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Smut Book [TayNew] by USilence
Smut Book [TayNew]by Silence
Like the title says, this book will be filled with TayNew smut stories for you thirsty people. Have fun reading! 😉😉😉
Ren's Obsession ❤️ by Taesha_Kim_Sana
Ren's Obsession ❤️by Riki's Babe ❣️
F4 Thailand ff With some plot twists. I feel bad about Ren. He got heartbreak two times. So I'm gonna give him a cute love story. Let's begin with it.
Hi, I'm Gulf Kanawut and I am the husband of the most feared drug trafficker in Thailand...... You want to know more? so come with me... ✓Mpreg ✔ Explicit language ✓Cont...
Unexpected//ZeeNunew by HiddenPoemsForHer
Unexpected//ZeeNunewby nih
The strange relationship between NuNew and his stepbrother Zee has changed in the ways that NuNew had never imagined. "I've never expected something like this. You...
Incurable Disease  by Deidara_Gemini
Incurable Disease by Yizhan✨Biblebuild
Where in Pete is one of Kinn's persons and his secret lover
DADDY'S BABY (Vegaspete Fiction)  by ketkitayde29
DADDY'S BABY (Vegaspete Fiction) by ketkitayde29
What would have happened if after the war instead of Vegas, it was Pete who got shot for protecting Vegas and loss his memory after waking from coma . Behave like a thr...
Married To Forth Jaturapoom  by blubrrychoco_cake
Married To Forth Jaturapoom by Blubrrychoco_cake
"Just don't tell anyone we're married." "Okay" ••• "It's good to talk to you again Beam." ••• "I'm here. You can always count on me. W...
Fake This Love by ImagineLove222
Fake This Loveby ImagineLove
Sarawat Chivaree seems to have it all - a CEO engaged to one of the most famous socialites of Thailand. While Tine Iamkajorn is down on his luck, needing to pull his act...
Serendipitous ~ Carlos Sainz by leclercs_16
Serendipitous ~ Carlos Sainzby leclercs_16
It all started with a thrown ring, a drink and the stars. It seems everything that conects them has something to do with the stars, so far away from them but so close to...
A Broken Heart  (KimChay fanfic) by Mercury271
A Broken Heart (KimChay fanfic)by Mercury 27
Porchay was a sweet and innocent kid, but due to his brother he was pushed into a new world, a dark and deadly one. There he meets Kimhan, one of the most powerful Mafia...
His Ray of Light (KIMCHAY)  by Kimchay_fr
His Ray of Light (KIMCHAY) by ♡KIMCHAY♡
Porchay was just a 16 year old trying to live his high school life with a very dhy and niave personality. But he had no idea that starting high school would lead to cha...
phi i like your friend [VEGASPETE] by zeecandy101
phi i like your friend [VEGASPETE]by zeemo
vegas likes porsche . but porsche's bestfriend pete wont let this junior flirt with his beloved friend knowing damn well that porsche already has a boyfriend . or is tha...
TIMES TWO by archive2797
TIMES TWOby archive2797
One for me , one for my sister . Smells like a double trouble .
LALISA KIM || لاليسـا كيـم 𐤊𐤋  by freakingmf
LALISA KIM || لاليسـا كيـم 𐤊𐤋 by randomfreak
-"سأخطـفكِ ، واخـذكِ لمَكـانٍ بعـيد، فقطْ انا وانـتِ ، ونعيـشُ بسعادةٍ واعـوضكِ عنْ كلِ ما حـدث.." -"أَسَتـفعَلْ جُـون؟" -"أعِـدُك أننـي سأَفْـع...
Just an Act (freenbecky) by tc_freenky
Just an Act (freenbecky)by Tanya ❤️
Becky Armstrong has been acting since she was 11, and ever since her acting career started, she's been in intense competition with Freen Sarocha; the spoiled rich girl w...
Wild Highschool Life by Aericeis_on_air
Wild Highschool Lifeby Aerice riel
there's a girl (Athena) who didn't experience Highschool life for 2 years for her parents Decided to let her study Homeschooled. after that decision of her parents she c...
Deep in Cruel (English Translation) by hanaayukii_
Deep in Cruel (English Translation)by HanaYuki
📚COMPLETE BOOK 📚 author : clazzical
the hangover pt II-phil wenneck by soapyballs
the hangover pt II-phil wenneckby soapyballs
COMPLETED-part two to my first story. once again, basically copied the movie word-for-word except there's an added female character. all rights to the hangover movies an...
Just Kavin's sister?  Ren Aira|| F4 Thailand by ModernMoteriolGorl
Just Kavin's sister? Ren Aira|| MYWAYORNOWAY
"Who am I to you?" "Kavin's little sister." A twisted tale of two lost teenagers. Where Ren finds his muse; His best friend's little sister. And Kiar...
INNOCENT LOVE by Brendanational
(Complete ) Mew Suppasit a young billionaire is looking for true love and Gulf an innocent boy is just looking for a simple life. what will be their story. #1 Thailand f...