no black magick!
Believe in The Unknown  - naga Vincent x reader - by Creepyperson102
Believe in The Unknown - naga Creepyperson102
(2018 - 2019 - Old) (y/n) is a scientist/hunter type person that hunt for mysterious creature like the Bigfoot or the lockness monster. erban legands stuff like that. Yo...
The Devil's Mountain - The Only Way by JadeKnife
The Devil's Mountain - The Only Wayby ...
Three abandoned souls, left to die in the misery of the world after a failed burning. Condemned to hell by alleged priests. The only way to free them from thier misery...
Broken Promises || Tommyinnit by mxmxkxwx
Broken Promises || Tommyinnitby -⋆✯ mimii ✯⋆-
*** In an Alternate Universe to the Dream SMP, with demons, angels, and mystical creatures. *** Tommy was a child. But his mental age was far from it. His entire life...
Kardia Sanctuary by WinterWolf-99
Kardia Sanctuaryby White Wolf
A group of long-lost demigods call this hidden castle their home. They are another branch of Olympian descendants, different from Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter. But w...
Sivan's Magically Gifted by JiminIsBae3107
Sivan's Magically Giftedby JiminIsBae3107
Jin has been searching for his brother for 18 winters to no avail. His now housemates and brothers in arms help him in his search. Will they ever find him in time or wil...
Centaurs' Tale (Hetalia x Reader) by cuvu419
Centaurs' Tale (Hetalia x Reader)by PurplePenThoughts
(Name) is going to be spending her summer with her aunt after her parents have business to attend to all summer. (Name) finders her aunt farm hasn't change too much form...
The Coy Snake by CookieSans147
The Coy Snakeby Cookie Sans147
A tale of friends to lovers between a young Half-elf and Naga (half-serpent)
Rush by RebeccaW951215
Rushby RebeccaW951215
IM BACK! Here's a different story, still citrus fanfic.. I got stuck on my other one so I decided today I'm gunna start a new one and see if any inspiration comes to me...
Ancient Creature [bnha/kitsune!reader insert] by KweenLamer0
Ancient Creature [bnha/kitsune! Eoark
「 "You may not be a part of our kin, but your heart is a part of a zenko. Never forget (Y/N)." 」 The story where our reader is a full on kitsune yokai. One tha...
Necklace (Ashurran #2) by tiamat-press
Necklace (Ashurran #2)by Tiamat, Corruptor of Elves
[FINISHED]Five stories about Yuuji, son of the great female warrior Ashurran and the wise sea dragon Laibhao of the Cobalt-Blue Scales. Yuuji is wise, but naïve; reserve...
The Moon Spawn #1 (Waverly Stump and The 7 Realms) by Jaq_Willow
The Moon Spawn #1 (Waverly Stump Erytah Allison
The very first book in the "Waverly Stump and The 7 realms" series. Waverly is a twelve year old orphan of the Human race, whose half-Elven half-Dwarven foste...
Generic Villain Reincarnated  by StupidIdiot1010
Generic Villain Reincarnated by Miyazakiii
Forbidden love by KiingKeith
Forbidden loveby izumi
Crown Prince Elijah has one Mission: Killing the Clown Prince of the enchanted Forest. But after he met the Prince and got to know the creatures in the forest, he strugg...
a wolf secret by Lilthkogane127
a wolf secretby Lilthkogane127
Keith was a lone wolf literally he was an werewolf that live in the city he hasn't seen a forest since his father took him 2 months before his death, he often avoid his...
The Favour (Completed) by Lonerinbigworld
The Favour (Completed)by LazyQueen
A full moon night in beach and a bottle leading to magic. #oneshot
My Freedom is Here(Frarry) by fanfictionreadervek
My Freedom is Here(Frarry)by fanfictionreadervek
I DONT OWN HARRY POTTER OR PERCY JACKSON Harry James Potter the Protector of the Wizarding World is free to do whatever he wants right? Wrong. Stings, chains and ropes h...
A sled dog's ever Frost  by king_Hyena
A sled dog's ever Frost by Crowned crow
Alice is a young female husky who doesn't enjoy being forced to stay in all day and dislike not being able to see her father and decides one day to go out and look for h...