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Sotus - Contract Lovers by seniora9
Sotus - Contract Loversby seniora9
What happens when you are betrothed to the person you hate? With no way of escaping it, when both families want it to happen. Is it love at first site or hate at first s...
Fateful Encounter (Completed) by anjuleeboralessa
Fateful Encounter (Completed)by Anjulee Boralessa
Arthit missed growing up like any other boy since he was scouted by the top entertainment agency of the country when he was 12 years old. But now after six years of buil...
I Heard That You Like Pink Milk Too by Jocelyn0122
I Heard That You Like Pink Milk Tooby Jo
A Chinese AU FanFic that I stumbled upon. WARNING: Contains MPREG (Mild) Author: 苏别绪 Su Bie Xu Story: 听说你也喜欢粉红冻奶 ------------------------- The best feeling in the world...
7 Short Story (May 2022) by LittleRubyRidingHood
7 Short Story (May 2022)by LittleRedRidingHood
Just 7 short stories about Arthit and Kongpob in different times of their lives and in different universe. KongaArt Week 2022 prompts: - When did you get back? - Outside...
Krist's Distractions by peraya_yeah
Krist's Distractionsby peraya_yeah
They say, sometimes your biggest distraction becomes your strongest attraction.
Secrets Kept by ayanna1988
Secrets Keptby YaoiGirl88
Arthit has a few secrets that he has been keeping for his whole college life. He is now a 3rd year and one of his secrets are about to appear to cause chaos. Or will the...
[Completed] The connection! by MusicIsMySolace
[Completed] The connection!by inmyAU
An attempt at how a relationship could be nurtured. Perfectly imperfect! A spin off between Kongpob and Arthith. Disclaimer: I do not own the characters - only the plot...
It Started with a Kiss by BL_Sins
It Started with a Kissby BL_Sins
In this romantic story, a high school student named Arthit Rojnapat finally tells his senior, Kongpob Suthiluck, that he has been in love with him since he saw him the v...
Hate to Love by Kitsing0062x0206
Hate to Loveby Jaan
Kongpob is the Head Hazer of the faculty along with his friends Em, Tew, Oak and Wad. Maprang and Prae are in the medical team. Arthit, Knot, Prem, Bright and Tutha ar...
We Meet Again √ by imaginationxfantasy
We Meet Again √by fantasy
Ever felt the greatest regret in your life? The one that put a giant hole in your heart? The one that keeps you awake at night? The one that makes you cry in the middle...
I am him ✔ by Dana-KS
I am him ✔by Muffin's meow 🐱
"Youth seems to start because I love you but it made me see through love"___ 🔳 CREDIT LIST: Author: Su Bie Xu. Translator: @Dana-KS Genre: Chinese Fanfictio...
Let's Make Everything Right by anonymouslylazy
Let's Make Everything Rightby Moochi
Arthit and Kongpob broke up. Kongpob left the country to start a new life while Arthit started a new journey of his life. The two were in separate ways, living their liv...
SOTUS: The Forgetful Boyfriend (And Other Oneshots) by innerempireeee
SOTUS: The Forgetful Boyfriend (An...by innerempire
In which Arthit thinks he might have lost the gear Kongpob gifted to him, and cuteness (and lots of playful bickering) ensues. Disclaimer: I do not own the characters in...
My savior (Kongpob x Arthit) by mefwamage68
My savior (Kongpob x Arthit)by 🖤
Arthit has always had depression but has become a master at hiding it from everyone including his closest friends or at least that's what he though.One day he starts rec...
Dragon's Hoard by LittleRubyRidingHood
Dragon's Hoardby LittleRedRidingHood
For a witch, a familiar was essential. You couldn't be considered a real witch if you didn't have one. A dragon was many things, but it wasn't a familiar. So why was Kon...
2 Heart, 2 life [Crossover Sotus x 2moon] by soNobody
2 Heart, 2 life [Crossover Sotus x...by soNobdy
What will happen went 2 people, similar but yet different have to live the other person life. What worse can their life be? Can their love one & close friends notice the...
A Sight for Sore Eyes by OtterPrincess11
A Sight for Sore Eyesby Eve
Arthit doesn't know what to do about Kongpob's confession but he does know that an ugly feeling is bubbling inside of him each time a stupid girl or guy tries start some...
S. O. T. U. S. by maysecretzx
S. O. T. U. S.by may._
Ship Kongpob x P'Arthit Forth x Beam Ongoing
Gemini by TheWildOne01
Geminiby Becky
Kongpob in the Faculty of Economics while his twin Singto is studying in the Faculty of Engineering. One day, Sing asks for a favor, to switch places for a few days, and...
One Shot collection by dacchi_dayu
One Shot collectionby D_D
My one shot fanfic